Thursday, June 30, 2011

Update - Family Tree

Just wanted to drop in and say "hi!"

Without Sims to play I am using all of my spare time to improve my blog bit by bit so right now I am working on Calista's family tree at Family Echo.  It's (the tree) VERY big because most of the people who are originally in Sunset Valley are related to her (I think I did that because I got bored one time).

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 


I finally finished all that I could on Calista's family tree (Click here or click on the side link labeled: Smith Family Tree!).

I'd like to thank Berry, author of the Splash of Color: A Pastel Rainbowcy  (and a few other great stories) for this idea.  Check it out.  The pictures are amazing, you can download the sims, and in between posts there are very good Machinima and mini stories.

I hope you like the family tree!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Baby 47 - Part 1

As I snuggled my new baby, I thought about the kiss I had shared with Simon (okay, okay!!  I mean the kisses I shared with Simon).  How he had watched me with such passion.  How we had danced together.  What kind of situation had I put myself in?  I had no idea how to deal with my predicament.

Before I could think any further, Mason's cries startled me, bringing back into reality.  I calmed him with a bottle.

I wanted to go a bit faster through the challenge since I had taken so long for baby Mason.  I called Zack Lights' brother, Cody Lights, over for baby 47.

We wasted no time in getting pregnant, but I didn't hear anything that indicated that I was pregnant.

"I guess we can try again tomorrow."  I promised.

"Yeah.  Sure.  I guess I'll go then."  Cody sounded disappointed and hurried.  I hoped it would work tomorrow.

I went outside and right as I walked out I noticed the Grim Reaper had come.  I was puzzled.  No one had died.  I looked around and my eyes laid upon a ghostly figures lying on the ground.  The ghost looked like Cody.  I screamed.  What in the world had happened?

He floated up and faced the Grim Reaper.

I wanted to shout something to him.  Unfortunately I couldn't do anything because the Grim Reaper had silenced my voice.  I felt helpless just watching Cody on his knees, begging for mercy.  He had done nothing to deserve this.

All I did for a long time was cry.

I kept his grave out in the backyard until I could bring it to the cemetery.  I called his brother and we cried together.  I next morning I called Simon.

Calista: Hi, is anyone there?
Simon: No, baby, no one's is here.  They (his family) went to the beach for a day out.
Calista: Don't call me that Simon.  I'm not in a good mood.
Simon: Why ba- Calista?  
Calista: One of the potential fathers of my challenge just died on my doorstep (Wow, that sounds weird).
Simon: *gasp*
Calista: Simon?  
Simon: Oh my GOSH!  How could that happen?
Calista: I don't know.  He seemed kind of rushed and then the grim reaper came.  I was inside while it happened.
Simon: Should I come over?
Calista: No, I don't want to upset Alicia (Also, I think he wanted to do more than just console me).
Simon: Oh, okay. (pause) I could be a father for baby 47.
Calista: Simon!  You were already a father.  It's not necessarily against the rules, but....
Simon: Alright.  But whatever you want, I'll do for you.   Just ask, okay?  I'll be there for you.
Calista: Alright, thanks and uh... bye then.
Simon: Bye, love you-

Reginald was all ready to start concocting potions and fiddling with the elements.

He managed to create a Liquid Horror potion.

He was about to show me his potion when I realized that it was time for Mason to grow up.  I imagine in my head what he might look like with his father's eyes and my hair or vice versa.  Maybe he'll have all of his father's looks.  That would be great!

Mason  ended up with a very popular look, blue hair and blue eyes.  None of his father's looks were present.  His was definitely a cutie!

Reginald finally drank the potion.

"Here goes nothing," He said.  Sparkles flew around him but none of us were even sure what it had done.

"Oh, well," he said.  "At least I was able to make something that at least looked cool."

The older kids and I had a family fun night outside with the new water slide

Penelope shot through first.  "Wheeee!!!!!"  she shouted even though she got a face full of water.

While the kids had been at school that day I went out and bought a new dress up set for the girls and boys.  I placed it in the hallway with a brand new wall-to-floor mirror.

After the family fun night Amber and Penelope were the first to try it out.  Amber choose to be an ice princess.

Penelope chose to be the evil "Queen of Red Stuff and Blood."

They played in front of the mirror for quite a while.  I could hear them from the other room.  They had quite the imagination.

They took their game outside and played on the new hopscotch court my mom had sent us.  Reginald was still in his swimsuit looking through the telescope.

