Sunday, January 22, 2012

Baby 73 and 74: Part 1 of 2

My grown up girls:  Lara, Jessabelle, and Megs.  They still do figure skating in their freetime and they told me that they're going to continue doing it.  I'm so proud of them for finding something in common with each other.  It's awfully hard for twin, let alone triplets, to find a common interest.  Despite their unique personalities, they've still managed to create an inseparable bond with each other.

Catherine is a beautiful girl.  She has naturally thick blond hair from her father and a passion for reading and cats.

Sweet little Toffee is no longer little, but he's still the sweetest boy you'll ever meet.

Hadleigh aged up into a curious toddler.  She definitely has some of her father's looks from his tan skin tone to his eyes.  One thing she has from me is her hair and perhaps my attitude.

The triplets have already picked out the house that they want and will be moving in.  Before they leave this afternoon Luke and I stop them in their tracks.

"Mom, what's with the creepy smile?"  Jessabelle asks bluntly. She was never one for patience, quick and to the point was her philosophy.

"Well, your father and I have decided that you guys deserve a little someone to come and live with you."

"Who could it be?"  Jessabelle mutters sarcastically.

"It can't be!"  Lara exclaims.

"Well..." Luke looks at me and I finish my sentence.  "We've decided that Iris needs a good home and our house is getting a bit crowded so we were wondering if you'd like to adopt her."

"YES!  YES!  YES!  Oh my gosh, this is AMAZING!   Thanks mom and dad!"  Lara screams excitedly.

I've never seen anyone get so giddy over a dog.  I try to cover myself.  From the tone of her voice, I just know she's going to launch herself at us but she doesn't.  I guess that's what becoming a grown-up does to people.
As if on cue, Iris comes padding in.  She goes straight to Lara and sits right in front of her as if saying, "I'm ready to go home mommy!"

Megs and Jessabelle complain a bit.  I guess having a whole new "person" to take care of wasn't on their top 10 list of things they wanted to do.  But they're happy for their sister and I know they'll grow to love Iris just as Lara does.

Kiara comes running in as the triplets come back in from packing up their car with their belongings.  Iris nuzzles her best friend and we promise to let them have play dates at least once a month.

"Come on girl, we gotta go to our new home now.  We'll see Ki soon, 'kay?"  Lara assures her.

And after a hug from me and a kiss on the cheek from Luke, the girls finally get into their car and drive to their new home across town.

Catherine comes in with Hadleigh in her arms and Toffee not too far ahead of her.

"Hey mom, can I adopt Skittles when I grow up?"  Toffee asks.

"Of course sweetie."  I reply.  "Now go finish your homework.  You still have school tomorrow."

"Catherine already helped me with my homework.  I didn't get anything wrong.  I love my older sister."

He beams. Catherine's such a big help.  As if proving my feelings further, Catherine says, "I'm going to get Hadleigh to sleep and then go take a shower.  That okay mom?"

I tell her of course and the three remaining children leave the room.

Luke leaves also to go say good night to Hadleigh and then make a night time snack for himself.  I'm surprised he's still in shape from all the junk food he eats.  Skittles and Midnight come in and they seem confused as to where Iris has gone.

"Aww, sweetie, don't be sad.  Iris went to go live on her own... you'll get over it soon girl."  I hug Midnight and she lays her sweet warm head on my shoulder.  I can feel the sadness in that dog and my own eyes start to tear up.  Even though I didn't know Iris long, it's still saddening to know that she's gone to a new family - a good one at that - but still, I miss having her in the house.

"We'll go visit her, I promise."

I take a glance at Skittles, "You're next to move out Skits.  I'm sure you'll find it wonderful living with Toffee."  I tease her.  She looks at me with a confused expression in her blue eyes.

After snuggling up with Luke to a movie and popcorn, it's nearly 10:00 and we get ready for bed.

"Luke, how would you like it if I changed my... look."

"Aww, aren't you a good girl.  Yes you are, yes you are!"  Luke's a bit occupied with Skittles but suddenly looks up.  "Sorry, did you say something honey?"

"Do you think I look okay?"

