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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Babies 52, 53, 54, and 55: New Beginnings

Luke was such a great help with the babies (not that I don't appreciate the teens' help).  He was quite the outdoorsy kind of guy so we took many walks outside with the little ones, Crispin and Bartlett.

I loved those irresistibly cute baby smiles!

Finally, it was time to age up the kids.  I was so excited to see the babies as toddlers.  Much to my surprise, Crispin, baby 50 had gotten all of his dad's looks from his watermelon hair to his pale blue eyes.  He was such a cutie.

Bartlett was cute too.  He had gotten my blue hair and my dad's green eyes.  He had similar features as Matthew.

Levona and Jason grew up next.  They were such happy toddlers I was sure they wouldn't cause any trouble as children.

Matthew finally got used to using contacts instead of glasses.  He was a bit afraid of "poking his eyes out" as he puts it but after a little bit of practice he finally got that hang of it.  He's still adventurous as usual but with more of those occasional teenage mood swings to boot.

Nobody was moving out but we still took a family photo.

Jason and Levona loved to wear their matching racecar outfits just like their father.  Levona insisted on getting a purple one though.  She can be sort of demanding in that way.

While the kids were doing their homework I cooked dinner.

"So, who's the next father?"  Luke asked coming up from behind me.  His arms felt good and steady around my waist.  He fingered the hem of my shirt and pressed his lips to my ear.

"NOT you!"  I replied giggling as I tried to continue my cooking.  It's quite hard when you have a handsome hunk of hot man holding and nuzzling up against you.

"You know I wish I could be."  I turned around to look at him.  He pushed his lips hard against my cheek.  It took all my power not to give into his persistent attempts to get me to hop right into bed with him.  I wanted it as badly as he did, if not more.

"I know."  I sighed resting in his arms.  With another quick peck he turned his attention to a hungry toddler.  I resumed making dinner.  As Levona and Jason helped me set the table, I realized I never told him who the father was and that was partly because I didn't know myself.

That night, I finally gave in.

We didn't expect Jason to come walking in on us though.

"Hide!"  I squealed and swore.  A thought briefly came upon me: why did I have glass doors to my bedroom in the first place?

Luke dove under the covers.  He was hiding because I hadn't told anyone that he was staying for the night.  Jason thought that it was just me in the room.  I quickly slid in before Jason made it round the corner.

"Um, hi sweetie.  Do you need something?"  I asked as nonchalantly as I could muster.  It didn't work well, my voice was high and tense but he didn't notice.

"Mom, I've been having some bad dreams, could I sleep in your bed?"

"Umm...."  I was a bit preoccupied and couldn't think of a logical answer.  The reason was that Luke was kissing and nuzzling my back and legs under the covers.  I tried very hard not to laugh.  With much effort I elbowed Luke in the stomach (thought it didn't work at all, he just kept doing it) and was very surprised that Jason didn't notice the movement under the covers.  Thanks for helping... I thought sarcastically as I held in my giggles.  Luke would definitely pay later on....

"Well...."  I continued not even knowing what to do at this point.

Suddenly, Luke appeared at my side and I saw Jason flinch.  Then Luke said something unexpected.

"Jason, why don't I help you.  How about I read you a bedtime story.  Maybe that'll help?"

"Sure dad!"

Luke slipped on his pajama bottoms and glasses.  Well, I guess he paid... and he looks hot doing it too, I added.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  * 


We walked down the hall to Jason's room.

I pulled out a book and started reading the book to him.  After just a few short minutes, he was asleep.  Or at least, I thought he was asleep.

"Dad?"  He spoke as I was about to get up to go to the door.

"Yes Jase?"  I replied sitting back down.

"You love mom don't you?"

"Yes I do, very much."

"Are you going to marry her?"

"I don't know son, it's kind of complicated.  Maybe someday though."

"Oh, okay."  He paused.  "Thanks for the story dad."

"You're welcome, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite."  I kissed him on the head and flicking off the lights.

Then I shut the door and waited outside the door for a few seconds just to make sure he was alright.  Then I checked on the toddlers and walked back into Calista's room.

"Come here and kiss me," I beckoned her to me as we were free to do what we had intended to do earlier.  This time, there were no interruptions.

