Monday, November 29, 2010

Babies 1 and 2: I'm a Mother!

A few months after moving out from mom and dad's, I was looking at the art in the art museum when a stranger somehow familiar, yet no one I knew, came up to me.   He introduced himself as Caleb Sierra and he had familiar pink blond hair and grey eyes.

I thought for a second, Caleb Sierra... Caleb Sierra....  Then I remembered, standing right in front of me was the first "baby" of the famous Cadence Sierra, a courageous woman who took on the 100 Baby Challenge, succeeded, and passed it on to her daughter Mikolaj with the help of her many fans.  We started chatting and Caleb told me that his mother had been having a hard time recently trying to teach Mikolaj, a girl who just wanted fame and money, about how to take care of children and how to be a great mother.

"So, what's your family like?"  He asked.  I told him all about my siblings, my parents, and Kendall, my current boyfriend.

"Do you have any kids?"

"No!"  I exclaimed, shocked.

"You could try doing a 100 Baby Challenge like my mum."  His face looked excited.  I was so surprised I almost fell backward.  Do a 100 baby challenge?  Me?

"I'm sorry but that's not really my kind of thing..." I tried to say, politely.  I was, in fact, horrified by the idea.  I thanked him for the suggestion, gave him a friendly hug, and wished his mother well in her new adventure with Mikolaj.  Then we both went our separate ways.

As I was driving home I thought to myself, I am an educated woman with a perfect boyfriend whom I am going to marry, have three kids with, and live with for the rest of my life.  We  are going to be with each other forever and I would never, in a million years, want or need to take on such a strange challenge.  Don't listen to him Calista, he's just a stranger anyway, I told myself, but Caleb's words still lingered in my thoughts.

And, oh, I forgot to introduce my handsome and charismatic boyfriend Kendall.  He has shiny red brown hair and deep blue eyes (some say they are grey but it really depends on the light).  He also has the cutest mole under his right eye.

The day after meeting Caleb, Kendall and I went to the beach after having a lovely dinner.  We were walking along the shore, our arms entwined, as I casually hinted that my parents had, in fact, gotten engaged on this very beach.

"It was the most romantic thing I've ever heard them talk about."  I explained to Kendall.

He seemed to get the hint because a week later, he brought me out to the beach, got down on one knee, and proposed.  There was even the beautiful setting sun in the background.  This is it.  I was right, we were made for each other.  There is no need for a 100 Baby Challenge I thought as I leaped into his arms and kissed him.  He kissed me back until I attempted to make love to him right then and there.  He pulled away and politely turned me down.

When he saw my puzzled face, he nearly tackled me with an empowering kiss.  Together, we fell down and rolled in the sand laughing and kissing.  I was happier than I had ever been, but looking back at that time from now makes me wonder if I really was as happy as I had appeared.  When we got home, only then did Kendall allow us to get a little more intimate.  I had some of the best moments of my life.

Not long after our engagement, Kendall said that he had to go run an errand and it sounded pretty urgent.  He had to go deliver a package to my sister, Alicia.  I found it kind of annoying but I just assumed that he was secretly going to buy me an engagement gift.  After he left, I decided to pay a visit to my sister Alicia after showering, I hadn't seen her or little Buster for quite some time.  I couldn't wait to show her my engagement ring! 

So, without mentioning that to Kendall, I drove over to her house.  I was a bit dissappointed to see him there and not buying me a gift, but I was even more dissappointed, in fact downright angry, when I spotted Kendall kissing Alicia in the right in the living room!  I screamed.  I could not believe he would do such a thing.  That explained why he had left so urgently.  How long had this been going on?  I was fuming mad. 

I broke our engagement right away.  Then I kicked him out of my house.

"I don't understand why you're so mad."  He acted so idiotic sometimes.  I couldn't believe why I had even liked him.

"I can't believe I fell for your charm.  All those nights together, every kiss and caress a LIE!!!!!!!"   I shouted at him every insult I could think of at the moment until my voice was hoarse.

He tried to make up with me and even attempted to kiss me but I shut him down.  I couldn't believe he thought I would fall for such an act.  Who did he think I was?

He followed me as I stormed out of Alicia's house.  I screamed and slapped him (I quite enjoyed it actually).  Then I dashed off the property.

Later that very same week I found out that Kendall had proposed to Alicia just as he had with me and to make things less stressful for everyone they had a private wedding (now I'm related to him!).

Then Alicia came over to apologize to me and she had said on the night of the proposal, he had cried on her shoulder about me.  Apparently, the break up had been as hard on him as it had been on me even though he should have known the consequences of his actions.  

