Thursday, December 30, 2010

Babies 10 and 11

No sooner had they been born when the twins birthday came around.  Jordan and Peyton started to blow out their candles when I started to smell something burning.  I looked down and jumped back, the cake was on fire!  I quickly ran outside and told the other kids to do so too but they didn't go.

I guessed that they couldn't hear me over my screaming and their screaming.  Only Flora had was quick on her feet.  She grabbed the fire extinguisher, which was fortunately nearby, and put out the fire.  With her quick wits, there was hardly any damage.

Both Jordan and Peyton, , were able to grow up well.  Jordan had brown hair (that was not his father's) and his father's gold eyes.  He looked the most like Deshaun.  Peyton had her father's brown hair and my dad's green eyes.

One day, I left the children with the older kids and went out to play my guitar to earn some money.  As I was biking to the park, I noticed a big crowd of people outside of city hall.

They seemed to be protesting against animal rights, particularly llamas.  That's when I saw a very bright blue head of hair in the crowd and I had to stop. 

His name was Brian Quinn.  He had bright blue-green hair and blue eyes that were very similar to mine.  He and I started talking and I asked him if he knew about 100 Baby Challenges and would he like to participate in one.

Astonishingly, he told me that he was the first baby of a 100 Baby Challenge currently being pursued by a beautiful young woman named Christy Quinn.  I immediately recognized the name from some articles I had read in the newspaper.  She was about 1/3 through her challenge and still going strong.

Brian said that he wanted to participate so that he could tell his mother all about it.  He knew she would be proud for being a part of a challenge.  We hugged.  Then he drove to my house.

Being very absent-minded he spotted the sculpting station and started to work on a clay sculpture.  I got kind of annoyed but he said that he would be ready after he made the sculpture.

Almost done.  I stood there and tried to guess what it was going to be.

"A fountain... a bench... a CHAIR!!" I exclaimed.

Finally he finished and it was nearly midnight.  I was right, it was a chair.  A very lovely chair at that and he presented it to me so that I would always remember him.  It was a present to my family and his future children in dedication of my 100 Baby Challenge.  I thought it was very sweet of him.

Then we embraced each other and went to the bedroom.

Afterward, I studied the intricate design on the chair.  It was simple, yet unique in its own way.  I brought the chair outside.  I set it right next to the umbrella in the playground so I could use it to sit and watch the kids while they played.

After Brian left at nearly five in the morning, I went to visit my new grandchildren, Maggie and Lola, and it was their birthday.  Maggie had her mother's black hair and her Walter's green eyes.

I was so glad that dad's eyes were being passed down.  I guessed that a lot of my children and grandchildren would have his eyes and probably his hair too.  Lola looked exactly like her sister, Maggie, especially since their hair was in the same two ponytails.  Neither of the girls had inherited their dad's bright red hair.  They were definitely identical at this stage of their life.

The teens and Elvira were growing up.

Flora, baby 5, cut her long hair to donate to Locks of Love to make into a wig for people who don't have hair of their own.  That was so kind of her and they said that she had given enough hair to make 3 different wigs!  She mentioned that she also wanted a new look now that she was going out of the house.

Saffron, baby 6, was a very sporty guy.  He kept his hair short so it wouldn't get in the way once he started to train at the academy.

Elvira, baby 7, as a teen.  She had a short mohawk hairstyle.  She liked it but personally, I didn't, although I think it does fit her style.  Her eyes were becoming more and more like her father's.

I potty trained Jordan.  He looked up at me with the cutest little face and those beautiful gold eyes of his.

Afterward, I decided to go for a new look with my hair down instead of tied up
I watched T.V.  I didn't really want to watch kids shows.  I had watched plenty of those and I knew I would have to watch more.

As I sat down again, I became mesmerized with the show that was on.  It was all about how to feed your kids healthy, easy meals.  I soaked up the information like a sponge.

Once Elvira's older siblings had left she was quite unsupervised and she started to tease and have her version of "fun" with the toddlers, today the victim was Peyton.  She came up to Peyton and got so excited at what she was doing that she started clapping her hands and rubbing them with glee.

Then she stole a lollipop from Peyton that I had given her to calm her down from a painful fall down the stairs she had taken earlier.  Poor Peyton, I immediately rushed to her when I heard her screams and warned Elvira not to do that again.

