Friday, January 21, 2011

Baby 12



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I went over to visit Cal and Brendan and Brendan's children shortly after Phineas and Ferb were born.  As I was playing with them I remembered the crazy, yet sad story that went behind it...

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Brendan met a beautiful young woman one day and introduced himself.  Her name was Claire Swan.  She had hair just like Brendan except instead of blond-pink, hers was blond-blue and she had bright pink eyes that looked red in certain light.  She was perfect to Brendan and, of course, he had to fall in love with her.

They dated for only three months when she found out she was pregnant with his baby.  He quickly proposed to her and they had a lovely private wedding (much to her dismay). 

They both read plenty of pregnancy books, watched kids shows, and listened to kids music.

Brendan loved Claire very much and he told her everyday.  She told him too, but her voice did not have the same amount of passion in it which should have hinted something.  Brendan was too shielded by his love for her to notice anything strange.

After the birth of their son, Griffin, Claire started to act weird.  She was very shy and hardly ever looked Brendan in the eyes when they talked.

Finally she told him that she was pregnant but she didn't tell him who the father was so he just assumed that it was his baby.  Boy was he wrong, the baby, a girl Claire named Lakeisha, turned out to be Christopher Steel's baby.

Claire admitted she didn't love Christopher and that it was an "accident."  Being Brendan, he loved Lakeisha as his own and forgave Claire for cheating on him.  On the other hand, Cal was quite mad at Brendan for not "throwing the girl out."

Brendan and Claire tried for another child.  They named the baby Antony.  He had strange yellow hair and blue eyes.  Meanwhile, Griffin grew up into a teen.  He had very thick eyebrows like his father, blond-blue hair, and his father's blue eyes.  Lakeisha grew up into a child.  She had her mom's blond-blue hair and Christopher Steel's blue eyes.

Then Claire was pregnant again and, you guessed it, it wasn't Brendan's baby.  Right when she told him it was Kendall Johnson's baby, he exploded.  He was known for his kindness, but this was a step too far.  He broke up with her and told her to move out.

Kendall Johnson was my sister Alicia's husband of course (As well as my ex-fiance), Brendan called her and told her the devastating news.  She immediately threw Kendall out.

Very soon after, Kendall and Claire got married and had a baby boy named Liam who was the spitting image of Kendall with his reddish hair and blue eyes.  They were both cheaters so I guess they deserved each other.  Not to be rude, but I couldn't wait to see if they would cheat on each other sometime in the future.

After a few years, Brendan married the intelligent Jamie Jolina.  Together they had the sweet twin girls, Kelley and Johanna.  I was so happy that he had found someone who would not run off with another man. Neither of the girls had any noticeable genes from Jamie.  

Kelley had blue hair and her father's blue eyes.  He hair was very messy and coarse and always in her face although she didn't seem to mind.  Johanna was the first of Brendan's children to have his blond-pink hair and his blue eyes.  She was the girl version of him.  Her long hair was tied back into a ponytail and her bright blue eyes were always looking for adventure. 

I think Brendan's misfortunes are out of the way and now come the good.  He is married to Jamie Jolina today and all of his children are very healthy and well.  I think luck is finally on his side.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 


I left Brendan and Cal's house and right when I got home we celebrated the birthday's in our house.  Another fire started but this time I was prepared.  I extinguished that fire before the fire fighters had come.  Their jaws dropped when they saw me panting and holding a fire extinguisher with a burnt cake next to me.  Fortunately everyone was safe and the celebration continued.

Phineas, baby 10, grew up into a toddler first.  Somewhere along the line he had gotten brown hair and he had my dad's green eyes.  Then Ferb, baby 11, grew up. He had fine, silky blond hair and his father's blue eyes.  I was a little disappointed that Brian Quinn's unique blue-green hair didn't show up in either of the boys.  Maybe it would show in the grandchildren.

Next came Jordan, baby 8.  He did nothing to make himself look better.  He was extremely athletic as was his sister.  He wore a baseball cap and jersey everyday.  Peyton, baby 9.  She tied her long brown hair in a ponytail everyday.  She was such a tomboy.  She was nothing like my girly-girl Flora (baby 5) or my sisters.  I was very proud of her for not really caring about sprucing up her appearance like many girls her age were starting to do.  People would see her as the beautiful, talented girl she really was.

Elvira still had some work to do before I would let her grow up.  She was more than happy to get out of the house and be the evil mastermind she was (thanks to her father).

We talked and made a compromise.  I would let her grow up if she took up something that interested her.  She agreed.