"Ha ha ha!!!  You magic is no match for my evilness!" Penelope cackled.

"Oh yeah?  Well watch this!" Amber exclaimed as she started to twirl her wand.

Penelope pretended to freeze herself as Amber pointed the wand at her.

"No!!!" Penelope wailed.  "You cannot defeat me!!"

The scene seemed to have changed as Penelope chased Amber up the treehouse which looked like an enchanted castle.

Then the game ended and Amber and Penelope gossiped in their little girl ways.

"I think Aurther McNally was checking me out in art class the other day!"  Amber announced.

"What?  No WAY!  He definitely likes me better.  He said my hair was pretty."  Penelope retorted.

And so on.

The next day I took Mason out on a stroll for the first time.  They had never really sold strollers in the stores before.  There had been a ban on them after their had been an accident involving a pond, a dog, and a baby in a stroller.  Since then and until now they hadn't allowed strollers in Sunset Valley.  Mason was the first in my challenge to experience the ride.  He seemed cautious and nervous at first.

Then he got used to it and I finally got a smile out of him.

"Faster, faster mommy!" he exclaimed.

It took me forever to convince him that we had to stop so I could make lunch.  Thank goodness for dinosaur fruit snacks.

Later, I was in the backyard drilling with my miner when I found a magic gnome.  As you may know, I don't really like these things but after a little research online I found out that the gnomes can apparently have gnome families!!!  I kept this gnome in hope of finding another one and having an entire gnome family.  That would be so cute!

The children played on the seesaw giving me a change to snap a picture of the remodeled backyard.

I drilled with my drilling machine and discovered a secret tunnel.  It glowed brightly as I took a tentative step toward it.

"Ahh!"  I  screamed as I lost my footing and nearly fell in.  Fortunately I found a step and continued to climb on.  I found nothing much so a few minutes later I crawled back out and happily filled it in.

Here's the gnome now.  It seems as though he has spotted something under the deck.

The next day I picked Mason up and set him on one of the bouncy ride things.

Like with the stroller he was a little whiny and didn't want to got on some strange object.  He finally let me place him on the seat of the rocket.

Again, I managed to get one of those heart-melting smiles out of him.

He looked at me for reassurance and when I told him it was safe and he wasn't going to fall off he got much more into it [Sorry, the video got deleted.  Long story].

I decided to start a garden.  I had read the books but I had never actually gotten down in the dirt.

With my miner I managed to dig out a gigantic space rock.  I called Simon over to help me lift it out. We managed to roll it over to the side of the house.  Now Mason would be able to look at it when ever he wanted to from his crib.

I finally found another gnomes for the other.  I placed them next to each other but nothing really happened. I guess I'd have to wait.  I wasn't really sure how gnome reproduction really worked but I was willing to wait and see (hey, maybe the gnomes could start a 100 baby challenge of their own!).

The teens worked on their homework in my newly redecorated dining room.

That also reminds me, I redoecorated some other rooms too.  Here is the new kitchen and living room.

The new toy room.

My new bedroom.  You can see that I like blue.  Of course!!

I walked outside to water the plants when I saw Cody's ghost appear.  I walked over and fearlessly said hello.  An idea instantly occured to me.  I'd have ghost children with Cody.   That way, he'd still be a father.  I wonder what the town would think about ghost vampire children.

Unfortunately, he hadn't been able to choose when to come and it was nearly dawn.  I told him some ghost stories and asked him it he would still like to be in the challenge.   His ghostly eyes lightened up as he exclaimed that it was a great idea.  The next time he was able to come he would although he didn't know when that would be.  I'd just have to wait around which was fine with me [Sorry, there was a video of the ghost stories but it got deleted, same long story as with Mason on the bouncy ride].

I dug millions of holes in the backyard.

Finally prom rolled around for the teens.  Reginald and Kimberley hopped in but Destiny was still fiddling around getting ready.  She took so long that she had to find her own ride to prom.  She rode in the black limo.

There were so many teen at prom.  Many of them were our relatives which makes it hard to find dates in this town.  Fortunately, Destiny made it on time!

They had a great time.  A few fights broke out but other than that it was fun.  Kimberley made prom queen and Reginald made prom king.  They hadn't actually asked anyone out but Kimberley met a really nice guy there named Dominick Shirley and Reginald met a nice girl named Lisa.  He didn't get a chance to ask us her last name.  Destiny just hung out with a group of some of her closets friends and she said that Reginald had mostly made out with this Lisa person and couldn't keep his hands off of her.  Reginald blushed and denied it.  I just laughed.