"Don't you remember what you promised me when you were a child?" I asked.

To help her become nicer to her brothers and sisters I made her in charge of Peyton for the whole day.  Peyton was nervous at first and did not want to go in her highchair, let alone have Elvira hold her.

But when Elvira gave Peyton a big bowl of soup, Peyton gradually got more comfortable.

Elvira even made Peyton laugh afterward.

This must have put Elvira in a good mood because I didn't hear her mutter a single bad word as she went back downstairs to clean the mess Peyton had made.

Elvira really seemed to enjoy being an older sister and without me telling her to, she played with Peyton with the peg box.

I thought Elvira had been transformed but one day she could not resist being evil just once.  She admitted to me that she had snuck up into the empty older boys bedroom to troll on forum on the computer.  At least she was honest.

After a very short labor I came out with Phineas Quinn, baby 10.  Right behind me came Brian with Ferb Brian, baby 11.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 


Baby 5, Flora, met a very excitable man named Raines Clement.  He had striking pink skin, bright blue eyes, and purple hair. 

After a few months of dating he proposed to her, and of course she said yes.  More grandchildren on the way.

Also, my brother, Noah, had a baby girl named Kenyatta.  Strangely, Vita and Nick, Noah's in-laws, were reaching their old age and they had a new kid too.  They named their new girl, Sylvia (Sorry, I have no pictures of them but you can see them on the family tree).

My other brother and sister, Owen and Sophie weren't going to have anymore kids, but Lydia and Prescott Long were.

Their daughter Lane got a new brother named Terill.  He had strange black hair and weird dark green eyes.  Terill looked nothing like either of his parents, even his eye color was not the same shade of green as his mother.

Also, my other sister, Alicia, and her husband, Kendall, had twin girls named, Diana and Kate.  Diana looks like Alicia with her blond hair and green eyes.  Kate had Kendall's red-brown hair and Alicia's green eyes.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 


Thank you Christy Quinn for letting me use Christy's son, Brian Quinn, as a challenge father.

Also, the names of the twins were suggested by my younger sister who was with me when I was writing that part of the post.  They are from Phineas and Ferb on the Disney channel.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Babies 8 and 9

Elvira grew up into a very pretty toddler although she didn't look anything like her father.  The only really noticeable thing was her nose and her eyes.  Other than that she had my blue hair and green eyes.

Being the only girls of the children in the house, Elvira and Flora got along quite well.  They never fought and loved to play with the doll house.  Flora taught Elvira all the stories that Watt had made up with Flora about the dolls.  Of course, Flora was a lot older than Elvira and so Elvira didn't quite understand what Flora was talking about, but she still had fun.

Flora and Saffron grew up into children.  Flora's blond hair grew even thicker and longer.  She loved  the color green.

Watt and Casper grew up into teens.

Finally, the big day arrived, Brendan and Cal grew up to be young adults.  They were ready to move out.

Brendan wore his save the earth t-shirt.

I was very happy when Cal made the final call to move out.  They would be moving into the old blue house.  After the call, I looked at both my boys. Oh my gosh.  These boys were the beginning.  They marked my journey as a mother and now they were all grown up.  Handsome, smart, funny, and kind.

Noticing this was an emotional time, both Cal and Brendan gave me big hugs and promised to visit as often as they could.

"You've raised us well, mom," Brendan whispered in my ear.

"Yes mom, thank you for everything," Cal mimicked.

It was hard for him to say sentimental things.  He just wasn't that kind of guy.  I knew it was kind of awkward for him so I pulled away and didn't do anything that might embarass him.

Then they left, riding in my old blue van.

I stood there for a while and remembered that there was stuff to do, laundry to wash, meals to prepare.  I had only reached baby seven, and I had ninety-three more to go.  I ran upstairs and taught Elvira to walk and talk to keep my mind off Cal and Brendan.

The other children were having a great time learning to fish.  They were all arguing over which kind of bait works the best when I went out to check on them before getting on with the challenge.

Earlier this month, I put an ad in the newspaper looking for potential fathers for the challenge.  One man called, his name was Deshaun Rich.  I agreed to come over to his house that afternoon.  I arrived right on time.  He had the most beautiful dark chocolate brown skin, brown hair, and surprisingly light golden eyes.  He has a very low voice and loves autumn salad.