I told Alicia it was all right.  Then she took out the trash and cleaned up a bit as if to say sorry even more.  After a couple months, she came to tell me that she was pregnant with Kendall's baby.  Even though I was very mad at Kendall, I kind of wished I was the one with his child.  Fortunately I was able to control myself from getting too emotional.

After she had left, Caleb's words worked their way into my thoughts.  I had my decision on what I wanted to do with my life.  I called up Caleb and told him that I had decided to take on the 100 Baby Challenge and if he could be my first father.  He said yes. 

"Am I crazy?" I asked.

"Yes, but in a good way," he responded.

We laughed and hung up.

Caleb came over to my house that afternoon.  We talked about what had been going on.  He was the one who talked most of the time because I was afraid I would start crying in front of him.

The he leaned over, grabbed my arms, and kissed me.  He said that he had wanted to do that for a long time because he had liked me ever since he laid eyes on me that day in the museum.

Of course he knew he'd never marry me with me doing the challenge and all but it was a nice thing to say (plus, isn't he married??) and I thanked him by kissing him even more.  I hoped I was doing this correctly.  It's one thing with your boyfriend and a totally different thing with a complete stranger.

Then we tried for my first child.  After we were done he started to get ready to leave and rather quickly, I might add, as he knew the drill from how his mother had done her challenge.  I caught him at the door frame and led him back into the room.

"Stay." I commanded.  "Stay for dinner."

He paused, then smiled and accepted my offer.

We had a great time that night.  We played on my GUGA Joytoy 3 and talked.  He made me forget the pain that had been hurling inside of me over the week.

After a few hours he said he had to go.  We hugged and kissed (I couldn't resist) and I thanked him a million for helping me through.  I wasn't feeling too well after he left and I vomited in the toilet, I was sure that I was pregnant.

Then he left but we promised to stay in touch and he said quite excitedly that he wanted to be there for every step of his child's life and even his child's half-siblings.  I thought that was really sweet and kind of him (even though I knew it wouldn't happen) and I told him I was glad that he had been the first father.  It was a great way to start the challenge off.  Then I went for a walk in the park.  I played my guitar to earn some money and then spent it on some cupcakes made by Elisha Dumas.  She was such a sweet girl.  I hoped that the baby inside of me was a girl.  Then I could raise her to learn to bake cupcakes.

Suddenly I felt that first kick of my newborn baby.  It was a joyful and thrilling sensation.  I decided to purchase and read some pregnancy books, so I knew what I was up against.

Then, I practiced ways I could introduce myself to men when explaining the challenge.  I came up with very interesting methods.

Then the backaches kicked in so I checked myself in for some pampering.

A few months passed and my stomach was growing.  I had also been furnishing the house for the new baby.  Here are some photos I had taken of it.  First, the crib, I bought sheets that matched my bigger bed.  Then I bought a very cute little toilet that was a miniature to the regular one.  Along with some toys, I bought a highchair.  Lastly, I bought a new car for myself.  It's a blue 4-Everything Van, perfect as a family car with its seven seats.

The next week Caleb came over again.  He touched my stomach and felt the baby kick and had quite a conversation with the little guy (or girl). 

I told him he was going to be a great father just like his mother.  He surprised me by kissing me and I was immediately content and couldn't stop myself from kissing back.  I realized that I was actually enjoying this. 

After a few minutes, I managed to pull away.  

"You know Caleb," I said, "I'm not supposed to get too attached to any of the fathers during the challenge, you know that." 

He pulled away and blushed a rosy pink. 

"I do," he replied and then he left.

I felt kind of bad and wanted to make him stay but it was getting late anyway and being pregnant made me very tired and I craved toast with cranberry jam.

While watching TV, I felt a sharp pang in my abdomen.  The baby!

As I walked into the hospital people across the street shrieked and screamed (now this sounds familiar...).  Moments later, Caleb arrived.

I was getting nervous but I tried not to show it.  The labor wasn't too long but it didn't feel at all how I thought it was going to.  The pain was terrible until the meds kicked in.  If this is what it was going to feel like every time, I wasn't sure if I could get through this challenge.  I might have broken a few of Caleb's fingers from holding onto his hands so tightly as I pushed.  I gave birth to two beautiful twin boys.  I named the first twin Cal Landon, a shorter version of Caleb.  Caleb came out with the other baby, a pink-cheeked boy we had decided to name Brendan Caleb, after Caleb's father, Brendan Vine.