She decided to work toward mastering her athletic skill and the treadmill became her best friend.  Everyday after school she would run.  For hours, days, and weeks.

Jordan and Peyton were not as happy to grow up.  They dreaded the first day of school and Elvira was no comfort to them.

After a few weeks of school, Peyton's teacher informed me that she might need tutoring because math and reading were especially hard for her.  Jordan seemed to realize this and helped her with her schoolwork every night.

Jordan and Peyton had both inherited their father's athleticism and always took any chance they could to swim in the pool or jump on the trampoline.  Although I was proud that they hardly ever watched t.v. or played video games, they were so obsessed that sometimes I would not let them go outside because they would forget to do their homework or chores.  This Saturday morning I was not so successful as they had slipped out and made a beeline for the pool.

Being so active, Peyton would go to bed at 8:00 every night.  That meant she would wake up very early.  I wondered if she would change this routine once she became a teenager.

Around this time I had gotten interesting in the inventing skill.  I was creating new things everyday.

I made sure that I read all the inventing books.  I wanted to make the ultimate invention that no one in Sunset Valley had ever seen.  It was something people only dream about - a time machine.

The kids were working very hard too.  Elvira was getting better at the treadmill and would sometimes be on it 4 or 5 hours a day.  

Running must have put Elvira in a good mood because after taking a shower one day she picked up Phineas and threw him up in the air in a very playful manner.

"Ooh, you sweet little boy!"  She cooed.

He seemed confused by her change in emotion but none the less, enjoyed himself.

After a long day of studying, the active twins played a great game of tag.  They play it a little differently.  Whoever gets tired first loses.  I guess I wouldn't call that tag exactly, but something along those lines.  This night Peyton won.

Even the littlest ones were learning a lot.  Phineas was very content at the peg box and the xylophone.  He would just play for hours, talking to himself and making noise.

In my spare time I would read to Ferb, who was feeling a bit lonely without his brother to play with.  He would feel very proud being able to turn the pages all by himself.

We would also talk with each other.  Unlike Phineas, he didn't seem to want or have a need to communicate verbally.  The doctor told me that he was growing up fine and there was nothing wrong with him, he was just a quiet kid.  She just suggested that I talk to Ferb and get him used to being talked to.  So I would tell him stories, teach him right versus wrong, and about how to protect the earth by saving the trees by recycling and the animals that live on it.

Speaking of recycling, I remembered that tomorrow morning was the day the recycling truck would come.  We had a lot of recyclable stuff.  It felt really good recycling.  Go GREEN!

Finally, Elvira had mastered the athletic skill and just as I promised, I let her grow up into a young adult.  The twins and I cheered.

Elvira felt the sparkled grow around her as she transitioned from a teen to a young adult.

Here is a photo I took of Elvira, baby 7, as a young adult.  She even managed to pass high school with a straight B.  I was so proud of her!

She moved out right away but before leaving, she let me hug her and I told her to check up with me about how her life was going.  She agreed and said that she had gotten a job in the criminal career.  With her athleticism mastered, she was already ahead of the game.

After the kids were in bed, I decided to test what I had learned in the books to the work bench.  It was a big mistake.  I stopped for a second when I felt a strange sensation. 

I smelled smoke and realized that I was on fire. The pain was more than anything I had imagined.  I screamed and panicked, forgetting to STOP, DROP, and ROLL or something that would extinguish the fire.  For what seemed like hours, but was only a few seconds, I screamed and danced around as if unsure what to do.  I felt like I was going to die.  So much for this challenge I thought.

Then my conscious finally came around and I made a run for the pool.

I prepared myself and jumped in, clothes and all.

I stayed underwater for a few seconds, then came up for air.

The fire was gone and my clothes had been singed.  I swam around a bit just for the feel of cool water and then I came out. 

I was dripping and freezing wet, but at least I was safe.  Later, the kids came rushing out and asked what happened.  I told them what had happened and they were very sorry that they had not heard my screaming as they were quite the heavy sleepers.  I told them it was alright and that if they ever caught on fire, the pool was a great tool to put fire out.  They went back to bed.

I resumed my work and managed to get a start on a few of the ideas I had had in my head.  I should have quit but I didn't want to be a bad role model or scare the kids from the bench.

After the accident, I only got singed a few more times but luckily I had the pool as my extinguisher.

Bubble baths were very helpful for the burns.

A few months later, I had gotten very skilled at inventing.  I had made many gadgets and gizmos from as small as the whale toy to as big as the miner and was finally working very hard to create a time machine.

Phineas really enjoyed the new toys.  His favorite was the cow toy.