"I think you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.  Why do you ask?"  He has the most sexy and confused expression on his face which makes me want to run to him and take him into my arms.

"Well, it's just that my hair is getting rather long and I just think it gets in the way sometimes.  Don't you think so?"  I peer at myself in the mirror a bit more, darn it, another freckle has appeared.  "Also, don't you get tired of the way I dress or anything?"

"Calista, darling, I'd love you if you wore sweats all day or weird mardi gras costumes.  Granted, they wouldn't be the most comfortable but I don't care what you look like.  Okay?"
Luke climbs into bed and I soon follow.

Skittles steals Iris's spot on the bed while her mother, Midnight, settles for the dog bed.

"Thanks for your honesty hun."  I kiss him passionately on the lips, turn off the lights, and fall fast asleep.  Only to be woken up from nausea at 3 in the morning.

I'm finally pregnant with the next father's baby.  The father I chose this time was Alexander Robinson.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


I heard Hadleigh start to cry at about 5:14 that morning.  The bus comes at 7:00 so I have plenty of time to finish getting ready.  I pick the little one out of her crib, quickly feed her some oatmeal and some milk.  Not too long after I set the plate onto her highchair tray it's gone in a flash.  Wow, I had forgotten what a quick eater she was.  Ten minutes after she had gotten up, and we're already working on expanding her vocabulary.

She's not much of a talker and is kind of quiet but it's adorable the way she looks at me.  I love her eyes, they're the most beautiful shade of cocoa and mom tells me that she has her father's eyes color and shape.  She's definitely a cutie.  It makes me wonder what mom, dad, or I would look like with brown eyes.  Funny thing is, Hadleigh and Toffee both got their father's brown eyes.  It's cool how genetics work.

"Okay, let's practice our verbs.  How about 'smelly?'  Can you say 'smelly?'"  I try to get her to talk but maybe today is not the day.  Suddenly, Hadleigh points at something behind me.  "Bug!  Why does it smell so stinky?"  My first reaction is, holy cow, that's the longest sentence I've heard her say.  Secondly, what is that horrid stench??

I notice something buzzing around me.  It's a fly.  In fact, there are quite a few.  Then I look over to the bird cage.  I nearly throw up as I realize our bird, who is not at all old, is lying dead.  Poor Azul....

I nearly gag as I try to take a closer look.

Kiara comes in at my sounds of disgust and I tell her to keep a good eye on Hadleigh while I run to get dad.

I run to mom and dad's room and rapidly knock on the door.

"Dad!  Dad, can you come out?"  I hiss.

He comes out without a shirt.  Something I personally don't like to see.  Especially since this man is my father.  It may be impressive to mom but definitely not to me.

"Yes sweetie?"

"Come see Azul."  His eyes reflect the panic and shock that I feel.  I think he knows what has happened, even though I haven't said a thing.

We come in and see Kiara continue to look at the bird's body.  She seems confused and keeps looking at the perch Azul sat at.

"Oh no."  Dad says, with a look of horror.  Kiara jumps up onto the bird perch while dad disposes of the body and cleans up the box.

"You didn't do that, did you Kiara?"  He says teasingly.

She just looks at him with a seemingly sad face.  "Mrow...."

It's near 6 in the morning and I leave parenting duties to dad while I get ready for school.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


I've started gaining weight from the pregnancy (although I'm still able to hide the slight bump) and my hair has grown even longer!  It's definitely time for a change.  Luke isn't here this week, he's on a business trip so I'm home alone with the kids... which means it's the perfect opportunity to get myself a makeover.  So I call a few friends of mine....

My eager challenge mothers greet me at the door a few days later.  Charlie Evans, Becks Best, and Dawn Turner.  They all have amazingly done up hair so I'm hoping they'll help me make my hair at least more interesting than it is now.

We squeal a bit before finally making it through the door.  They marvel at my house and meet-and-greet the doggies and cat.

Finally, I lead them to my makeshift makeover area.  It's not much but it's better than nothing.

"Oh pooey Calista.  You're so boring.  Couldn't you at least spruce it up a bit with some flowers?"  Charlie frets.

"And you should at least get a mirror...."   Dawn adds.

