Monday, November 21, 2011

Baby 67, 68, and 69: More Evidence

"Midnight, what are you doing...?"

She rolled around and lay on her side.  Instantly, my brain came to conclusions, she was in labor!  She howled and after a while, it was over.

I looked down and saw a fuzzy head peek her face around her mother.  One puppy.  One little starry faced puppy.  I'd seen that pattern somewhere....

Oh well, she was beautiful!  We named her Skittles for her colorful personality and coat.

"Hey Skittles!  How are you?"

Skittles cautiously came up to me but backed away as soon as she had come.

Midnight came over to check on her puppy.  She seemed to have no problem with me being close to her.

"You're such a good girl Midnight.  When did you get pregnant?  We definitely need to watch you more.  I'll have to have Luke set up an appointment for your to get spayed.  I don't think we need anymore puppies!"  Skittles looked up at me and barked as if annoyed that her mother was getting too much attention.

This time, she didn't run away when I reached out to pet her.  "Awww!  Such a sweet puppy!"

Much to the kids' delight, we kept little Skittles and she became an official member of the Smith household. Midnight was an excellent mother and I had no proof of knowing if she had had puppies before.  Whatever it was, she was doing a great job and little Skittles was always happy, clean, and well fed.

Kiara didn't really know what to think of Skittles at first.

But soon, she warmed up to the slobbery pup and they became fast friends.

Kiara would get a little rough at times but Skittles was always able to take it.  One of their favorite games was tag.

It was birthday time!  Rob and Liana aged up first.  Rob had dark black hair and green eyes.

Liana was quite the beauty.  Her blond hair and pale blueish skin tone gave her that delicate and beautiful look.  She had her father's amber eyes.

The Z-triplets went up next.  Zvon, Zenon, and Zuriel were definitely ready for more privileges, responsibilities, and driving!  That was the main key.

Marseille grew up into a handsome young adult.  He was kind and loved figuring everything out with logic.  But, looking at him, I could still see him as that music loving dimpled little boy.

Kiara also grew up from a kitten to an adult.  She was gorgeous.  Her rainbow fur was even silkier and more colorful and her tail was her best feature, poofy and long.

Skittles seemed confused by the sudden change.  Her playmate was not her size anymore!  It seemed as though Skittles didn't even recognize Kiara anymore!

After a second introduction, they were back to playing.  Kiara had to be even more gentle, especially since she had very sharp claws.

Apparently Skittles seemed to connect this big cat to the little cat she used to play with and didn't even attempt chasing after Kiara.  Skittles could hardly catch kitten-Kiara so there was practically no way she could possibly catch up with big-Kiara.

So, after Kiara got bored and went to sleep, Skittles went in search of a new playmate...

...her mother!  That plan didn't seem to work well but Skittles enjoyed her mother's attention.

After a long day of playing and chasing, she and Midnight settled down for a long nights' sleep.

That night was not very successful for me.  I tossed and turned, thinking and thinking about Luke and that woman.  Her eyes still bore into my face, a bright purple glare in my direction.  A distant ringing brought me into conciousness and back into reality.  I glanced at the clock: 9:30.  Midnight let out a bark when she heard the sound.

"Oh ****," I swore, now realizing that the ringing was the doorbell.  Luke wasn't home, the teens were at school, and the twins were at their daycare so I was the only one home.  I waited a second hoping that it might be some political campaign person but after a minute the doorbell rang again.  And again.  I groaned and slowly made my way out of bed and called out, "Coming!" as if anyone could hear me.

Kiara was under the bed waiting to pounce on my feet.

"Not today Ki," I grumbled.  I quickly threw on a loose un-washed sweater and some wrinkly cargo pants.  I stopped in front of the mirror, gave my face a slight touch-up, and pulled up my hair into a loose bun.

[Btw, I LOVE this picture.  I don't know why....]

As I treaded my feet along the wooden floor until as I dragged myself to the door.  However, my pace quickened once I realized who it was.

"Laura?  Skye?  It's great to see you here!"  I quickly let them in, following Laura was a strange man with her hair.  He looked rather young and familiar....  "What are you guys doing here, if you don't mind me asking?"

"Oh Cal, my son Duncan and I were just here to visit.  It seemed as though Skye had the same idea and we bumped into each other on the way here!  Mind if we sit and chat for a little while?"  She asked, gesturing to my casual outfit and messy hair.

"Sure, make your way to the living room, I'll warm up some coffee."

"That's okay, we won't be here long."  Skye replied.

We settled into the living room.  I took a good look over of Duncan.  His skin was bright orange, his hair was purple like his mother's, and his eyes were an intense reddish-orange color.  He would make a nice challenge father.

Then I glanced down at his hand at a wedding ring.  He was married?  That must have been why I couldn't be a challenge father the last time when I had gone down to Riverview with Laura.

