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Baby 97 - The internet is a great invention


I'm going to write my "notes" at the beginning of the posts, instead of the end.  It just makes more sense... sort of.  I'll probably occasionally write two notes.  Duh duh DUH! 

And OMG, I actually posted a post that wasn't in parts!  This calls for an epic celebration.  And you're in luck!  I won't be posting in parts from now until the end of the challenge.  Partly because I want to finish it fast and partly because I recently made the connection that this post was my 97th post on this blog and this is for the 97th baby.  I'm planning on having Calista have single births from now on (so many challenge fathers!) so baby 98 will be the 98th post, baby 99 will be the 99th post and hopefully baby 100 will be the 100th post.  I just think that will be so cool (goodness, I hope that what I wrote makes sense...).  :D

The idea for this post was stolen (with permission :3) from Laura Johanson.  She wrote a post with this same idea which you can check out here.

Also, thank you Becks Best and Chloe Moreau for Adam's and Calista's screen names and Becky Ellen for letting me use her challenge mother's son, Zane Moon, as a challenge father.  

On with the story!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Sexypurple has signed on.
Crazycatlady has signed on.

Sexypurple:  It's so weird not seeing you in person.  I haven't seen you in ages.   How're you doing darlin'?

Crazycatlady:  Well, the kids aged up well.  Ursellia has her father's eyes but that's it.  But she's adorable!  Oh, and Parker and Seth moved out.  I cannot believe they're already adults!  I feel like it was just yesterday they were born....  :(

Sexypurple  Can you believe that after they were born, I finally found the guts to asked you out?

Crazycatlady:  Seriously?  Whoa.  I was so proud of you for asking me.  I was considering asking you out myself since you were sort of taking a while.  *blushes*

Sexypurple  You're so cute when you blush.  Even if it's in text.  Wait, are you for reals?

Crazycatlady:  I'd say the same to you but you never blush.  I hate to say it, but yes... >.>  I am "for reals."

Sexypurple Hey, I'm not that bad, am I?  *blushes*

Crazycatlady:  Of course not!  Now I just want to ruffle your hair.  *ruffles hair*

Sexypurple  You're tempting me to do dirty things.

Crazycatlady:  O_O  Like what?

Sexypurple  Oh, you don't want to know.

Crazycatlady:  *shifts eyes*  I think I might....

Sexypurple  Well, it starts with a kiss....

Crazycatlady:  Daw, aren't you sweet.  Ooh, by the way, I'd really like to see your face.  Perhaps we could switch to video chat?

Sexypurple  That's even better.  Just a second.  My microphone doesn't work that well.

Crazycatlady:  Okay, call me when you're ready.  :)

You've received a video call from Sexypurple.

Crazycatlady:  "There, now I can see your face, purple.  Oh shit, I hope you didn't get a good look at me.  I was in the middle of changing when I logged on.  Just a sec."

Sexypurple  "Haha, of course you were.  It's like that one time when I came in and your were half naked.  I wanted to scoop you up and take you to bed right then and there.  But that would have been very un-gentleman-like."

Crazycatlady:  "Yes it would have.  Okay, done changing.  You can look now.  I guess I'm not that good at multi-tasking.  Don't ask why I became a mother."

Sexypurple  "My my, is that what you usually wear the bed?  It's sad, we're dating and I don't even know what you wear to bed."

Crazycatlady:  "You will soon."

Sexypurple  "Are you hinting at anything?"

Crazycatlady:  "Possibly.  Hey, I picked up the next challenge father's sperm today!  It's the sperm of a fellow challenge mother's kid, Zane Moon."

Sexypurple  "Whoa, that is really red hair.  Care to have some dark haired babies in the Smith family tree sometime?"

Crazycatlady:  "You'll get your turn someday.  But don't get too excited.  I'm a bit backed up with challenge fathers now.  You'll have to wait a while."

Sexypurple  "I'll wait as long as you want me to."

Crazycatlady:  "You sure?  'Cause it'll be a while...."

Sexypurple  "I'll go check my calender.  Yup, definitely free for the next lifetime."