"It's very blue..."  Becks adds.

"Well, that's saying something, considering your house is VERY purple!"  I retort.  She glares at me and we all burst out laughing.

"Okay,"  Charlie commands, "Let's try out a few looks."  Once Dawn drags the mirror from my room out to where I'm going to get my make done, I study myself in the mirror.

"I think we should start by cutting it.  What length were you looking for, Cal?"  Dawn asks as I settle myself into the chair.

"I'm not sure..."  I look straight into the mirror and a look of confusion immediately faces me.  "Could we do a... few trials?"

They unbraid my braid and wet my hair down with spray.

"Wow girl, your hair is down to your butt!"  Charlie

"Ooh!  How about we snip a bit off here...."  Charlie and Becks already have scissors in their HANDS and are already snipping off bits of my hair!

Fortunately, I trust them enough to let them get those pointy things near my neck.  Although I'm a bit worried about Dawn and that comb.... but hey, that's what friends are for, to get a little excitement in your life, right?

"Okay," Dawn says.  "Time for color trial number one."

"Oh my God, Cal!"  Becks exclaims.  "You look so good!"  She steps away from the mirror so I can see for myself.

"Yes, I love that color on you!"  Dawn adds.

I stand up and touch my freshly dyed hair.  It's a beautiful shade of....

"Spiceberry," Charlie confirms.

"Wow... okay.  You guys got me hooked."

"Are you sure?"  Dawn asks.  She has a new, unidentifiable bottle of hair dye in her hand and Becks is laden with a spanking new pair of scissors.

"I guess I'll see what you guys got next.  It couldn't hurt."  I sigh, as I sit back down.

The turn me away from the mirror and continue working on my hair.  I see more and more spiceberry colored locks fall to the floor.  Then, Charlie comes in with a curling iron.  Oh lordy.

"Tadaa!!!" They shout in unison.

"Oh my goodness!  It's, it's... could I try a different color?"

"Yeah, that definitely wasn't the right match."  Dawn says.

"But at least the color is really pretty," Becks adds thoughtfully.

"Okay Cal, turn around."  Charlie commands.

I can hear them giggling to each other.

"Wow!  That was not what I had been expecting!"  My hair is up in a loose bun.  I look at least 5 years younger.  Like a teenager almost.  Before I can say anything, they have me down in the chair again and are undoing the entire do.

"Definitely not for you Calista," Charlie explains expertly.

"Erm, okay...." I say.  Just go with it Calista, I tell myself.

"Oh my."  My hair is like a punk rock look.  "I love the color but I don't know if it's the one.  You know?" I turn around to face my friends but they are secretly huddled together.

"No no no, the pink was not right.  This will be the final one."  Dawn says to the others.  Then to me, "Calista, you'll love this next one."  The other two nod and then they turn my chair around so I can't see in the mirror.

I give them a promising look and wait as they snip more and more hair off.  What is the color that they have apparently deemed "perfect" for me?  Also, how much shorter can my hair get?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


I'd like to thank my FB friends for giving me great suggestions for the hair colors for Calista.  Also, thank you Charlie Evans, Becks Best, and Dawn Turner for letting their 100 BC mothers be in this post.  Their makeover scene was so fun to make and I hope your guys enjoyed it as much as I did.

Also, thank you Charlie Evans for Alexander Robinson and thank you Laura Johanson for the quote that Lara said in the beginning.

Thanks for reading!  ^_^

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Baby 72: Answers, Answers, Answers

It was great to be home.  Poor little Catherine had never really had much bonding time with me but I was prepared to change that.

It was time for everyone to grow up.... The triplets, Lara, Jessabelle, and Megs grew up to be quite the jocks.  They were really into one sport - figure skating - despite their different personalities.  It's much more of a strenuous sport than one might think.  They are willing to wake up at odd hours to get out on the rink and compete.  But it's their passion and I love seeing them bond.

Catherine grows up to be a little comedian.  She enjoys playing pranks and making jokes as much as she enjoys dressing in blue.

Not too soon after the girls grow up it's Toffee's turn too.