I had planted some plasma fruit so I got a few vampire gnomes.  I found all of them and they haven't reproduced or anything but it's just kind of cool to have them.  I'm sort of trying to see how many I can get.  In this picture it kind of looks like the gnomes are waving to the one.  They seem to move all together as a big group.

A lot of time had passed and Cody had not come out so I agreed to let the kids age up.

The triplets first!  Reginald grew up to be a handsome man.  His light blond hair and blue eyes look along with his squarish jaw and stuble was enough to set any girl off.  Maybe Lisa would regret not going steady with him.

Destiny grew her long brown hair into a clip.  She was sophisticated and fun when she needed to be.

Kimberley definitely got most of her father facial shape especially with the shape of her eyes.  She looked a lot like her grandmother Destiny Rose.

The triplets agreed to pose for me!  Cheese!

Amber and Penelope aged into teens.  Amber looked loveley in her turquise top and blue braids.  The headband really added some flair to match her white capris.  Penelope wore pink to match her pink hair which she also pulled into two braids.

Mason grew up into a sweet little boy.  He loved wearing shirts with funny sayings on them.

Family portrait.  We had a proffessional come and take the photo.

I decided to look for more gnomes by inventing (for a gnomes of invention) and Amber and Penelope agreed to sculpt to find the sculpting gnome.

Penelope sculpted a barstool whereas Amber made regular dining chair.

It was getting dark and I had to rush everyone home.  It was after 11 and I had to see if Cody had come out yet.  HE HAD!!!!

We kissed and then tried to conceive.  We tried multiple times.

I was beginning to think that I'd have to go find another challenge father.  Light shown through the windows and Cody had to return.

I went outside to tend to my poor parched garden when I heard sipping noises.

It was my 4th son, Casper.

He seemed quite at home next to that gnome that was lounging on my newly designed deck.  I joined Casper and we talked about life.

"I'm just worried that I might not be pregnant.  This wouldn't be a bad thing except for the fact that I've wasted so much time already and I'm not getting any younger."  I told him.

He just nodded and drank.  There really wasn't much he could do for me so I flipped out my cell and called the one person I knew who would listen to me.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 


I was sitting on the couch watching a wedding show with Alicia, my wife, when my cell rang.  I peered at the caller I.D.  My heart jumped.  It was Calista.  What did she want to talk to me about?

"Gotta take this call."  I told Alicia.  "Business."

She just nodded and said, "hmmm."   She was too immersed in the show to care about a phone call.  I walked out onto the deck of our house and flipped open my phone.  Trying to hide my excitement, I said "hello?" as calmly as I could.

Calista:  Hey, Simon? (She seemed rushed)
Simon:  Yep, it's me and Alicia's not here so feel free to talk.
Calista:  Okay... I need to tell you some... things.
Simon:  Go right on ahead.  If you want me to come over...
Calista:  No, I'll just tell you now.  I'm worried that I am moving too slowly with my challenge.
Simon:  I could speed it up for you.
Calista:  Simon!  You know what I mean.  I just wanted to say that I have wasted a lot of time waiting for this one challenge father.
Simon:  You mean the one who died on your doorstep?
Calista:  Yes, of course.  He was a ghost so I came up with the idea that I could still have a child with him.  Since I didn't conceive a child while he was alive, why not when he was dead?  So I kept his grave in the backyard and he finally came but still I didn't hear the lullaby or any indication that I was pregnant.
Simon:  So, why are you telling me all of this.
Calista:  Because my son is here and he doesn't want to hear it.
Simon:  Oh, that makes sense.  Anything else?
Calista:  No, I think I just dumped the biggest problem of my problems on you.  I feel so much better.  How's Alish (Alicia)?
Simon:  Oh, she's fine.  Great.  
Calista:  Have you found a way to give her the news?
Simon:  You mean, you want to be with me (She still hasn't given me 100% of what she thinks about our relationship).
Calista:  Yes... and no.  Whatever, I'm not in the picture.  I'm just talking about you and my sister.  What I do know is that you don't love her, therefore you should not hurt her by staying with her. 
Simon:  (I grumbled)  I'm still thinking about it.
Calista:  Well, keep on thinking.  I have some ideas though.
Simon:  Bring it on!
Calista:  Well, you could find a more attractive guy than yourself....
Simon:  Hey!
Calista:  I meant someone she'd just be more attracted to.  If you hook them up together, then she will be the one to break up with you.
Simon:  Hmm...  not a bad plan.  Hey, I've got one.  How about I tell her a totally made up story.  Like, that I'm growing an enormous tumor and that I'll die soon and that it's contagious so she'd better leave me or else.
Calista:  Or else what? (She laughed)
Simon:  Well.... (I smiled, it felt so good to make her laugh)
Calista: ...Or you could just tell her the straight up truth.
Simon:  Yeah, I guess, but then won't she hate you or something like that?
Calista:  Hmmm, well, let's not dwell on this.  I have to go anyway.  Besides, maybe a miracle will turn up.
Simon: Yeah, I hope so.
Calista:  Well, bye Simon. 
Simon:  Bye-  WAIT!
Calista:  What!?
Simon:  I- I- I love you.
Calista:  Oh!  I... love you too Simon.  Bye for now.
Simon:   Bye-