Crazycatlady:  "Oh you!!  Ooh, how's the house going?"

Sexypurple  "The house...?  Oh yeah, it's... it's good.  I've gotten several offers.  None that are good though but there's one that I might take."

Crazycatlady:  "Really?  I mean, as much as I want you to keep the house, it's awesome that you've found someone willing to take it."

Sexypurple  "Yes, but it'll take a while for me to make a decision.  I'm still debating some things."

Crazycatlady:  "Well, you do have a lifetime to make that decision so feel free to debate for as long as you'd like."

Sexypurple "Well, I don't have an entire lifetime if I'm spending most of it with you.  Aw, is that... no wait, let me guess.  That must be Brite!"

Crazycatlady:  "You would be correct, purple."

Sexypurple  "Hey, if you call me purple, may I call you blue?"

Crazycatlady:  "Go ahead, purple."

Sexypurple  "You're beautiful, blue."

Crazycatlady:  "And you're sexy, purple."

Sexypurple  "And you're a crazy cat lady, blue."

Crazycatlady:  "Okay, something tells me we're not getting anywhere, purple.  Shall we talk about something else?  Perhaps something more suited for our intelligence."

Sexypurple  "Okay, let's talk about... when we're going to meet next."

Crazycatlady:  "I'm a pretty much free, as long as you're willing to take care of the kids a bit."

Sexypurple  "Why wouldn't I?  Your kids are the best in the world.  I love them like they're my own."

Crazycatlady:  "Do you really mean that?"

Sexypurple  "I do."

Crazycatlady:  "Gosh, did you know it was this late?"

Sexypurple  "Well, I did but..."
Crazycatlady:  "Oh you sneak.  You're as bad as the kids. Okay, well, I gotta go to bed now.  Otherwise I'll never wake up tomorrow."

Sexypurple  "Alright, night, blue."

Crazycatlady:  "Night, purple."

Crazycatlady has ended the call.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 


Crazycatlady has signed on.
Sexypurple has signed on.

Sexypurple:  Wow, has it really been so long since we chatted last?   

Crazycatlady:  It has.  O_O

Sexypurple  How have you been doing?

Crazycatlady:  I'm okay.  *sigh*  The kids are growing up way too fast (as always...).

Sexypurple  Well, at least I got to spend time with them the other day.  They enjoyed that, I think.

Crazycatlady:  They sure did.  You're so good with Ursellia.  Genevieve told me that Ursellia asked about you that night.

Sexypurple  It was extremely touching when she called me daddy.

Crazycatlady:  You tried to get it out of her.  Remember?  You were telling her your name was "daddy."

Sexypurple:  You're just jealous.  :3  

Crazycatlady:  Of course.  *rolls eyes*

Sexypurple  I love when you're in his mood.  Your sarcasm really kicks in.

Crazycatlady:  *rolls eyes*  I need to go get something to drink.  Brb.

Sexypurple  Okay, I'll be waiting here.  *twiddles thumbs*

Crazycatlady:  Back.  Mmm, my iced tea is yummy!  ^_^

Sexypurple  May I have a sip?

Crazycatlady:  Sure.  *shares tea*

Sexypurple  Ooh, is it green tea?

Crazycatlady:  Yuppers!

Sexypurple  Knew it.

Crazycatlady:  High five.

Sexypurple  *high fives*

Crazycatlady:  So... what's going on in purple world?

Sexypurple  Nothing much.  Just thinking a lot about a certain blue someone.

Crazycatlady:  Same over here.

Sexypurple  Well, isn't that vain.

Crazycatlady:  You knew what I meant.  >.<  I'm thinking about you, silly!

Sexypurple  I knew that.  I just wanted to see you type it.

Crazycatlady:  ....

Sexypurple Your pregnancy going well?

Crazycatlady Yup, the baby is due in a few months but s/he is doing great.  No complications whatsoever.

Sexypurple That's good.  Hey, are you still having Dexter as a challenge father?  He emailed me recently and said that he won't be able to get to the sperm bank any time soon so he wanted to know if it was alright if he dropped out of the challenge.  He said a few other things but I'm not going to mention that.