"Okay little guy, it's time for your birthday too!"  I loved the paleness of his slightly purple tinged skin and I keep hoping that he will get his father's cool hair or his chocolate brown eyes.

"Hey mom."  The triplets say in unison.

It's early morning and I can tell they've just gotten up.  Catherine turns to me and hugs around my waist, her small arm wrapping tight and not letting go.

"Hello girls.  Have a nice night?"

The looks on their faces tell me that they are just so relieved to know that I am home and won't be going anywhere.  Catherine just confirms my assumptions.

"You're not going to leave or anything are you mommy?  I hardly got to see you."  She looks at me with oh-so-familiar blue eyes.

"Of course not sweetie.  I'm not planning on leaving you any time in the future."  I think about how I made amends with my past mistakes.  Simon and I are on good terms and I don't have that guilty feeling in my chest.  I feel... freer.  "Now let's go celebrate!  Shall we?"

We all bring Toffee to the cake that's the color of his skin.  After one blow the cake does its magic and our little Toffee finally becomes a toddler.

I am overjoyed.  Toffee is everything of his father!  He has his patriotic hair with matching green eyebrows, deep brown eyes, and pale purple skin.  His name definitely matches his personality.  He is super sweet and pretty carefree.  He's very easy to occupy and can be content with just one toy for hours.

Finally, we have a name for Midnight's latest (and hopefully last) puppy.  We end up naming the little girl Iris which means "Goddess of the Rainbow."

During the birthday festivities I am finally introduced to the newest pet member of the family, our macaw, Azul.

His brilliant plumage is irridenscent and he's extremely vain for a bird - always grooming, pruning, and looking at himself when he flies past a mirror.  Of coures, he's a very social bird and climbs - to my surprise - right onto my shoulder!

Ding dong - The doorbell chimes through the house.  The kids are at school and Toffee is occupying himself with Iris and Skittles.  Kiara gets there first and peers up at the mail shoot slot as if someone is going to shoot right through it.  The sight of her defense makes me chuckle as I walk to the door.

"Hadley Reed.  Or should I say, Hadley Reed-Pope!"

"Calista Smith!"  I've met Hadley on various occassions but this is the first time I've had her visit my house.

Like Destiny and so many other friends of mine, Hadley is a special challenge mother because she's also finished her 100 Baby Challenge and is also married to the man of her dreams, the big hunk of a man, Mason.  His muscles could probably knock your over just looking at them.

We exchange greetings and then I ask if I can have one of her sons in my challenge.  She agrees to let her son, Cotton Reed, and pretty soon there's another baby baking in the oven (not literally of course).

Hadley and I spend the entire afternoon talking about weddings and babies, but mostly weddings.  I admit that I've really wanted to get married someday (to Luke) but perhaps after the challenge would be better.

Then we start fantasizing about the pretty dress I'll get to wear.  Hadley even sketches some good dresses that would fit my figure. I am pleased that she is so eager and excited and I promise her that when/if I get married, she can be one of the bridesmaids, along with all of my 100 BC friends!

But this is a long way away and we had no idea if it's even going to happen!  We have so much fun together and soon, the kids are home and are bouncing off of the walls waiting for dinner.  I cook up some homemade dim sum and some shrimp-rice-meat mixture for Toffee.

Only Lara is at the table.  The other two are in a play and have rehearsal until nine.  We have a great time.  Hadley is quite the  schmoozer and never has nothing to say.

Our table is full of laughing and cheering and giggling until Toffee starts yawning and I realize it's 8:00 - past his bedtime.

Hadley helps with "animal duty" while the girls and Luke and I clean up the dinner table.  Hadley offers to help, being the polite lady she is, but I decline - she is the guest after all.  It's nearly 9:00 by the time Hadley leaves.  I'm pregnant with her grandchild and she can't wait to see it.  I thank her for letting her son be in my challenge and she leaves with a big smile on her face.

After getting the kids to bed it's after 10:00 and I'm washing my face and putting on my pajamas.  While on the way to the bathroom I pass the dresser with my flowers from Luke and my fresh flowers from Simon.  They must have magical powers or something because neither bouquet has started wilting one bit.  The pregnancy symptoms have started and I'm hurling all of my dinner into the porcelain throne.

