Sunday, May 6, 2012

Baby 82 and 83: Part 1 of 2


There is some swearing in this post.  Now, I have never sworn but I thought it would be more dramatic and realistic if I added swearing so yes, if you're not comfortable with that kind of thing, please refrain from reading this post.  If not, carry on.  

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Ash and Isabella grow up into young adults and I am thrilled that they have grown up to be strong and smart.  Ash is thinking of starting a garbage business and Izzi wants to start a non-profit animal shelter.

Liam ages into a teenager but he isn't too excited to experience the changes and the hormones that come with age.

The triplets are as wonderful as ever.  Mei continues to tie back her hair in a ponytail.  Her favorite color is red.

Sindy is becoming more extroverted and independent and often joins her siblings in their play.

Alex is smart just like his older brother, Liam.

Harrison is a cutie.  But something odd catches my eyes as he ages up.

"Aw, aren't you the cutest little guy!  Here comes the tickle monster!  Nom nom nom!"  Luke exclaims as Harrison bursts into giggles.  He's wearing the darnedest little outfit that I picked out for him.  Surprisingly, Luke put it on correctly this morning.

I clear my throat.  "Ehm, Luke, do you see anything... strange about Harrison?"

Luke glances at me and replies obliviously, "No, he seems perfectly healthy and the doctor said he was on track...."  Luke trails off as he realizes his answer wasn't quite satisfying enough.

I watch my boyfriend and my son play with each other for a little longer.  Then Luke settles Harrison in for his afternoon nap.  I follow him into the nursery and wait patiently.

Walking out I shake my head.  "Luke, his hair."

Luke looks at me strangely and answers me warily.  "Yeah... it looks like mine but perhaps Harrison's father just has parents with that hair.  Ya know, genes can be recessive and stuff,"  Luke pauses and it's clear he is still puzzled.

"Luke, I think... I think Harrison is our baby.  I looked up Bryn Windfield's records and his parents don't have red hair.  Plus, I asked the doctors and they confirmed to me that Harrison was indeed your child.  Our child."

Luke's mouth is aghast.  "But, but how?  It's not like- oh God."  Judging by Luke's expression, I know he's got it.

"You know that morning we slept together.  Well, I had just impregnated myself and your sperm must have gotten to the egg first.  Urg... it's so frustrating.  That morning I allowed you to make love to me because I was sure that egg had already been fertilized.  But- but I guess not."

Luke frowns and then looks at my expectantly.  "So, is Harrison still part of the challenge?"

I sigh and Luke pulls me close.  "Of course, he's special and dear to me.  He shouldn't count just because I had two pregnancies with the same man during my challenge.  Plus, it was an accident but just to be sure, no sex during the pregnancies."

"Yes ma'am," Luke says giving me a smoldering look that makes me regret the decision I just made.

I laugh.  "Okay, now onto a different topic, can you babysit tonight because I'm going over to Simon's house.  He and Gabrielle had their first baby."

"Sorry darling, but I've got a little gig down at the bar.  They want me to serve the drinks and I told them yes," Luke replies remorsefully.

"Oh, no problem, I'll just call a babysitter," I say nonchalantly.  Then Luke and I hug and he turns to leave for the bedroom to get changed.  I walk out the front door and drive to Simon's house.


"Calista!  Nice to see you," she says, as I walk in.  I can hear a baby gurgling in the background.

"Simon's just getting little Joseph from his nap," Gabrielle explains.  "Would you like to sit down?" She gestures to the sitting area.

We're about to sit down when Simon finally appears with a beautiful baby in his arms.

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Joseph...," we sing as Gabrielle brings her son to the cake.

Joseph Simon Simmons is the cutest little baby imaginable.  He's the perfect mix of his parents with his mother's soft purple hair and his father's bright blue eyes.

He enjoys the cake the Simon baked up for his son.  It's a swirly marble cake with delicious frosting that Joseph gobbles up right after we snap a photo of him with his cake.

I put little Joseph to bed and leave shortly after.