My phone blinked at me.  I was nearly out of battery.  As I looked at that, I realized that I had been on the phone for quite a while, nearly thirty minutes.  Gosh, I hoped Alicia hadn't noticed.  Now where was that charger... [BTW, the quote in the picture would be in Alicia's point of view].

I arrived back to the T.V. to watch more of that show.  It had already ended and Alicia was flipping through channels for a more decent show than what was programmed to come next.  Although I hadn't thought she had noticed she asked "Who was on the phone?"

I pretended to be interested in the commercial that was playing on the channel she had stopped at.

"Simon, I know you.  You never like to talk on the phone for more than a few minutes.  Who was it you were talking to?"  She asked again. 

I straightened up.  "I told you, it was business."

"Are you sure..." she said, reaching for my cell.  Before I could stop her she had it open and was opening up my call log.

At the same time I reached for it.  "Hey!  That's private."  I snapped.  "Why do you want to know anyway!"

An answer from God came because then my phone went dead.  Thank goodness for that low battery.  I would make sure to delete my calls from now on.  Alicia set the phone down.

"It's alright," she said.  "I have something I need to tell you.  I'm...I'm.... I'm cheating on you."

She said what???

Were my ears hearing her correctly.  Calista was right.  Thank goodness for her miracle blessing!  I pretended to act all surprised and sad but inside I was throwing a party.  This was so much easier than I had originally thought.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 


It was finally time for me to tell him the truth.  I couldn't hide it forever.  My conscience was too weak to keep such a secret.  I glance behind me, nervous, at my little boy playing in the background.  Our little boy.  His twin was playing next to them.  They were so innocent and not burdened with such terrible things.  Simon laughed as though he couldn't understand what I had said.

"What?"  He said so innocently.  I know, his soul was so pure.  He had done nothing as bad as I, an adulteress.

"I cheated on you."  I repeated more clearly. 

He stood up and I as well.  Here goes.

"Alicia, why would you do that.  I though you loved me.  I thought we would be together always.  I just don't understand why you would do such a thing."  Gosh, he sounded so hurt.  Of course he didn't understand.  He wasn't like me.  He had probably never even cheated on anyone in his life.

"I'm sorry."  I pleaded.

"That... that's not enough." 

I closed my eyes, bracing myself for the yelling.  I heard him walk away, and then I heard the front door click shut.  He took it so well.  When I had found out that my ex-husband had cheated on me for some runway model, I had nearly wrecked the entire house.  I fought and harassed Kendall for who knows how long.  Even after a year I had still been mad at him.  In fact, I'm still mad at him to this day.

I didn't deserve anything.  I didn't deserve Simon or anyone like him.  From down the hall, a toddler cried.  I sighed and walked to the bedroom as though nothing had happened.  I would deal with Simon later.  I had noticed one thing though, he hadn't asked who I had cheated on him with.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 


And... that's as far as I've gotten. :(  Sorry this half-post is a little long, Cody just wouldn't show up for a long time.  It's probably a good thing I split the post up because then it would have been really long.

Also, I only re-did the house because at the time my game was working it had been going really slow so I took out a lot of CC.  And yes, I finally installed Pose Player.

Anyway, a big thank you to Amber Lights for letting me use Cody Lights (as well as his brother) in my challenge.  I'm so sorry Cody died.  It just happened.  I think he starved to death because he kept saying he was starving until finally he left.  Then I saw the grim reaper and I was just as surprised as Calista.  It's sad that he died but it made for an interesting story! :D

Sorry for not putting up FAMILY UPDATES for a while.  I will also do those as soon as my game starts working again.