Afterward we just lay there, trying to catch our breath.  Calista suddenly spoke.

"Is Jason alright?"

"Yeah, just needed a little father time I think."

"Oh, okay.  Thanks for taking care of it, I had no idea what to do."

"That's a surprise Miss Smith considering the fact that you have 51 children."  She laughed and I continued.  "He asked about us."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah, he wanted to know if I loved you and if I was going to marry you."



"I'm here.  That's just kind of surprising to me.  What'd you say?"

"I said it was kind of complicated and that maybe it'd happen in the future."

"That's probably what I would've said too."  We adjusted ourselves to go to bed, with her head on my shoulder, and we were quiet for a long time until I finally realized she had fallen asleep.

"Goodnight, my lovely goddess."  I whispered and stroked and kissed her hair, inhaling deeply.  I was happy.

The next day, Calista went to the sperm bank looking for a male with interesting genetics.  She found Aldon Grey.  He was a vampire with greenish-blue hair and bright orange eyes.

While she was doing that, I took care of the toddlers.  They really enjoyed their strange looking dolls they had gotten from Calista's mother.

A few weeks later I was watching the kids once again when an idea came to me.  I quickly contacted the Smiths' regular sitter and met Calista at the school where she was dropping off the kids for a class at school after having an appointment at the doctor.  Her first ultrasound.

"Hey beautiful."  I snuck up on her as she was walking to the car and pressed myself against her waiting for a kiss.

"Luke!  What are you doing here?"  She noticed what I was doing.  "There are children here!"  She said her eyes moving around frantically, her brows were furrowed in a way that made me want her more.

"Just one."  I begged.  I was slightly disappointed that she wasn't in the mood for what I wanted.

She quickly kissed me on the cheek (as if that would satisfy me) while trying with all of her might to push me away.  I respected her wishes and release my grip on her.

"Come to the beach, I want to congratulate your pregnancy."

"What about-"

"Don't worry, I called a sitter.  Matthew's there too.  He doesn't have anything going on tonight."

I could feel her relax.  Then she took my hand and we walked to her car together.

I drove her down to the private beach near her house.  The sand was warm and soft as it sifted its way through my toes.

"I just wanted to tell you that I love you and I don't mind that you're doing this challenge.  At all."

She smiled but there was a hint of disbelief in her eyes.  "Are you just saying that?"

"No."  I replied.  I brought her small hand to my lips.  "I mean every word."

We didn't do anything that afternoon except talk and listen to the beautiful sounds of nature: the waves, the birds, and the faint sounds of the town moving through the soft breeze.  I couldn't keep my eyes off of her and neither could she.

We silently watched the sunset together.  The town wasn't called Sunset Valley for nothing.

"Thanks for the lovely evening."  Calista said to me as we walked up to her front door.  I wasn't staying with her tonight much to my disappointment.

"No problem, it was amazing.  You're amazing, Calista."

She blushed.  It made me feel great that I still had that affect on her.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 


I walked into the house after that wonderful evening with Luke.  The sitter left shortly after that.  I finished getting the children ready for bed.

Then I fell into bed.  It felt lonely being by myself without Luke sleeping next to me.  I couldn't believe that I had someone as wonderful and amazing as him.  I fell asleep instantly and dreamed of good things.

The next morning was a school day.  I walked into the kitchen to prepare breakfast for the toddlers when I noticed something strange.

"Matthew?  Did you stay here all night."

"...mmrrhmm..." he groaned.

"What is it?  Shouldn't you be getting ready?"

He finally opened his eyes.  "I don't feel very good."

"Go into the bathroom and grab some medication.  I'll call the school."

"Okay."  He grumbled as he dragged himself out of the room.

"MOM!  WHAT SHOULD I TAKE!"  His voice was hoarse.

"Two of the pills in the blue container."

"OKAY (cough, cough)!  THANKS!"

Then I heard him barf.  Is that what I sound like?

My back was killing me.  "Ugh... I feel as bad as Matt."

The kids came home.

"Why did Matthew get to skip school?"  Jason asked breifly as he walked through the kitchen to get to the dining room.

"He's sick, sweetie."