Crazycatlady Sure, tell him it's fine.  I'm a bit backed up anyway.  Ugh, thank you for sparing my brain from his nonsense.

Sexypurple:  Okay, I'll let him know.  Um, is it alright if I ask you something that may be a bit personal?

Crazycatlady:  I suppose.  Hit me.

Sexypurple  What is your history with Kendall?  I know you mentioned you and he had been a couple at one point but... is he someone you could possibly go back to?

Crazycatlady:  NO!!  I mean, I "loved" him at one point but I was young and stupid as well as naive and ignorant.  But no, I would never go back to the backstabbing jerk-face.

Sexypurple  Okay, just wondering.

Crazycatlady:  Adam, if you think I'll go back to him, you'd have to be crazy.  He cheated on me with my sister and then cheated on my sister with my second-born's wife.

Sexypurple  Whoa, that man was messed up.

Crazycatlady:  He was and is.

Sexypurple  I'm... I'm sorry you and your family have had to deal with him.

Crazycatlady:  It's alright.  I'm just glad he's not going to make an entrance into my life.  That last encounter with him was the last.  Unfortunately, just to get him out of the house, I promised him I'd let him be a challenge father.

Sexypurple  Ooh, I'm sure it'll be fine.  What's the worst that could happen?  Besides, you can kick his ass if he asks you for anything again, Master Smith.

Crazycatlady:  *giggles*  True true.

Sexypurple  :)

Crazycatlady:  Sorry to break it up again but I should probably be getting to bed.

Sexypurple  Okay.  :(  Kiss?

Crazycatlady:  *blows kiss*

Sexypurple  Not on the lips?

Crazycatlady:  You'll have to see me in person for that.  :3

Sexypurple  *runs out the door to your house*

Crazycatlady:  Haha, you silly boy!  Night!

Sexypurple  Sweet dreams, blue.

Crazycatlady:  I hope.  See you soon, purple.

Sexypurple  Night... I'll be dreaming about you.

Crazycatlady:  Dawww, okay, one last good night.

Sexypurple  Good night, Calista.

Crazycatlady has signed off.
Sexypurple has signed off.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 


Crazycatlady has signed on.

Crazycatlady:  Adam!  I don't know if you're on but... I just gave birth to baby ninety-seven and she's a beauty.

Sexypurple has signed on via mobile.

Sexypurple  What's her name?

Crazycatlady:  Jayda (after her father's mother) Luna (because Zane Moon's last name reminds me of Lunar which reminds me of the name Luna  :P).

Sexypurple  You always pick wonderful names for your children.  ;)  I'm crossing my fingers that she has that bright red hair.  *crosses fingers*

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 


Kyla and Evangeline settled into adulthood quite nicely.  Evangeline became a fashion designer and moved to Bridgeport whereas Kyla stayed home, married Ed McKinny, and started a family.

They had one child, Blake (named after Michael Blake and Blake Valentine :3 ).

Parker and Seth also settled in.  Seth became an actuary and Parker became a lawyer and married a fellow lawyer, Daniella Sax.

Daniella gave birth to their only daughter, Paisley (named after Parker's and Seth's father's mother, Paisley Parker).  She didn't get any of her parents' features, except for Daniella's purple eyes, but she's quite the cutie nonetheless.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Baby 96 - Part 2 of 2: One word --> WOW

"Is this... my backyard?"  I say, gazing around at the familiar blue playground.  I don't mean to be rude but this is quite an interesting location for a date.  Perhaps we zenported to the wrong place?

"It sure is.  I like to make my dates... interesting."

"Oh, so how many women have you taken on interesting dates?  And what do you mean by 'interesting?'  If you don't mind me asking."

"Well, not as many as you might think," he flashes me a smile.  I roll my eyes at him.  "And because of that, I haven't taken them to that many places.  I keep the special places for the special people."

"Aw, you're so kind, Adam."

"Now let's make a great date," Adam exclaims, making a beeline for the slide.