My computer is still messed up and I hope I can get it fixed soon!  I'm guessing that it will be a while but while I'm waiting to play Sims, I will definitely have more time to look at other peoples' challenges, so yippee!

I will and have been updating my other older posts so check them out!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Experiencing technical difficulties...

My laptop has recently been experiencing many problems and Sims won't work.  Here's the story:

After some research I had assumed that it was because my drivers were too out of date to play Generations because this had all started after I had installed Generations so... after I fiddled around with it I finally uninstalled Generations.

Then I got the disc authentication error notice.  By this time I was very annoyed so I saved my 100 Baby Challenge file and uninstalled the Sims 3 completely.

At this very moment I am installing the Sims 3 again and I really hope that it works.  I am halfway through my next post (baby 47!) so the other half may be a little different because I will not have Generations or Ambitions (I lent it to a friend so I don't have it at the moment) for a while.  I will definitely not be able to install Generations until I update my driver (don't worry, I don't really understand it either) or figure out the problem.  

I am so sad that this had to happen but hopefully I can get the game up and running well again.  The next post should come out hopefully in the next couple weeks (sorry).

I'm just hoping and praying that my game will work.  I hope you all understand and I'm sorry for the inconvenience.  Wish me luck! ☺

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

AHHH!!  Oh my gosh!! I just realized that I haven't updated my EA Download Manager.  Maybe that's the problem.  If so, I will be a bit frusterated because I've been doing all this work researching the problem and re-installing all the games.  I kind of hope that's the reason for all these problems because it's easy to fix.  Oh well, keep wishing me luck!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

UPDATE (an hour later....)

I've tried playing just the base game Sims 3 and it didn't work.

What has been happening is that for a while the game would freeze for a few seconds and then go black and then play again.  It was giving me the message "The display driver has stopped responding and has recovered."  That didn't bother me until about a week ago when it would do this literally ever 10-30 seconds.  It was extremely irritating as one can imagine.

A day ago I loaded it to the main menu and it froze, made a weird sound, and eventually went to the "blue screen" and then restarted.  I couldn't even do "ctrl-alt-delete" like I usually do.  In fact, I couldn't even see my mouse and none of the keys were responding.  I tried it many times after that and every time it would restart.  I haven't been able to play it since.  Now I'm really going to have to do something because it still doesn't work.

I really hope I can get this problem fixed.  Because of this devastating news I probably won't be able to continue my blog until this problem is fixed which will be I don't know when.  If it doesn't happen soon, I promise I will still give updates on how it is going.

P.S.  Should I just post what I have of the next post?

Also, if you have any advice or know what is going on with my computer, please let me know.  And even if it doesn't help, it'll make me feel better.  I hope I can continue on with this challenge.  It's killing me not to be able to play Sims.  It would make me so sad to have to stop. :(

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Baby 46


First off, I would like to thank AngeLys for the eight wonderful gifts!  Thank you so much!  I hope to use them in my challenge right away!

Also, a thank you to Dawn Turner for naming her 27 baby Calista.  Isn't she beautiful?  I just love her hair and her eyes are blue like Calista, what a coincidence!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Birthdays!!!  First Amanda, baby 39, aged up into a young adult.  She definitely looks a lot like me!

Keaon, baby 40, grew up into a teen.  He was excited to finally be able to drive and hang out with girls.  He was super cute with his big, round green eyes and gelled up hair.

Next went the triplets, babies 41, 42, and 43, Reginald, Destiny, and Kimberley.

Reginald had the most formal look.  His hair was slicked down and parted.

Destiny worked for nearly a half hour every morning to make her hair curl just the right way.  She had had slightly wavy hair as a toddler but now that she was a child her baby curls disappeared.  It was now naturally very straight like her father's hair.

Kimberley tied her hair back into a long ponytail.  She was a very athletic girl.

Next went Zack Light's vampire twins!  I carried Amber, baby 44, to the cake first.  Everyone cheered, even the maid. 

I gasped when I saw them.  They BOTH had their father's eyes!!!  I was just like with my first set of triplets.  Amber was beautiful.  She had my blue hair.  Penelope had more of her father in her. Her face was shaped more like his and she had his pink hair.  

