Thank you!


Uh, so I kind of stopped updating this at one point... sorry!  But keep in mind that I do credit in each individual post if I use an idea or sim from someone.

The first and most important thank you would have to go to the readers of my blog!  Your support, suggestions, and comments have helped this blog develop into the wonderful story that is here today!

I'd also like to thank these many bloggers and friends for helping me through Calista Smith's 100 Baby Challenge (yes, I know, this page isn't organized.   I started it before I thought about organizing it).

  • Harmony and Ashley for helping me get the idea of starting a 100 Baby Challenge
  • Ashley for the writing in 1st person idea
  • Harmony for Caleb Sierra, the father of babies 1 and 2
  • Ashley for letting me use Brian Quinn, father of babies 10 and 11
  • marie88 for making Albert Einstein, the father of baby 19
  • Parsimonious for Victor Vampirich, father of babies 23, 24, and 25
  • Harmony for Apollo Sierra, father of baby 26
  • Harmony for Ayako (and her sisters Anako, and Aiko) whom I changed into a male to make Ugh Ooopmh!, father of baby 34 
  • ForeverHailey for letting me download Matthew Turner, father of babies 35 and 36
  • Sims Fan aka Violet Newbie for the family photo idea
  • Catherine Bell for Kaleb Bell, father of baby 40, Keaon
  • Destiny Rose for Duncan Rose, father of babies 41, 42,  and 43
  • Amber Lights for Zack Lights, father of babies 44 and 45
  • AngeLys for Adam Mason, father of baby 46
  • Catherine Bell for Matthias Moonbrow, father of baby 47
  • Berrypie27 for Merlot Pinot Noir
  • ForeverHailey, Cassie, Amanda514, Destiny Rose, Skye Everard, and Catherine Bell for letting their challenge mother's permanently live in my game
  • I know... I'm super behind on thanking people... :( 

Other Challenge Involvement (I try to keep up but it's so difficult!)

Lastly, a big thank to all of the custom content creators and designers.  Without you I would not have been able to create my awesome houses or clothe my beautiful sims!  Since I started documenting where I get all of my CC, these are ALL the sites.  This way, you can ask me where I get something and I will definitely be able to tell you.  What a great system! :)

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