I must be throwing up more than usual because Luke tentatively knocks on the bathroom door.

"Calista, darling, are you okay?"

"Um... I'm fine.  Just pregnant.  I think I could use some Tylenol or something though.  Would you mind getting it for me?"

A few minutes later Luke says, "May I come in?"

I let him in and he sets the medicine on the counter.  After swishing it down with a cool glass of water he wraps his strong arms around me.

I instantly flash back to that day in the kitchen, when I almost burnt the mac 'n cheese.  Back when we were all lovey dovey and head over heels with each other.  I realize that that spark has kind of died but standing in the bathroom right now leaning in his sturdy chest, I feel that our love definitely hasn't.  Luke has always loved me and always will - even if it doesn't seem like it.  And I realize that I know he's telling the truth about... that woman.

"Luke-" I start to say.

"Calista," he grabs my hand, minuscule and soft compared to his huge calloused hands.  He whispers into my ear.  "Are you ready to listen?"

"Yes."  I reply, barely breathing.  He leads me gently out of the bathroom and we stand.  At the sight of his naked chest, shivers run down my spine and it's awfully hard to pay attention, but I'm determined to hear the facts.

"Okay, start with the girl.  Who is she?"  I prompt.

"She's my sister, my older sister."

"Your sister?"  I'm shocked.  "She looked nothing like you!"

"Says the woman who's children who look nothing like her!"  He eyes me jokingly and I roll my eyes.

"Okay, so what were with the pictures?"

"Her name is Lindsey.  Lindsey Lockhart."

"Lindsey Lockhart?  The famous model?"  This seems like a joke.  His face is serious though.  "Is your whole family famous or what?"

"Yes and no.  Yes, my sister is the famous model and no, my entire family is not famous.  Anyway, Lindsey had sent me some of her modeling photos so I could help her review them.  That's why we had to meet all those times.  She didn't want people to know because she doesn't want them leaked to the gossip sites before they're published."

I'm beginning to regret the yelling and the things I had said and done to Luke.  Why hadn't I just listened to him?  I really needed to work on my listening skills.  If I keep up with this, I'll probably lose Luke like I had lost Simon.

"Wha- what about the letter," I splutter.  "The one addressed to 'L' from 'L.'  If it's to Lindsey, then who's the other person whose name is 'L' if it's not you?"

"Lindsey and I also talked about, erm, more personal things.  She introduced me to her boyfriend and we became good friends.  He's a carpenter and architect and he was the man I hired to help remodel the house that one time, remember?"

"So he's 'L?'  How?  I thought his name started with a 'G' or something."

Luke gently grabs my hands.  "Yes.  His name is Gladstone Kincaid but Lindsey's pet name for him is 'Lad.'  He wanted to write a letter confessing his love for my sister but didn't know if it was good so he sent me a copy of it and asked me if it was alright.  I thought it a bit awkward but he's a good friend and I'd do anything for a friend of mine."

Now I'm seriously embarrassed.  It all makes sense!  The meetings, the photos, the letter.

"Luke- I'm sorry I just blamed you without listening to you first.  I think that's something I need to work on.  So um, I'll understand if you want to break up or something."  I mumble, attempting to pull my hands away from his grip but he holds on.

"Calista, sweet darling Calista.  I would never in a million years, leave you.  Even though you get pregnant with a lot of different men, I love you for who you are.  Not for what you do.  You're smart, funny, kind, and original.  From your sparkling personality to your blue hair."  He grabs around my waist and I slowly grab for his shoulders.  We stand there in embrace as he continues - his blue eyes shining.

"Now, I don't care if someone also loves you."  His eyes glance up at Simon's flowers.  I gasp, does he know about that?  "I know that you love me most and that's what matters.  You went out to fix something from your past, and now you're here for good."

"Luke..." I start to speak.  He keeps his hold on my hands.

"Calista, when you finish your challenge, would you do the honor of promising to be my bride?"

My eyes are wide.  I'm speechless.

"Did, did you just propose?"  I manage to get out.