"So Calista, Duncan is now available to participate in you challenge, if you're still up to it."

"Of course!" I exclaimed.  "But..."  I glanced at his ring finger.

"Oh, I'm married but that's okay.  My wife doesn't mind."  He explained.

"Okay..." I said cautiously.

"It's okay Cal, besides, you go to the hospital to get pregnant don't you?"  Laura chirped.  "So it's not like you'll be doing anything dirty."

"Good point, should we go there right now?"

"Sure!"  Laura and Duncan agreed.

"Skye?" I asked.

"I think I should go back home now, it was great visiting Calista, even for this short time."

"I'm glad I got to see you!  We should meet up another time, shall we?"

"We shall!"

"Okay, well, safe travels!"

"Bye Calista, Laura, Duncan," she nodded.

After the hospital I changed back into more decent clothes, did some household chores, and painted a bit.  Then I changed back into my pajamas and feel straight to sleep.  Only to be woken up later by a queasy stomach and a hungry cat.

A few months into my pregnancy, I invited Liana Masons over.  Partly because I hadn't seen her that much since we had first met and also for her to meet her grandchildren, Rob and Liana.

"Come on Robby!  Liana!"   I tried to beckon them toward me and Liana.  They were tentative and shy seeing this lady.  "Her name is Li-.... Grandma!"

I was about to say "Liana" was her name (because it was!) but I knew that would most likely confuse Rob and Liana even more so I opted for the name "Grandma."  I hoped Liana wouldn't mind.

Apparently, it worked because Rob went running into Liana's open arms calling "Gwama, gwama!" with my Liana not far behind.  They were doing very well and didn't seem to need me there so I got their lunches ready.

As I prepared some mozzarella sticks and apple slices, I overheard my Liana talking about a puppy.  I assumed she was talking about Skittles who, miraculously, was sound asleep, even with all of the commotion going on.

"Yes, that's Skittles, Liana," big Liana explained.

"Skittles is my puppy!  She have star eyes.  Skittles fluffy!"  Little Liana shouted excitedly.

Big Liana chuckled just as I walked in and swooped up little Liana into my arms and attacked her with light kisses on her face.  She gave me sloppy wet kisses and I relished them with all of my heart.

"You're as sweet as your Grandma.  Are you ready for your lunch, loves?"

"Food!  Food!  Food!"  The little ones chanted.

"I think that's a yes," big Liana pointed out.

"Puppy eat too?"  Rob asked shyly as Liana put him into his highchair and places a plate of food in front of him.

"Yes, Skittles and Kiara are eating their meal.  Better eat yours before they do!"  I teased which caused the tots to squeal and snatch their food right up.

"Bad kitty!"  Little Liana scolded.

After their meal, they seemed to be slowing down.  Little Liana had big circles under her eyes.  It was definitely nap time.  So big Liana helped me put the tots into their new swings and I set the settings on low.  They were asleep in an instant.  I was so glad Luke had found the time to put them together last night.

Unfotunately, Midnight was wound up and wouldn't stop barking so I played with her a bit.

Kiara realized this was her moment to get attention.  While the kids slept, she leaped up onto Liana's lap, much to Liana's surprise.

"Kiara!  Down!" I commanded but Liana said it was fine.

She reached down and scratched Kiara's chin nice and hard.  I heard quite the purr come out of that kitty.

After a few minutes of petting, Kiara got down and begged to Liana.

"Oh, I think she wants to be brushed," I guessed.  I showed Liana where the brushes were and Liana got right to work tending to all of Kiara's knots and snarls.

"Oh Liana, I'm sorry we've just been doing what you usually do.  You leave your busy household to come to mine for a promise vacation and we end up doing the exact same thing."  I apologized.

"It's fine Calista!  As long as we're spending time together it's totally cool.  I loved spending time with my grandkids.  Plus, I wouldn't do my challenge if I didn't adore my kids!  I love your pets too!   They're super cute and friendly.  It only matters that you and I are spending quality friend time doing what we love best, being mothers."

I sighed, "Liana, you're just too kind."

We spent the rest of Liana's time teaching the kids some new words to expand their vocabulary.

Little Liana is just a bit ahead of Rob in the verbal department but not by much.

When Liana left, I got the kids in their beds for nighttime.  Luke claimed he hadn't been working out as much so he left for the gym as soon as he came home.  He had recently come home from a business trip.  It was a race out in Appaloosa Plains and he took 1st place.

While he was at the gym, I vacuumed and cleaned up around the house a bit.  It was then that I discover a lost photo.  I picked it up and turned it over instantly recognizing who it was.  It was that mysterious lady!

Well, Luke definitely has some explaining to do I thought angrily.  I decided to keep silent about it until he came home.  I'd wait for the right time to ask him about it.

The teens kept busy for the rest of the school year by teaching Midnight new tricks, spending time with friends, learning to drive (I left that duty up to Luke), and getting ready for the upcoming, and much anticipated, prom.