Mei greets me at the door and when I ask, let's me know that Luke is still at the bar.

I hang out with the cats a bit.  It's only 8 o'clock and not too late so I make a last minute decision to surprise Luke at the bar.  I tip the babysitter (my niece) extra and go and get dressed.  I pick out a tight halter dress that is quite exposing around the back but I know Luke will enjoy seeing me wear it.

The bouncer lets me in with no hassle.  It seems to be that being a challenge mother has some significant perks to it.  I walk in proudly and don't see Luke until I get to the second floor.  Looking over the balcony, I notice a pair of familiar shoes next to some very unfamiliar heels.

My heart pumps but I know Luke wouldn't cheat on me.  I mean, tons of guys wear the same shoes.  I was probably just imagining-  I stop my thoughts as I bend down (as far down as I can in a short dress) to take a closer look.

My doubts are confirmed because locking lips (hehe, Luke Lockhart) with my boyfriend is an



Before I can think, my mind seeths with anger and I'm extremely embarrassed as well as furious.  As quickly as I came in, I run out.  The bouncer doesn't even have time to question why I would leave to soon. 

The tears are already forming as I speed home and shove the babysitter (not literally) out the door.  Then, like a teenager, I run to my room where the tears I was trying so hard to hold in, burst out.

My makeup streams down my face like polluted rain as my salty tears run down my cheeks.  I look like a wreck but I'm too upset to comprehend what I had seen.  All I know is that Luke betrayed me.  I practically rip off my dress, too distressed to want to see it again.  It will fill me with bad memories if I continue to look at it.  I'm tempted to burn it but I yawn and slip on my night gown over my shaking flesh.

I shiver as I lay in bed, half asleep, have crying.  Somehow, I managed to fall asleep because all of a sudden, I am awaken by the click of the front door.  It take me a moment to remember what had happened and I remember to feel mad again.

My anger wakes me up and I am enraged as I pound my way to the front door.  Not even caring if I wake up the kids.

Luke is drunk as hell.  It seems that he not only made all of the drinks, but consumed them all as well.

"Heyyyyy," he nods as he sees me coming.

My face is searing with fury but his face is once again oblivious.

"You asshole!" I shout.

Luke smiles at me with his frazzled face and lunges forward for a hug.

"Babe, darlin' what's wrong?  I didn't do nothin' you hot piece of Hotpocket."  He slurs as the stench of alcohol seeps up my nostrils.  Where the hell did that come from?

I back away quickly before he can put his two-timing lips on my face.

"Get out.  I saw what you did.  Just... get your ass out of here," I seethe through clenched teeth in as steady of a voice as I can muster.

Luke's face falls.  It seems to be that my yelling is an antidote for his drunken head.

He shakes his head and in a more normal voice says, "What?"

"You heard me, get out.  And I don't want to see your sick, cheating, bastard of a face again!"

Before he says anything, I fiercely point towards the door and he quietly slips out the door into the night.  He's rich, he could surely find a place to stay.  But one thing is for sure, he's not getting a room at this house.  

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


To all of you Luke fans out there... please don't hate me.  :O

Oh, and thank you Laura Johanson for the lovely Hotpocket idea.  :3


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  2. OMG Dirty little cheater of a man! He's so stupid he has a baby with her then he goes and cheats with some random girl! Anyway great post LOVED it :D

    1. Haha, thanks! Yeah... Luke got himself into a sticky situation.

  3. NO. WHY?! CALISTA! >:(

    This is not right. I refuse.

    J-just no.

    On another note, I loved it but... Luke! NO. Okay, now that the shock has gone away, Luke, you cheating dog. Hmph. Calista doesn't deserve that.

    It was great, as per usual!

    1. I know, she really doesn't. But I feel like I haven't tortured her enough. :3


    1. My exact facial expression!
      >.< >.<
      >.< >.<
      >.< >.<
      >.< >.<
      >.< >.<

  5. This post literally made me cry! I loved Luke so much! But I can't believe he did that :( Great post though! Can't wait to see what happens next!