After weeks of hard labor and a little encouragement from the kids, I finally accomplished my goal.  It was a beauty.  The one in this picture is a prototype.

This is the real one.

I had recently been reading the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins and there were rumors going around Sunset Valley that the stories were true.  I decided to see for myself.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

I stepped inside the machine.  All I had to do was think about a time in history or a time in the future and push the GO! button.  I thought about District 12, pushed GO! and felt myself being pulled forward.  Then everything was calm and the doors opened to an unfamiliar world.

I was on a very green hill that looked a lot like the ones in Sunset Valley.  At first I couldn't tell where in the world I was, but after a minutes of searching around, I came across a small but ruined sign that said District 12.  I had made it!?!?  My heart started racing and I found myself in a meadow where I saw a blond head in the distance. 

It was a man and after I introduced myself to him, I knew who he was.  It was Peeta Mellark.  So the rumors were true, the Hunger Games really were going to exist some point in time.  I shuddered at the thought but that only lasted a few minutes because I realized that I could possibly change the future and anyway, they do come to an end 75 years after they start so they'll stop eventually although it would be nice to keep them from coming in the first place.

At a first glance, he looked like an ordinary man, but as I studied his face, I could see all the pain and hurt that the Capitol and the Hunger Games had brought onto him, as well as Katniss.

Peeta Mellark had blond hair and clear blue eyes. 

We shook hands and I could see scars on his wrists from the shackles that he had worn during the trip he had taken to the Capitol to assassinate President Snow.  I couldn't stop starring at them, so as a distraction, I brought up my kids.  He had two children, a boy and a girl, and was quite surprised to hear that I had 11 kids and still wanted more.

When he politely asked why, I told him about the 100 Baby Challenge.

"I would like to try this challenge of yours, I wonder if the baby will be like?" he wondered. 

"Yeah, do you think it will be a time traveler like in the movie, The Time Traveler's Wife?" I joked.

He looked puzzled but laughed along anyway.  We walked over to the time machine after he said good by to his wife, the famous Katniss Everdeen, and two children.

"To the past!" I shouted gleefully.

I told him how to work the time machine.  I thought of Sunset Valley and almost as soon as I had pushed GO!, we whizzed back through time.

We made it safely through the trip and I found out that I had only been gone an hour.

Katniss hadn't wanted Peeta to be long so we tried for a baby in the time machine without any hesitation or preparation.  It went very quickly and I heard the sound of a lullaby drift passed us.

Then, after a peck on the lips and a thank you, I started to program the time machine to bring Peeta home when I realized that he wasn't behind me.  I found him staring at the ocean.

"I think I want to stay here a while and see what it is like in this time.  Back at home they always show you people as, oh, what's the word, failures.  They always said that you left us with a terrible world and that you don't care about the people that come after you.  I have never really agreed with them and now I want to see if I can find evidence that you are not and that you are just like us.  I do know a lot about your life from school but who knows if the teachers were actually telling the truth or not," he pondered.

I told him it was a great idea but Katniss might be worried.  He told me he had called her with his super high-tech phone looking device and she was fine with it after a little persistence.

We chatted for a long time and I went onto the computer to  help him buy a house and find a job. He thanked me and told me that he would leave once the baby born.  His plan was to go back to the future and travel through time every once in a while to visit the baby and his own family in District 12.

The kids asked me where I had been that afternoon and I told them all about the future and who I had met there.  They really wanted to visit it but I said that when they were older they could go and visit.  They were much too young to be exposed to that at their young age and they seemed very disappointed, but I did tell them I was pregnant and that perked them up.

Early on in my pregnancy, Peyton came to me crying and told me in between sobs that 3 of our 4 fish in the office had died.  I had the messy job of getting rid of the dead fish by flushing them down the toilet.  Goldy was the only one to survive although he was getting old.  I told Peyton that we could get some new fish.

I was very surprised one day to find the repoman's truck park outside of my house.  My heart nearly skipped a beat.

I then realized that  I hadn't checked the mailbox in a while.  The repoman came out.  His name, I later learned, was Alan Watanabe.  He seemed quite insane as he cackled menacingly on his way to our front door.  He started to go a different direction.  He must have just parked outside of my house and is going to the neighbors instead of my house, I said aloud, relieved.  Then I realized that he was actually going to the playground.  Oh no. 