"Time for the family photo before Amanda's taxi comes to pick her up!"  I hustled the kids to get into their positions before the caomera shutter went off.

"CHEESE!" we all shouted at the camera.

Amanda picked up Penelope for the last and final time.

"I can't believe I'm already an adult!  I'm OLD!"

"Good-bye sweetie."

"You too mom."  Then she leaned in and whispered in my ear.

"I hope you get sorted out.  I hate seeing you confused."

Then she kissed my cheek, said good-bye for the millionth time, and ran out with her bags to her carpool.  She had been refering to my confusion while I was pregnant with the little vampire twins.

Just a recap, I have been thinking about maybe starting a relationship with someone.  The one problem was that the man I loved (Simon Simmons) is married to my sister, Alicia.  I've been trying to ignore the feeling I get when I think about him but it just won't go away.  I wondered if he felt the same way.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 


I had thrilling job as a firefighter.  It was better than anything I had done.  My life was as exciting as a man could hope for.  I had a lovely family, a beautiful wife, and there was nothing I could do to make my life better.

My feet hit the ground as I forced myself to realize my thoughts were not exactly true.  My life was not entirely what I really wanted.  I had had what I wanted at one point in the past but it was gone from me now.  I try not to think about it.

I talked to a fellow colleague of mine.  She seemed to have no interest in what I was trying to tell her.  She started flirting with me.

"You know," she said, leaning in. "I only became a firefighter to meet some HOT men like you!"

I backed away.  She started a dramatic show.

"Don't leave!  Don't LEAVE!"  She squealed and shouted.

Saying she was crazy was a bit of an understatement.

As I was about to leave, I spotted a child of Calista Smith.  My heart thumped.  Not for the boy (I'm 100% straight) but for Calista.  I had really loved her and I had thought we would be together.  This is the memory that pains me so much.  Although I'm not sure if she has feelings for me like I do her, she has called me in the past for advice or for a friendly chat so I know she hasn't completely shut me out of her life.

Right then I made my decision.  I quit my job.  This wasn't the life I wanted.  As my father had always said, "If you're not happy, do something about it."  I took his word.

I walked out in a very good mood.

I waited for a while as I came up to my street before going in the house.  How would I break the news of my decision to quit work?  I couldn't just say Oh, yeah, I'm in love with your sister so I quit my job so I could go an run away with her.  No, I just wouldn't mention it.

When I walked through the door I saw that my wife, Alicia, was sleeping on the couch.  I will admit, Alicia was the most physically beautiful woman but she was not the woman for me.  I had married her because I had felt sorry for her and Calista really wanted us to be together.  I truthfully didn't love Alicia the way I should have, but I didn't want to leave her either.  

Of course, I didn't want her to know any of this.  She must have heard me come through the door because just as I was about to wake her she opened her eyes.  They were green, tired and sad looking.  She immediately looked up at me and smiled.

"Hey honey."  She murmured.

I said nothing as I pulled her in close to me, inhaling her perfume.  It was the same perfume as Calista and I  sighed lovingly.  Alicia thought I was responding to her so she pulled me onto the couch and started unbuttoning my shirt (The kids were not in the house at the time).  I let her.

I was in a trance.  Instead of Alicia in front of me I was with Calista.  Alicia smelled and looked a bit like Calista, albeit the hair.  I felt regret.  I didn't want Alicia to know I was imagining her sister so I shook my head, which cleared my mind, and I had to remind myself very hard that she was not Calista as I took my wife in and embraced her beauty.  We kissed but went no further.  I  could tell she wanted to but I was going to leave her someday and I didn't want to hurt her anymore.

The next day was saturday.  We all went down to the park for a family picnic.  I had an idea.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 


I woke up pretty late this morning and I wasn't feeling so hot... until I received a text from Simon.

meet me in the park

My heart fluttered.  What was it he wanted to see me about when he could just call or text?

Before I left I had to battle the two tots.  They were quarreling over some plasma fruit.  Amber wanted them and Penelope wouldn't share.  I took them away.

Fortunately, the older girls came and distracted the twins with a game of peek-a-boo.  That always worked.

I checked on the boys.

"I'm going out for a bit."  I poked my head in.  "Make sure you check on your younger sisters, Keaon."

"Yeah, okay Mom."  He said.  He and Reginald were already immersed in their game but I knew Keaon would take care of the other kids if necessary.