I couldn't wait to see if Cal or Brendan would look like Caleb.  I so wanted at least one of them to have Cadence Sierra's signature pink-blond hair.  Otherwise, I wanted mom's recessive blue hair to show itself.  I was secretly hoping they wouldn't get dad's dominant blond gene that all my siblings have.  Of course, I'd love my baby regardless but I was hoping.  I guess I would just have to wait and see.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Alicia and Kendall had their new baby around the time that I had had the twins.  Alicia gave birth to a bouncing baby boy named Bryce.  He has our mom's blue hair and strange purple eyes.

For months I would get a sad feeling in my gut when I saw him because he could have been my son had everything turned out well with Kendall.  Fortunately, he is Alicia's son because then I wouldn't have my sweet little boys.  It is interesting to think about how life could have turned out for one, but as mom says, I should just love how it turned out and not focus on the "what ifs" in life.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 


Thank you Harmony/Cadence Sierra for letting me use Caleb Sierra in my challenge!

My Childhood


After you were born, everyone wanted the chance to hold you.  Your father wanted even more kids, being family-oriented, but I said that we didn't need anymore mouths to feed.  Having two sets of twins in a row really tired me out.  

I think that part of it was that I wanted to get back to my job.  I had taken up a lot of my saved vacation time taking care of all of my beautiful children.  I know you don't understand what could possibly make me want to work since we had enough money to sustain us for a few years, but I just loved working.  

Even during my pregnancies I tried to work or at least do something related to work.  Your father has taken some pictures of me calling in to check up on work and even working from home (That would be you I'm pregnant with).  Hey, what can I say?  My mother has always called me ambitious.

I know that with my working so hard you hardly ever saw me but at least you got to spend a lot of time with your father, so that was good.  He's always told me that he really liked the fact that he could stay home and didn't have to work as much.  

Finally, it was birthday time again.  You aged first.  I was so happy to finally see you as a toddler.  You were so beautiful and the exact carbon-copy of me with my hair and my eyes.

Lydia and Alicia went next.  I remember Lydia always kept her hair in a long braid everyday and Alicia tied her curly hair together in two pigtails.  This was her favorite shirt because it was her favorite color - pink!

Next, Joshua and Sophie grew up into teens, just as amazing as ever.  

Noah and Holly decided to grow up at the same time.  I nearly cried.  My baby was growing up.

Noah looked a lot like your father without the freckles and long hair.  According to the gossip going around town, many women were jealous of Holly because Noah was so much better looking than her yet he somehow loved her.  Don't tell her, though.  This is between you, me, and your sisters. 

Since Noah and Holly had gone out for so long your brother finally proposed to her.  I helped him pick out the ring!

Much to my dismay, he moved in with Holly and her parents, Vita and Nick Alto.  They seemed a little strict but I knew that they liked Noah.

Even though I worked so much, I did manage to find time with you.  Whether it was feeding you, putting you to bed, or playing with you during weekends.

Your siblings loved you so much.  Their favorite activity was playing blocks with you and building block towers for you to ruin.

Birthdays again.  You were so meticulous about getting your hair to swirl just right.  It frustrated me to insanity.

My other little girls were growing up too.  Lydia and Alicia were beautiful girls.  Would you agree that Alicia's hair was getting curlier and curlier?

With the twins growing up your father had completed his lifetime wish.  You guys cheered so hard for your older siblings who were also growing up.

Joshua and Sophie as young adults.

Not too long after the birthdays, Josh and Sophie left the house.  They decided to rent a huge home with some new friends of theirs they had met in college who had just moved into the city.  They were the party animal siblings, Lacy and Owen Lowe.  Later on, Joshua and Sophie married the two Lowe siblings.  Josh married Lacy and Owen married Sophie.

Josh and Lacy had mine and your father's first grandson, Oberon.  He has dark brown hair and grey eyes.

Sophie and Owen had twins, Dina and Gina.  Dina had my blue hair and Gina had the most beautiful chocolate brown eyes.  We still have no idea where those come from.

Around this this time Noah and Holly had given birth to mine and your father's beautiful granddaughter, Maliah.  She has her mother's brown hair and her father's blue eyes.  She had a great family around her.  Nick and Vita spent some time with her everyday.  They turned out to be very good grandparents once Vita learned to control her, erm... evilness, and was able to prevent herself from stealing Maliah's candy.  Although, I'd have to say, your father and I are her favorite grandparents.

Then it was just you, your twin sisters, and your father and I in the house, but not for long.  Lydia and Alicia grew up into young adults. 

Lydia met a man named Prescott Long.  He had bright green hair, long eyelashes, and bright blue eyes.  He had been her friend during the hard time in college and when she had lost her part-time job.  

He proposed to her in our bedroom.  Of course she said yes!