We talked but didn't do anything romantic at his house because we thought it would be more comfortable to take our business to my house.  Deshaun kindly drove us to my house.  We proceeded to my bedroom.  He had such big muscles, I really wanted to feel how strong they were so I offered to give him a massage.  He accepted my offer.  His muscled were rock hard and with my hands, I eased up the tension in his back.  He felt very tense and perhaps nervous but when I mentioned it he said he was always like that.  We kissed each other to set the mood and proceeded to make baby number eight.

Meanwhile, Watt and Flora fished.  Watt caught a very large goldfish.

Flora got really excited and could hardly pull in her catch.  It was a giant rainbow trout.

She didn't want to eat it or let it go because she felt bad for the fish so she put it in the fish tank in the office.  The fish automatically shrunk to fit in the tank and Flora named him Rainbow.  She made sure he was fed and she was a great caretaker for him.

One day Casper went out to his father's house, Kevin Collins.  Casper wanted to write this himself.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


I drove over to my father's house and I couldn't find him anywhere.  I was about to leave when I noticed the pink flamingo in the yard appeared to be dancing.  Dad was inside the flamingo.  I knew that ghosts could do that and I had always wondered if I could do it.  Unfortunately, because I was part human I couldn't. 

Dad had recently shaved off all his hair.  He said that he needed a new change.  Anyway, Dad and I spent a long time with each other telling ghost stories and telling each other what kind of ghostly things we had done.  Dad asked about Watt and mom, I told him about Flora, Saffron, and Elvira.

Then mom called and I had to leave, we hugged good-bye and then dad told me he was thinking about returning to the Netherworld and if he did, did I want to go with him?  I was shocked to hear this, but I said I would think about it.  

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


One afternoon, the doorbell rang, it was Connor Lapso, Flora and Saffron's father.  He had just decided to come over for a visit.  Of course I let him in because I knew that it was rare that the father would want to be in their child's life with this kind of challenge.  A majority of the fathers in other 100 baby challenges just helped conceive the baby and then never visited again.

Flora and Saffron were very excited to see their father.  Flora gave him a great big hug.  Saffron told him about the great big fish he had caught.  Connor was an angler too so he was able to give Saffron some tips on fishing.

Jacqueline Horner was Watt's first and only girlfriend.  She had black hair and greyish-blue eyes.

Watt had his first kiss with her.
Watt and Casper had wanted to grow up soon.  They were very eager to become young adults, so they had their birthdays early and Jacqueline also had her birthday at our house, so she was the same age as Watt.

Casper as a young adult.  He had cut his hair short like his father.

Jacqueline as a young adult.  She was on the bigger side in terms of weight but that didn't matter to Watt.  He loved her all the more.  After the party, Watt took something out of his pocket, got down on one knee, and proposed to Jacqueline!  I couldn't believe it, so that's why he wanted to grow up so quickly.  I was overcome with joy.  My little boy was getting married, the first one too, except for Brendan.  I'll tell about him later.

Everyone agreed to have a private wedding.  Walter and Jacqueline exchange rings and vows.  The way Walter looked at his new bride was beautiful.  I hoped that Casper would someday find someone too.  Casper made the phone call for the move.

There is also more good news.  Before they left, Watt announced that Jacqueline was pregnant (it seemed a little sudden for her to already be pregnant but I didn't question it).  I was going to be a grandmother!  Jacqueline and Casper wait in the car for Watt to go to their new home.

Not too long after the ghost twins left, Flora, Saffron, and Elvira grew up.  The twins both had A's in school and Elvira had learned all the necessary skills.  Flora, baby 5, went first.  She blew out her candles and made her wish.

Flora was a beautiful teenager.  It seemed as though as she grew her hair got longer and longer.  Her braid was all the way down her back.  Her blue eyes were hardly noticeable with such narrow eyes.  She looked as if she was squinting.  Saffron took to his father's hairstyle and he too had squinty eyes.  It was one thing that they had gotten from their father, I guess.

Elvira grew up and she seemed only too eager.

She opted for two short ponytails.

There was plenty of cake to go around.  Even Deshaun helped himself to some, although it was not good for him to do so with him being a professional athlete  Flora was a good help, she quickly cleaned up the kitchen.  As I left the room to go to the bathroom, I noticed her checking out Deshaun.  OOOOh!!!