It was nearing the end of the school year as well as my pregnancy.  I was reading and updating my knowledge of parenting when Luke came.  I watched him while he stripped off his shirt and changed into his pajama bottoms.

He was so oblivious to what I knew about him, or thought about him, and what I had found a few months ago.

I seemed to forget about this as he changed, his extreme muscularity had me distracted.  He was so impressive.

He lay on the bed, not saying anything for a while.  I kept my eyes glued to my book.  I hadn't turned the page for a while, which he must have realized because he spoke to me.

"Calista, you seem so... distant."

"Oh really?" I mused in a distracted tone.

"We hardly ever speak and the only time I see you is when you're asleep or busy taking care of the kids.  And whenever I offer to help you just shove me away."  I laid my book on the nightstand before speaking.

"I don't shove you away.  I just want you to rest.  You're a very busy man, Luke.  You deserve to take a break when you get home.  It's not your challenge anyway."

"Calista.  Just stop with the flattering."  He attempted to hold my hand but I yanked it away, a bit too harshly.

"I wasn't trying to flatter you."  I muttered.

"We never even make love anymore.  In fact, we hardly ever kiss."

Now that caught my attention.  I was about rebuke him when I realized he was right.  I was mad at him but I guess I hadn't done a good enough job of hiding my anger.  He had noticed.  Well, that served him.  It's not like he needed it.  He had that other woman to be with.  I bet she was prettier, cuter, and better at everything in bed than me.

"Why are you even here, Luke?"  I finally spoke.

"What?!?!"  He seemed rather caught off guard.

"You should be with that girl you're always with."

"... I... don't know what you're talking about."

"Well, you just should.  Now, I think I'm going to go to bed."

"Calista, could you just explain-"

"Good NIGHT, Luke."  And I rolled over on my side, with my back facing toward him.

Minutes later, he sighed and muttered something under his breath as he turned off the lights.  After a few moments of silence, I embarrassingly realized I was not in my pajamas and got up to change.  Luke fortunately didn't say anything and I slipped back into bed, as close as I could be to my side.

The next morning I woke up at dawn to a view of Luke's crotch right in my face.


Normally I would be pleased but after last night, and past events, I was not.

"What?"  I demanded.  "Actually, give me a minute," I said as got up to go to the bathroom and change.

"Okay Luke, what would you like to talk about?"  I said annoyed from what I knew was coming up.

"I want to talk about last night.  What do you mean about that girl I'm always with?"  He asked.

Well, my friend, Destiny, and I dressed up and spied on your while you were on your date with this woman.  Then I saw this very... interesting picture of that same woman, at least I'm assuming it's the same woman, and she seemed rather flirtatious to whoever was taking the picture, which I'm assuming was you, Luke.  She was flirting with you.  For some reason, my voice would not say what I was thinking.  I realized that one dinner and a picture wasn't much to go off of.  I would wait for more evidence.

"I was just saying that you always go on so many dinner dates- I mean meetings with the same people.  It's just... weird."  Great, he probably thought I was mad.

"Okay... That's what you were so mad about?"

"Um... yes?"

"Okay, well I already told you, they're just meetings with an important person.  I can't really tell you much about it now but later I will explain."

I said okay and he stiffly leaned in for a quick peck on the cheek before leaving for yet another business trip.  He had taken quite a long break from work and his break was slowly but surely ending.

I practiced my piano.  I knew that babies would be arriving soon so I had called the daycare to see if I could drop off the twins until the new babies were born.

Pretty soon, my water broke and I was in labor.

Baby 67, Lara Deirdre (named after her grandmother, Laura) was born.

Baby 68 came soon after, another girl I named Jessabelle Daniella.

Triplets!  I named the last baby girl, Megs Deiondra.  I was so happy to have more girls in the household.  Once the Z-triplets left, little Rob and Luke would be the only boys in the household left!  Even the pets were all girls!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 


I couldn't resist not taking pictures of Kiara.  She's my favorite kitty in the Sims 3 so far and I think she's super fluffy, and adorable, and beautiful.

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A big thanks to Skye Everard, Laura Johanson, and Liana Masons for appearing in my blog!!!  Thanks girls!

Also, thank you Truffle/Izzi for Skittles' wonderful name.  I think it fits her perfectly as does she.  ^_^

And thank you to Megs, for suggesting some beautiful names for two of the triplets, Megs and Jessabelle.  Thanks so much!  I'll definitely take any name suggestions!

Once again, thank you too all of my readers, especially to those who comment.  All your comments make my day.   :)

Oh, I know I haven't done a family update in a while, I will definitely try to get one in in the next post (hopefully).

Well, thanks for reading and tolerating my Kiara spam! :P

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to my fellow Americans.  Here's a cute turkey I re-created from an online site....

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