I hesitantly climb up it.  It seems that dress was not the best wardrobe choice for a date like this.  I pause before sliding down and joining Adam at the bottom.  What if the kids see us?  Then I remember that they're not at the house and my heart slows down a bit.  Phew.

I slide down and Adam catches me at the bottom.  His strong grip lifts me up and then settles me on the slide between his legs.  I feel the warmth of his arms around me and his lips at my ear.

"Still think a playground is a terrible place for a date?"  He murmurs.

"Of course not," I whisper.  "When-when did I ever think that?"

He attempts to kiss me but I pull away and run towards the trampoline.  He's going to have a to try a little harder to woo me.

Again, I'm hesitant about jumping with a dress on and all, but this is Adam (and at least the kids aren't home).  We attempt to high five each other while in mid air but stop when I accidentally smack Adam in the face.

The seesaw is next.  Again, the dress issues comes into play but it covers up enough.  We seesaw for a while but then it starts to hurt our butts so we stop.

(At least it hurt my butt.  I'm not sure about Adam's....)

I chose to head for the swings.  We swing in silence until Adam gets up and stands on the swing.  As if he were a little child, I almost scold him for standing up like that.  It's a good thing the kids aren't here.  I wouldn't want them getting any ideas.  Unfortunately, the mother in me can't resist.

"Adam, is it safe to do that?"

"I'll get down.  If you kiss me."


"Actually, if you let me kiss you."

"So what do I get in return?"

"Are you kidding me?  Any woman would be happy as a bird to get one of my kisses.  Plus, this is a date.  You should promise me at least one kiss."

"Really?  I didn't realize that was how the protocol goes.  Although the last kiss was pretty fantastic," I sigh, thinking back to the first kiss we shared.

"I definitely agree with that statement.  So, a kiss?"

I pretend to be uninterested.  "Sure."

Then he gets down and gives me a second spine-tingling kiss.  The odd thing about it is that our lips barely touched and yet he's gotten me wanting more.

"Told you I was good," he whispers proudly and I don't even try to wipe the amazement off of my face, which gets Adam grinning even more.

As quickly as he came, he's off looking at the gate to the pool.

"I thought I smelled chlorine.  You never told me you had a pool!"

The smart-Alec in me replies, "You never asked."

"May I see it?"  I nod and open the latch.  We walk in and Adam stares at it in amazement.  "Wow, I haven't taken a dip in a long time.  Mind if I do?"

"Now?"  I ask dumbly.  "You don't have a swimsuit...."

Adam chuckles, "You don't mind, do you?"  He asks as he starts to take off his shirt and pants.  The first glimpse I get of his physique and... I can't say I mind.

Nope, not one bit.

"You going to hop in?"

"Me?  Well, I'm not really dressed for the pool...," I start to say as an excuse.

"You could strip like me.  I won't look," Adam jokes.  At least, I think he's joking.

"Okay you know what, how about I go inside and get changed?"

"Sounds good to me.  I'll be right here."

I walk out of the pool area and run to the house.  Once inside, I slam the door to my bedroom and pull out one of my nicer but not too revealing bathing suits.  I shower and shave my hairless-already-shaved-legs again.  Then I lather up with lotion and spray a bit of perfume and tidy up my now tied up hair.  It's been a good twenty-five minutes, so I run out as fast as I can and come into the pool area.

"Oh good, you're here.  I was beginning to think I'd been forgo-" he gawks as he swims around to see me.

"Wow, for having carried ninety-five babies... you're... incredible," he says as I climb into the pool.

We swim around a bit.  Due to the strenuous self defense we've been doing recently, we're very strong swimmers, so we hang out a lot in the deep end.  I manage to splash Adam and he pretends to miss spraying me with a bunch of water.

"Don't worry, princess.  You can splash me.  My make-up is waterproof," I challenge him.

He starts to swim away and I follow him.

Once he hits the end of the pool, he turns around.  I stop swimming and realize that we're in the shallow end of the pool and my feet softly hit the rough surface of the floor.

I look at Adam and he looks at me, making no intention of splashing me back.  Water is dripping down his ears and off of his chin and his hair is already partly dry.  His purple irises stare into mine and I can't help it but to lunge at him in a full on kiss.