He took out his repogun and pointed it at the trampoline.  Seconds later it was gone.  I hadn't realized that the bills had added up to that much.  Fortunately, he only took that one thing and then he left, after coming to the door and handing me his business card and giving me papers to sign.  I thanked him as politely as I could while resisting the urge to throw his clipboard at him.  I knew it was just his job and I was the one who needed something thrown at me, but I had wish he could have taken something other than the trampoline.  I quickly bought another one before the kids came home from school after Mr. Watanabe left.

The kids came home and didn't even notice that there was a new trampoline.  They were too excited about school.  Why?  Because they had both made it on the honor roll!  What studious students!  Peyton was especially happy because school was not as easy for her as it was for her brother.  She had worked so hard!

Peyton painted all weekend and even painted a portrait of her brother.

"Easy peasy," she said as she cracked her knuckles.

Then with her brother's consent, she sold the painting for 433 simoleons.  They split the money.

The birthday's came along,  Jordan and Peyton went first.  Jordan, baby 8, eats so much more food now, being so active.  Peyton, baby 9, is still very confident about her looks.  She hasn't the slightest interest in makeup or fancy designer jeans.  Her frugalness makes her want her clothes secondhand and she hardly ever buys anything new.

I brought Phineas and Ferb to the cake.  Ferb was calm but Phineas was very distracted and wanted to play around.

Phineas, baby 10, as a child.  He grew out his silky brown hair for a more shaggy style.  Ferb, baby 11, gelled his hair back.  Slick and shiny.  He also developed the eco-friendly trait, probably because of me teaching him about it when he was a toddler.  He looked like the stereotypical rich boy in town, with his hair like that.

Ferb immediately sank into a good book.  He loved to read.

Phineas started on learning logic right away.

Jordan made laps around the pool.

Peyton raced on the treadmill.

Meanwhile, Peeta came over everyday to see how the baby was coming along.  I was very surprised how many of the fathers had actually wanted to see their child(ren).  This sounds sad but it is common.  I knew that I was lucky as most fathers in the other challenges didn't make any effort to visit their children.  If they did it was a rare sight but not for me.  Almost all of them had some to check in in some way or another by calling or coming over.

Months passed, the kids were doing excellent in school and my pregnancy was going as smoothly as ever.  In fact, after that one time I threw up, everything went uphill from that.  This was the easiest prengancy yet.  I even remembered to pay the bills on time.
Being such an easy pregnancy, I hardly felt anything when the due date came around.  I walked right out the door to go the hospital.  Peyton and her brother started panicking but I told them not to worry.

We welcomed baby 12, Rose Mae, namd after Katniss's younger sister Primrose, who was killed in a bombing.

Welcome home little one!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  


Also, I had to take the time machine out of my Sim's house and into her family inventory.  Here's why:

When I was playing one time, a woman came out of it, her name was Tami, and she was an elder.  I got a little notice that said she was my sim's child from the future (Probably because Calista tried for a baby in the time machine with Peeta in the future.  I should have checked to see if Tami had Peeta's bright blue eyes!).  I didn't want her on my sim's family tree so I had to quit and not save my game (Fortunately I had just saved it right before).

So that's the reason why I took the time machine away.

For good measures, I took a picture for my next post before I deleted the time machine so in the next post you will see a picture with the time machine in it even though, at that point in the story, it wasn't really there. 

Anyway... on with the family update and thanks for reading.  Also, I am also sorry about my Sims on the exchange.  They keep disappearing a few weeks after I upload them.  Could someone please tell me what's going on?  Every time I click on one of the links, for example, Calista Smith's mom, it gives me a message saying that the item is no longer available.  I am thinking of using Mediafire instead.

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Flora and Raines had twin girls named Joyce and Victoria.

Joyce was much more of a tomboy than her sister and didn't even want to wear any girly clothing.  She didn't even want to wear a shirt!  Anyway, she had bright green skin, windswept blue hair, and blue eyes.  With her hair and the shape of her eyes, she looked much older than she actually was.

Victoria had lovely shade of green-blue skin, her father's bright blue eyes, and blond hair.  She was pretty cute with her big blue eyes (the roundest of her siblings)!  They looked very nice with her skin tone.  I thought it gave her an innocent look.  She was definitely a girly-girl, she loved pink and getting her hair and nails done.  The stylists at the spa loved her.  The twins were definitely opposites. 

With such beautiful little girls, Flora and Raines decided to try for another baby.  They ended up with two more girls, Trina and Talia.  Trina had lovely green skin like her older sister, blond hair, and blue eyes.  Talia had blue skin, blue hair, and her dad's bright blue eyes.

While I was still pregnant with Peeta's child, Walter and Casper, baby 3 and 4, heard news that their father, Kevin Collins, had decided to go to the Netherworld like he had originally planned.