When they left to live in a house they had just purchased, Lydia announced she was pregnant.  More grandchildren!  The had a girl named, Lane.  She had Lydia's blond hair and green eyes with her father's skin tone.

Now, your sister, Alicia.  She was becoming more moody and getting sick all the time.  Everytime I tried to ask her what was going on she'd just snap at me and say nothing was wrong.  Finally, after I couldn't take it anymore, I fought back at her.  It was not pretty.

After a long argument and yelling she finally admitted that she had been knocked up and didn't know who the father was.  She begged and pleaded for me not to get too mad.  How could I not?  I had to hold in my temper and forced myself to take the shocking news in.  I took it quite well and then we put together a deal.  Alicia would take care of the child and not get an abortion like she had originally planned.  Then, she would stay with us, raise the child, and then move out when ready. 

I remembering her considering it and digesting it.  I think she was just mostly relieved that I had not kicked her out of the house.  She agreed with the plan.

You, Calista, grew up into a teen.  I remember handing you those beautiful earrings of mine.  Your face lit up as I handed them to you.  My heart had not felt that much joy in a long time (Awww!!  Mom!!! *blush*).

You father and I grew up into adults.  As much as you kids tell me how young we still looked, I could swear a few moles and hairs emerged.  Also, many more wrinkles.  Your father still looked as handsome as the day I met him though.

You father got promoted to level 10 of his education career around this time.  He was finally a District Superintendent!  

They also did a test on the unborn child of your sister to find out who his father was.  We were very surprised to find out that the father was none other than Xander Clavell.  He had commitment issues and his parents, Bessie and Buster, thought they'd never get any grandchildren with his personality so they were very excited to hear that Alicia was pregnant with Xander's child.

Your sister kept to her word and helped out with chores around the house even though she was heavily pregnant.

One day, while everyone was at work and you were at school, Alicia started to go into labor.  Luckily, she was very quick on her feet and checked into the hospital right away.  Even Xander came for the delivery of their new son. 

The baby was named, Buster, after Xander's dad.  Alicia was very good with the baby.  Unfortunately, that was not the same for Xander.  He loved little Buster but he rarely visited after Buster's birth.  Every once  in a while he would visit and even came to Buster's birthday, but it wasn't enough for Buster to get to know and feel comfortable around his father. 

Buster grew up with Alicia's hair and her eye color and a very dark outline around his eyes giving the illusion that he was tired all the time.  He grew up very bald but we loved him all the more.

Alicia made sure that Xander's seldom appearance didn't effect Buster's growth by setting up many play date's and playing with Buster constantly.  She was an amazing mother and we were all very proud of her.

With the help of Xander's parents and your father and I, Alicia was finally able to moved out and live on her own with Buster.  After she had thanked us a million times, she rode away in her Sloppy Jalopy to her new house.  It was a very small house that was just across town.  It hadn't been doing real well in the market and had been for sale for almost a year.  Fortunately for Alicia, that meant that the price for it was very low.  

Not long after Alicia had Buster and moved out on her own, I had fulfilled my lifetime wish by becoming a CEO of a Mega-Corporation.  

After months of hard work, you had made it on the honor role!  I was very excited for you.  You deserved it, honey.

I remember going out and buying a big tub of low fat ice-cream for you when you brought the honor role note home.  Sometime when you were still a teen, you taught your father to play the guitar.  You were very virtuoso and talented so guitar was pretty easy and quick for you to learn.  I was amazed.

Soon after that more good news came upon us!  It was almost time for you to grow up into the young adult life stage.  Your father and I fixed and decorated the house to get ready for the party.  We bought a drink bar and a buffet table.  Your father spent many nights blowing up many blue and purple balloons which lined the walkway to our house and were attached to all the presents. 

The kind lady, Autumn Cussack, delivered homemade pizzas for the party.  Unfortunately she couldn't stay.

We invited your brothers, sisters, and their husbands and wives.  Some of your school friends came too.  You impressed everyone when you played the guitar for everyone to dance to.

I served the pizza.

Then it was time for the birthday.  I held my breath as you grew up from the stunning, most amazing daughter into a beautiful, young adult.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 


Once I had finished college I was ready to leave the house.  I bought a small starter home (the weird thing is that my home was mom and dad's second home they owned together), bid farewell to my parents and said hello to freedom and responsibility.  I was now an adult, ready to take on what lay ahead of me.  With my mom being such a business tycoon she was able to help pay for my started home and I was debt free.  People say I am lucky and I am, but now I have the feeling I need to repay her and my father for all they have done.  I know I will somehow....