"Well, I didn't really get down on one knee nor do I have a ring... but I kind of want to make sure you know that I love you and want to spend the rest of eternity with you."

"So you didn't propose?"

"No, I didn't.  I'm just reserving a slot you could say... I guess you could call it... pre-proposing.  Yes, I pre-proposed to you."

I giggle and say "Then it's a yes.  I accept your pre-proposal."

We kiss.  He whispers in my ear, "I love you" and I whisper it right back.  "I love you too, Luke.  I love you so, so much."

It's Saturday - chore day and Megs helps by cleaning out the bird cage.  Kiara watches intently.  I stand nearby to see that Kiara does not lay a claw on Azul.

She doesn't though, much to my surprise.  And I reward her with a new catnip filled toy.

She carries it around a sneakily hides it behind the couch.

As my stomach grows, so does Iris.  It's finally her birthday.  Her mother is so proud of her!  Kiara stands nearby.

I don't think that Kiara knew how big Iris was going to get.

But Iris is gentle and Kiara snuggles, purrs, and rubs against Iris's furry body.

Meanwhile, Luke and I have sparked something because we now act like first time lovers.  If I'm on the couch watching tv, making dinner, doing the laundry, or taking care of Toffee, Luke always "helps" by distracting me with one of his wonderful kisses which he knows I cannot resist.

Most of the time Toffee occupies himself which is nice and all but sometimes I fear that he may be a bit too independent for his age.  Azul fascinates Toffee, I can tell.  Azul doesn't seem to mind Toffee.  He will let Toffee touch him but he won't go up to Toffee himself.  I just think that the little toddler is amazed that the bird can fly.  Perhaps Toffee will become a pilot....

...Or an explorer.  Toffee has developed quite the adventurous soul and he loves roaming around.  The kitty bag is his first destination and he has followers!

Jessabelle teaches Toffee to walk before bedtime comes around.

After Toffee goes to bed, the older girls help train and play with the pets, Kiara and Iris, while I paint with Catherine.

Lara has taken a special liking to Iris... I'm thinking of letting Lara adopt Iris when the triplets become adults.  We've got quite a lot of pets in our house right now, it would be nice to free up some space.

I'm about halfway through my pregnancy by this time.  The girls are all playing in the bedroom.  It warms my heart to see them having so much fun together!  I hope the baby I'm having now is a girl, Catherine might be lonely without her big sisters.

I'm surprised as Luke comes in.

"Such sweet girls you've raised," I tell him.

"Hey, if it weren't for you they wouldn't be here in the first place."  He points out.

"Okay girls, get ready for school.  The bus will be here in 20 minutes.  Out out out."  I shuffle them out the door leaving Luke and I to have a nice moment together.

"We're going to meet with my sister today, is that alright?"

"Sure.  What should I wear?  Is it casual or formal?"

"What you're wearing should be good.  Although you'd look so delicious in a tight dress, I think the baby's comfort comes first."

I playfully hit Luke in the chest, although I know how ineffective that is.  He laughs and then jumps into the shower while I get Toffee ready to be dropped off at the sitter's.

The area Luke picked is quite far away.  Fortunately, the weather is good today because the place we're meeting Lindsey and her boyfriend doesn't have a roof.  Amazingly, Lindsey's boyfriend designed and built it.

"Will she hate me?" I panic.

Luke chuckles and sets his hand on my knee.  "She doesn't know anything Calista.  I don't go blurting out everything you say to me to her.  She just thinks we're meeting and that's exactly what we're doing.  Please don't be nervous."

I nod but my face doesn't show it.

"They're here."  Luke smiles.

I can't believe I'm meeting this famous woman.  I've read magazine about her and she has a gorgeous body.  Granted, I haven't read those magazines in a while but what does that matter?

She and her boyfriend, Gladstone Kincaid, sit down.

We chat and I think I'm liking her more and more.  She's super friendly, and so is Gladstone.
No one talks about the meetings, the letter, the dinners, just like Luke had assured me.  I must give him a bit more credit than I do.

Finally, it's nearly 2:00 and the kids will be coming home.  We bid our new friends good-bye and prepare to head home.  I'm so happy to have made a new friend.