I checked on Matt.  He was sleeping which was what he need most.  I left a glass of water and two more pills on the nightstand.

Levona and Jason loved pretending to be like their father.  At least Jason did.

"C'mon Vona, Dad's job is so fun!  Just pretend like you're holding a steering wheel like this."  Jason pleaded.

"But I'll look so dumb.  I already look like an idiot with this bike helmet on.  Dad doesn't look anything like this when he races."

"That's cuz he's an adult.  Now come one and drive with me."


A few minutes later Levona spoke again.  "Do we have to make those weird car sounds?"

"No but I want to."

"I will too.  Vroom!  Vroom vroom!!"

I checked on them a few minutes later and they were both driving away and giggling.  I guess Levona forgot all about how it looked stupid to her.

It was almost the kids' time to age up.  The toddlers played blocks in their cute bunny pj's.

The rest of us spent time outside roasting marshmallows.

I was getting pretty big and didn't actually eat the marshmallows but I had fun burning them.  Luke was there too.  We all told jokes and laughed together.

The next morning Luke finished teaching Crispin to walk while I went out with the older kids to pick up the cakes for their birthdays.

Matthew made a handsome young adult.

Levona and Jason grew up into teenagers.  They were definitely ready for the new independence.

The toddlers were going to grow up so I set their strange dolls on the side.  They wouldn't be needing those anymore.  Crispin clapped his hands as he aged into a child.

Strangely as he and Bartlett aged up so did the dolls.  I couldn't see anything but all of a sudden they disappeared from my sight and Crispin and Bartlett started telling us all about their new friends whom I couldn't see.

Crispin and Candy.

Bartlett and Callie.

Those boys loved their new playmates.  One evening I was watching Bartlett talking to himself.  I went out to invite him to play a game with me when he gave me a startled look.

"But mom, I'm telling ghost stories to Callie."

"Oh, okay.  Well... have fun with that!"  I said cheerily.

Then I spotted Crispin running around strangely and stopping ever so often.  I invited him to play a game too and he gave me the same expression Bartlett had.

"Maybe later mom, I'm playing tag with Candy."

"Well, have... fun!"

It was nice to know that they were occupied.  I told Luke about this and he told me something quite interesting.

"You know, when I was little I had a friend who had an imaginary friend.  All of the kids teased him for making something so absurd, except me of course."  He grinned.  I punched his arm.

"Do you always have to be the perfect one?"  I teased and he continued.

"I went to his house one day and noticed this interesting looking Sim standing next to him as he opened the door.  'Meet Patches' he had told me.  Then he explained the whole thing.  Apparently they had found a rare potion that turns your imaginary friend into a real living breathing sim.  No one teased my friend after that."  He chuckled.

"So are you trying to suggest that we do this for the boys?"  I said in a serious tone.

"Well, if you're up to it.  We'll have to dabble around a bit to find the correct ingredients and measures."  So Luke worked all night to make the potion while I searched at the library for any help about the topic.

The birth came suddenly and quickly.  First came Rishon Urdin, baby 52.  Rishon means "first" and Urdin means "blue."

Jirou Hinto, baby 53.  Jirou is Japanese for "second boy" and Hinto means "blue."

Primalia Aurelia, baby 54.  Primalia means "first" in Spanish and Aurelia means "golden."  Just looking at her I could see her soft head of golden hair.

Another? I thought.  Triplets were rare and there was little chance that I was going to have quadruplets.  But somehow the odds were beat when out popped surprise baby number 55.  The baby was a girl I named Venus Azura because she's the second girl and the planet Venus is the second planet from the sun and of course, Azura means "blue."

I wasn't sure how I was supposed to take care of so many babies at once.  I could hardly handle triplets!  What a joyride this was going to be!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

I have been so busy lately with school and I am so glad to finally have this post out.  I actually wrote this post and took the pictures for it sometime in August.  All I had to do was upload and copy the pictures into the storyline.  

Unfortunately, I will probably not be able to post much until I find some free time which is who knows when.  I hope you enjoyed this post though!  

Please comment!!  Tell me anything you think I need to improve or just tell me what you liked!  Also, I extended the closing date on the poll near the top of my blog.  Please vote on who you think Calista should end up with.  I love knowing what you think!  

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