    1. Oh, I'm sorry! I know... it hurt to make him do what he did. But it makes the story more interesting! :)

    I'm so mad at you. (Luke, not Molly ^_^)


    *ehem* Anywho, Simon and Gabrielle made one adorable baby. He's going to be a charmer when he's older. :)

    Lol, I seriously burst out laughing when I read the Hotpocket thing. I didn't think you would actually use it, but it actually made sense with his drunken-ness.

    Stupid jerk. I'll send Chester on him if Calista wants. :)
    I've gots connections. ;)

    Can't wait for the next post!

    1. It's okay, be mad at me. :3 Lol, I'm sure those cats would do a lot of damage to his facial areas. Gah, I can just imagine them pouncing on them. It would make a rainbow flurry.

      I know!!!! He's adorable! I was thinking of making him in Calista's challenge but that would just mess up the family tree.

      Haha, you have great ideas Amanda! Don't forget that! Plus, it made me laugh.

      Oh my gosh...* light bulb* I should make Calista have a stalker like how Laura had Chester. 0_0

  7. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for the next post now!!


    1. Lol, your reaction made me laugh. I can't wait for the next post either. Unfortunately, I don't think it's very interesting. It'll mainly be a filler for the post after it.

  8. >:O This is my ANGRY AT LUKE LYING CHEATING LOCKHART face!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrr. That drunken jerkfaced dirtbag. >:/ I knew being a bouncer was a disaster waiting to happen. Ugh! I'm insane with anger! (at Luke of course, not Molly and her great story)
    Aside from the hotpocket stuffed with scum, this was great!!! Simon and Gabrielle's son is ADORABLE! I'm so happy Simon is doing well. Harrison is uber cute too, even if the jerk is his dad. I feel so bad for Calista but can't wait for what's next to come!!

    1. What a great name for him, "Drunken jerkfaced dirtbag." Anyway, I give him a little bit of leeway, he was drunk after all.

      Poor Calista, Harrison just reminds him of Luke.... :(

  9. Luke, you complete and utter ass! >(
    I didn't think he was gonna be one of those guys. Ass.
    ANYHOO, your children are all cute and I love Harrison's little curls, I think that hairstyle is so cute XD
    Just continue your challenge, as planned. There are plenty more fish in the sea if someone doesn't make up for what he's done.

    -Liana AND Illusion :D

    1. Whoa, you can sure get a dirty mouth when you want to Liana. Hopefully Illusion isn't within earshot.

      I know! I couldn't figure out what hairstyle looked best but it seems to suit him. Hehe, I'm not sure what to do with Calista's love life now....

      Aww, Illusion. Cute! ^_^

  10. I must applaud you on the great dramatic photos you took where Luke was kissing the other girl. :D

    Just so you know, I'm mad at BOTH Luke, and you, Molly. ^_^ And I can hold these grudges for a long LONG time.

    Even though I had a quite some time to prepare for Luke's betrayal (I figured it out from that status on FB you posted), it still hits hard. WHY, YOU LONESOME SON OF A HALFWIT! ...I've stopped swearing, which is why that probably doesn't sound right. >.>

    This was an awesome post, although I'm sad and disappointed with Luke.

    PS: CUTE CUTE KIDS! I'll never forget them. <3


    1. Really? Thanks! I thought it would be more dramatic that way.

      *hides* Eep, you're mad at me too? What did I have to do with any of this? :3

      You're so smarticles!!!!!! You've stopped swearing right after I start swearing for the first time in my posts? Wow, we switched brains.

      You'd better not forget them. >:]

  11. Damn you luke:( and to think i was starting to like you!Can i slap him?

    it was a great post other than luke being an asshole

    1. Lol, feel free to slap him all you want. In fact, if you download him, you can really treat him to what he deserves.

      Actually, I take that back. Even after what he did, I still feel a little bit of pity for him. But that may be because I have a very soft heart. <3

  12. Love this, I never liked him.