"We should meet up sometime, Calista.  I really would like to see your kids."

"Of course Lindsey!  Just call me and we can set up a date."  We hug once again and then go our own ways.

I'm pretty close to my due date now.  This baby should pop out any time soon.  I'm looking at my swollen figure in the mirror when Luke comes in.

"Toffee still needs his pj's on but other than that he's ready for bed, he says he wants you to change him and he wants to say good night to you."

"Aww, Luke, you got him ready to bed for me?"  I walk to the door, and give him a kiss.  "I'll be just a minute."

In the nursery, Toffee is waiting with Iris to go to bed.  Iris is quite protective of the little ones, I've noticed.  "Who's ready for bed?"

"I am!"  Toffee says as he reaches his arms up to me.  I quickly change him into his pajamas and set him into the crib.  "Night my little one."

I turn to Iris, who is expectantly waiting for me.  "Now you take good care of Toffee, okay girl?"

She whimpers.  "I'll take that as a yes."

She lays down to guard Toffee crib and I slowly walk out of the nursery and into my room.

"Well, the ruckus and confusion is finally over."  I say, going over to him.

"Kind of.  Once this little guy comes we'll be full to our heads in fatigue and sleep deprivation.  But anywho, I'm so glad you and Linds got along so well!"

"I know!  And remember how scared I was."

"Scary cat!"  Luke teases.

I punch him in the arm.  "Hey!  That actually hurt."  Then he and I share a passionate kiss and then go to sleep.

Later in the night, I feel a slight weight on the bed and I see Iris has come in.  Toffee is asleep and she is relieved of her duty.

I'm in a hair salon on an all girls spa day.  Cucumbers are set on my face and a warm wash cloth is set on my face.  Ahhh, this feels so good.  Suddenly, the washcloth drenches me and I start to sweat.  There's a pressure on my arm... I wake up so the sight of Iris.  "Ahh!"  I nearly scream but manage to muffle it.

Luke turns on the lights.  "Calista, Jesus.  Are you okay?"  He looks over and sees Iris.  "Iris, get off the bed.  Now."

Iris obeys like the good dog she is but she doesn't stop growling at me.

"What is it?" I panic.  I'm rather scared right now.

"Come on girl, let's go on a walk.  Calista, you rest, you need it."

I nod my head.  "Oh Kiara, what is wrong with that dog?"

I pick up Kiara.  "You're such a good kitty!  So soft and fuzzy, yes you are!"

Kiara nuzzles up against my face and I pet her soft head and scratch behind her ears.

Suddenly, a sharp pain shoots it's way across my entire nervous system.  The baby!  That must be why Iris was- but I have no time to think.

As quickly as the pains came come another bigger pain.  This time, I'm blessed with a new baby.

I name her Hadleigh Aurora, after her grandmother, Hadley Reed, and the name Aurora was suggested by a good friend of mine.   *coughcoughLauraJohansoncoughcough*

I set Aurora, I mean Hadleigh, into her crib and Toffee watched the new baby with silent fascination.

"Meet your new sister Toffee.  Her name is Hadleigh.  Can you say Hadleigh?"


"Good job!"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Thank you Cassie for letting my have Hadley visit Calista.  Visit Cassie's 100 Baby Challenge with her challenge mother Hadley Reed and Cassie's new blog, a poverty challenge.

And thank you Izzi/Truffle Legacy for Iris's name and Laura Johanson/Amanda for Hadleigh's middle name.

Also, some new rules have been established in my household so I'm not allowed to play sims (or any video game in that case) on weekdays and only 2 hours on the weekends.... I managed to convince my mom to give my Fridays as a reprieve so my Fridays will be the only times that I'll be able to get posts done.  Unfortunately, because of this, my posts will probably come out very slowly.  I'm hoping I can get a post out once a month but I'm not too sure.  : \   Anywho, I'd never give up on this challenge... so if I don't post for a while it doesn't mean I've quit.  So, saying that, please enjoy this post for a good month.  ^_^

PS:  Btw, I love the new comment system on blogger.  It's so nice to be able to have threaded commenting.

Toodles!  <3