When I got there disappointment fell on me like a rock.  I saw him with his entire family.  Confusion and anger welled up inside of me.  Did he really send that text or was I so desperate for him?  Why did he not come alone!!

Bryce, Alicia's 2nd child, looked up and saw me.  He told his mother something and then Alicia waved.  I mouthed "Hello" and smiled.

Then the unbelievable happened. Everyone left.

"... without me, I have to take care of something.  Charity.  I'll be back tonight."  His family left without them questioning it?  That seemed odd.

"Hey!  You got my text!"  He exclaimed, turning to me.  I nodded.

"Oh, yeah, I told Alicia that I was doing a charity thing with you for your challenge."

"Oh, so that explains why they just walked away."  Relief washed over me.


We got more comfortable with each other and I finally invited him over to my house so people wouldn't see us.

"What did you want to talk to me about?"  I asked as I put the car into drive.

"Nothing really.  I just wanted to spend some time with you.  I miss you."  I froze.

"Like miss me as a friend or...."  I couldn't pluck up enough courage to say the other option but he knew what it was.

"Both."  He replied.

I turned my head to face him.  His bright eyes were staring straight into mine intently.  I had to force myself to look away so I could keep on the road just as a police car drove past us.

"So," I asked casually, "What are we doing then?"

He didn't answer my question.  The house was empty except for the maid who would be leaving in a few minutes.  The kids were at school for a carnival and the toddlers were at a special daycare center for vampire children.

"Nice house."  He complimented.  Then I remembered that he hadn't seen it before.

"Thanks," I quickly responded as I parked the car in the garage.

We walked into the house.

"So-."   I was about to ask him the question again when he stopped my words with a kiss.  It was more passionate than any of his before (By "before" I mean, when he had participated in the challenge and we had had baby 32, Simon).  

I gladly accepted it and my body melted into his arms.  I could feel his heart beating quickly through his silk shirt and I felt his yearning.  I had to pull away.   What was I doing?  What were we doing?  He was my sister's husband!

"Sorry, umm..." he stumbled for words.

"Let's not do that, okay."  I said, quietly, still embraced in his arms, about to pull away.  He looked disappointed but I smiled at him.  "Let's go upstairs and have a drink."

I poured some wine into two cups.  Simon watched me while I fumbled.

"What?" I asked.

"You're not going to like this, but I think I'm in love with you."

I pretended to look as though his statement had taken me by surprise when in reality, I had been wanting it.  I wish he knew how much I had been waiting to hear those words.  I decided to pretend not to have heard it.  

He left and I found him looking through the goggle things.

"Charming." I said sarcastically.

"I'm seeing the future.  You, me, on the beach, together."  He said in a serious tone.

"Stop it."  I said sternly, but he took it as a joke.  He took off the goggles.

"I'm serious.  I love you, Calista.  Why can't you see that?"  He wasn't smiling.

"Let's dance."  I wanted to distract him and stop him from saying what he was saying.  It was nearly killing me inside.  I wanted him to say those things but my mind kept reminding me that he was married to my sister.

We danced but that didn't help the matter at all.  Every move we made was in sync.

We continued and touched more and more.  He'd brush my hip, I'd touch his arm.

We couldn't keep our eyes away from each other.  It was fantastic and terrible at the same time.

Finally I couldn't resist letting out the feelings I had tucked inside and hidden.  I leaned in and pecked him on the cheek.

"Oh-" I started to say.

He did exactly what I had wanted and expected.  He grabbed my arms and pulled me in for another long kiss.  It felt good and right.  I almost forgot about my sister.  Then, without saying a word, he pulled away and left.  Gently dropping my hand.

I stood there for a few minutes burying my head in my hands, waiting for him to be far away enough so that he wouldn't hear me cry.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 


I had left Calista's house at just the right time.  Her kids started to pour into the house from a long day at school.  They hardly gave me a second glance.  They were used to strange men coming into their house for the baby challenge and of course, they didn't really know or know of me.

As I walked down the steps to hail a taxi I was beaming with pride.  Calista may not have wanted me right then and there but at least I knew she wanted me as much as I wanted her.

Unfortunately, I hadn't come home at the right time.  Alicia was fuming mad.  The kids were crying and she had just burnt tonight's dinner.

"Where were you?"  She immediately demanded.

"I told you, I was helping your sister with her charity work for her challenge."

"Yeah, well you weren't supposed to be gone six HOURS!!"  She shouted.

I didn't answer, waiting for her to just calm down.