The teens spent a lot of quality time in the rec room.  Saffron took to the treadmill.

He worked really hard so afterward he took a nice refreshing and relaxing bubble bath.

Flora enjoyed playing the guitar as well as foosball.

While hanging up the wet clothes, someone called me.  It was Lazarus Markum, Elvira's father.  Without even a hello, he started yelling at me.

"Why didn't you invite me to Ella's party?" he shouted.

"First of all, her name is not Ella, it's Elvira, and second, I hardly ever throw a big party, it's usually just a family party for our household," I retorted, "Why are you so mad?  Last time I saw you, you were really nice to me."

"Well, maybe because you don't seem to be very nice to me by not inviting me to my own daughter's birthday for example," he answered back.

I was so mad at him that I told him I'd never invite him to a party if he didn't control his anger.

"I don't want you shouting at my kids, plus, I thought you didn't want to be in her life.  You never came to the hospital when she was born and you only saw her once after that and you didn't even want to hold her when I offered," I started to shout, hoping that the kids hadn't heard.

Then he hung up.  Somehow I was able to hold in all my anger towards him.

To help control myself, I mopped up the puddles under the wet clothes.  Believe it or now, it really was a good stress reliever.

Elvira didn't seem to care that her father never wanted to be with her.  Remember how I said she looked nothing like him?  Well, she didn't inherit his evil trait, as well as the insane trait.  One day I found her pretending to choke herself.  I was so scared.  I screamed at her to stop.

Then she paused and said, "I was only pretending mom, jeez."

I scolded her for it.  I did not want any death or fake death, for that matter, in my house.

She stormed off but promised not to do it again.  She was already acting like a typical teenager.  Later, she scared me half to death by sneaking up to me.

Then she yelled, "SPIDER!!!"  Gosh, Flora had never acted like this.

I gave her a stern warning never to do that again and I grounded her from video games for the rest of the night.

She went out to give money to an undermined charity.

Later in the week, I found her outside.  I told her that even though she had the evil trait, she could still fight it and stop all the crazy things she was doing.  She seemed to not be able to hear me.

Then she ran over to the trampoline and started doing all sorts of dangerous flips.  She was flipping in the air when I saw her bounce in the wrong direction.

She started to fall.  Before I could catch her she fell flat on her face with a mouthful of sand.

As mad as I was at her I asked if she was okay and gave her a great big hug.  She didn't even try to pull away.

"I'll try to be good mom," she whispered.

Apparently she had been listening to me.

Before I could say anything, she ran off to do more flips.  She's definitely the daredevil in this house, I thought and I walked away smiling.

More fish were added to the tank to keep Rainbow company.  Goldy, the goldfish that Watt had caught, Minny the minnow, and Reddy, the red herring.

I had to clean the tank.  The poor fish were very sad to swim in their own filth.

Saffron was getting really good at the treadmill.

Elvira stuck to her promise.  She helped to feed the fish and she always made it to the bus on time, uhh...mostly.

I invited Geoffrey Landgraab over.  I needed him to tell me if I was going to be having a boy or a girl.  Lane Clementson came to bring us the mail.

I said hi to him and we chatted for a while before Geoffrey came.  He seemed quite happy and said that people didn't normally come up to him just to say hi.  He thanked me and then went on his way.  I paid the bills.

Geoffrey came over and told me I was having a boy.

I ate some watermelon in hopes of having boy-girl twins or triplets.

Elvira was having trouble with her homework.

She asked me for help and was able to understand it.  Then she ran off to play chess on the computer.

I danced a little to Geoffrey and Flora playing a duet together.  Wow, Flora didn't seem to think that it was weird to hang out with older men.  I hoped that didn't mean anything.

At 1:00 a.m., I got a call from Watt, that Jacqueline had given birth to two twin girls named Maggie and Lola.  I was finally a grandmother!  I made a mental note to go visit them this weekend.  Not to long after that I went into labor.

I rushed over to the hospital and soon came out with baby 8, Jordan Sean.  He had dark skin like his father.  Baby 9, Peyton Elisha, was born second.  She had lighter skin than her brother but not the same as me.  It looked like Saffron's skintone.

Here is Jordan and Peyton together in their new house.  Welcome little ones!  It is so nice to have babies in the house again.