My legs start to wrap around his body and our kisses get deeper and more intense.  It lasts several minutes but when his kisses start to move down to my clavicle and mine into his hair, I pull away.

"I'm sorry... I just-"

"It's okay, Calista.  I understand," Adam murmurs, kissing me lightly on the cheek.

We end up spending the rest of the day lying on the trampoline, his arms around mine and mine around his.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 


"Momma, kitty soft," Aiden coos as he pets Aquamarine.

For an older cat, she sure has enough energy to handle the impulses of a toddler.  The sun has set by the time I start to get Aiden ready for bed.

While doing so, Genvieve pops into the room, "Mom, there's a man coming up to the house!"

I instantly assume that this man is Adam, which makes sense because I haven't really introduced the kids to him.  I quickly set Aiden down in his crib before walking towards the front door.

I am utterly surprised to see someone else at the door.

"Kendall Johnson?!"  I gawk as the door swings open.

"Wow Calista, you haven't changed a bit," he says as his opening bit.

"Uh, come in," I mutter.  This should be interesting.

[Read about Kendall Johnson here and here to catch up.]

"Wow, I never thought I'd see you here.  Aren't you living with Claire in Hidden Springs?"

"Actually, we broke up, which is why I'm here-"

"What?!  Seriously, Kendall.  You have so many relationship issues.  Why would you think of coming here?  If you think I'll help you or even think about taking you back.  Well, you're wrong," I fume.

"I wasn't asking for your love again, I know I already severed that tie.  But I was just asking for... money."

"I've raised ninety-five kids, what makes you think I'd have enough money to spend on you, you lowlife?!"

"Your house...," he glances around.

"Yeah?  What about it?"  I bark.

"I just need the money, Calista.  That's all I'm asking for.  Please help me.  I don't know what to do.  Claire took all of my savings during the divorce.  I'm broke."

His desperate pleas break through the stubborn wall that I had been trying to hold up.

"Well, I don't know..." I say looking down at my feet.

"Please, I'm not asking for much.  Do it for me, do it for my kids."

I manage to fight again, "No!  I mean, no, I won't give you money.  But I know one way you can get a little more cash.  You could join my challenge.  Be a challenge father by donating your sperm to the local sperm bank.  Now please, would you just leave?"

"Alright, thanks Calista.  I- I'll go do that," he says and leaves slowly.

I hold in my emotions as I shut the door.  When the latch clicks, a tear trickles down my face.  I can't believe I'm helping this man.  He broke my heart as well as my sister's heart and it's sickening to see that this man is continuing to break other peoples' hearts.  I really hope he doesn't come crawling back here.  It's sad to see him so desperate but I just can't forgive him.

During my pregnancy, the kids are finally given a proper introduction to Adam.  Although I didn't tell them we were dating, I told them he was a good friend of mine and that they should get to know him a bit.

The good thing is that Adam loves kids (or at least he says he does...) so he and the kids spend a lot of good quality time.  He takes them to places and gives them advice and helps them with homework.  The kids even invite him to join in marshmallow roasting night while I stay inside, preparing for the baby's due date.

In the old weight room, Adam gets the kids a new stereo with surround sound as well as three new video games.  Like the gumball machine, I have to make a time limit as to how long the kids can have the stereo on, otherwise I'd never get any sleep with all the yapping and hooting they make.

Finally, baby ninety-six, Ursellia Cassidy Smith, is born.  She doesn't get her father's bright skin tone but hopefully she'll have his hair or eyes.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 


Wow, so I really didn't want Calista and Adam's relationship to go by that fast but... I just had to!  I got carried away because I love them so much and jiewoafnkjdnk.

Anyway, the point of that last paragraph was that I hope you guys don't mind the sudden speed up.

Also, thank again to Kurtis/Entelligent for making me the challenge father and Ursellia's middle name came from one of the current characters in his blog.

To my readers, thanks for reading!  And do check out the polls on the side of my blog if you haven't already.  :)

Bye!  And have or had a nice day.  ^_^  *waves*