Then I used my charm to get her into a better mood.  It seemed to work.  I embraced her and gave her a gentle kiss on the forehead.

That night, she crawled into bed next to me after watching her favorite show with my step-sons Buster and Bryce.  She wrapped her arm around my waist as she nestled in and quickly fell asleep.  I wasn't asleep.  I was thinking of how to tell her my true feelings for her.  How I wanted to leave her and I knew it wouldn't be pretty.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 


I really needed to keep going on my challenge.  It had already been a month and I wasn't even pregnant yet.   As if godsend, I noticed a man taking a midnight jog.

He was coming closer to my house.  A new neighbor.  From far away I noticed he had interesting genetics for my challenge.  Blond-yellow hair with darker streaks in it.

I walked over to investigate.

"Hi, my name is-"  I introduced myself.

"Calista Smith, right?"  He finished my sentence.  "You might know me, my name is Adam Mason.  More correctly, you might know my wife, she's currently working on a legacy."

"Oh!  Yeah, of course I know you.  Wow!  I never though I'd ever see you here."  I tried to make small talk. "Do you want to take part in my challenge.  I'm running a little late so I would really appreciate it if you could."  I added.

"Of course!"

Adam had blond-blueish hair and bright blue-green eyes.  I just hoped that his baby had his unique hair and eyes.

We didn't kiss or anything.  He was married and he wasn't thinking of leaving his wife so it didn't seem appropriate.  We quickly conceived baby 46 and then he left before dawn.

The next few weeks I potty trained and taught the twins the usual skills and lessons.  Keaon was a big help. 

As I potty trained the tots, he helped the triplets with their homework.

Then, after dinner, I taught the girls to talk.

My daughter, baby 7, Elvira, invited me to go to her house for a party.  I agreed.  I went into the dining room and smiled.  All the children were dilligently working on their homework.  A few days later, since I had been a little late getting pregnant this time around, it was already birthday time!

Baby 40, Keaon grew up into a young adult.  He went for the mohawk style.  Keaon had already gotten the open position at the hospital.  I'm actually surprised that he got the position with his looks.  That mohawk makes him seem a bit immaturish but I'm glad the hospital chose him because I know that he will be a great surgeon someday.  There's no such thing as too many doctors.

The triplets grew up next.  Reginald, baby 41, cropped his hair short, like a soldier.  It kind of fit his name.

Destiny grew her hair out.  It was a beautiful shade of brown and she couldn't help but show it off.  Kimberley also grew her hair out.  It was even longer than Destiny's!  The triplets girls in their matching dresses.  Aren't they adorable.

The Lights' twins aged up last.  Amber pulled her hair back with a cute headband.  Penelope loved the color of her hair so she showed it off by growing it out long and straight.

Family photo.  For once we are all looking in similar directions.  Keaon had already moved out when I had realized that we hadn't taken it.

It was a friday so the kids all went for a cool night's swim while I went over to Elvira's party.

There weren't very many guests, refreshments, or anything like that.  But I still had fun.

I said hello to many people I knew.  Here is a picture of me hugging my granddaughter Evie Kuan.  She's gotten so big since I last saw her!

I talked to Christa Vircus, my sister-in-law.  The mother of Pheonix Vircus who married my baby 31, Callidora.

My granddaughter Maggie Smith asked me for my autograph.  It seemed kind of silly

"Wow," she exclaimed.  "I wonder what my friends would pay for this!"

She immediately became distracted by my lower belly.  "Wow, I can't believe that's my aunt or uncle in there."

I left the party early.  Everyone was just watching T.V. and Elvira was being a bit rude.  She shushed Christa as she walked in on the show.

The two triplets girls played chess against each other and Reginald sketched some designs while Amber and Penelope experimented with the paints.

Sometime around this time, I went over to Simon's.  He felt my stomach.  We discussed our relationship.  He wanted me as his lover until he could find a way to break the news to Alicia but I just couldn't get over the fact that it just wasn't right.  I didn't say no but I didn't say yes either.

[I'm beginning to hate the black border around the quoted pictures.  Oh well.]

While they were doing that I went to the hospital for my check up.  I was nearing the due date.  The doctor told me I was having a baby boy!  Labor came a few weeks after the appointment.

Deep breaths, deep breaths I commanded myself.

Pretty soon, baby 46 was born!  I named him Mason Adams after his father's wife's legacy.  Sorry, I forgot to take the family photo.  So many distractions, you know?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 


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