Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Baby 78, 79, and 80: Part 2 of 3

"Oh my gosh..." I stutter and then squeal, "Kittens?!?!

In front of me is my beautiful cat, Kiara and next to her are "One, two, three, four...." I count.

"Five; there's one over there."  Luke notices.

Luke and I pick each kitten up.  They are so cute!

"Oh my gosh, wait until the kids see this.  I suppose we should wait until tomorrow to let them know, otherwise they'll be all over them," I suggest.  Luke nods in agreement.

"Then we should find homes for them right away," he adds.  Unfortunately, I know him all too well and I can't help but notice how attached he seems to be to the kittens.  Even tough guys crack sometimes, I suppose.

That night, the kittens all curl up next to their parents.  It seems as though Kiara had kittens with both Midnight and Prism (Just an FYI, it is not uncommon for female cats to mate with multiple male cats).

After finding out about the kittens, Hadleigh ages into a confident, young adult.  She meets the kittens briefly and hugs each of them before leaving.

After Hadleigh left, the other kids' attention go straight towards the new kittens.

"This one looks just like Prism," Izzi exclaims.

"I wanna train this one to kill bugs," Ash thinks aloud.

Even the teens are happy to take care of the new additions to the family.  I even get Spring and Cyan to promise to clean the litter box for as long as they live here.

With the kids' help, we name the kittens.  After taking them to the veterinarian's office, we discover that the first three kittens are Moonbrow's and last two are Prism's.  The oldest kitten is who we name Brite.  He is the only kitten to get Kiara's rainbowy fur and his father's green eyes, which makes him unique and a definite mama's boy.

Aura, is the next kitten.  She got more of her father's looks with her mother's yellow ears and eyes.  We soon find out that Aura is extremely tolerant of little kids, which will make her a great kitten for a young family.

The last of Moonbrow's kittens is the third kitten, a boy named Tapestry.  He has all of Moonbrow's looks and unique blue-green eyes.  He's definitely the most adventurous, daring, and active of the litter.

Illusion, a boy who is the first of Prism's two kittens, has more of his father's looks with his mother's orange head and strange mix of his parent's eyes with one green eye and one yellow eye.  He loves to blend in with the kids' stuffed animals and sleeping is probably his favorite past time.  Of course, all cats love to sleep but he sleeps even more, if there's such a thing.

Isis is the last of the kittens to be born.  She is a complete copy of her father except for those beautiful violet eyes.  She is definitely the kitten with the most attitude, but her siblings help to keep her on track.  On most days, though, she is quite the sweetheart.

Shortly after the arrival of the kittens, I call my friend Laura Johanson over.  Recently, she's been having boy trouble and she recently lost her twenty-fifth baby due to an ectopic pregnancy so, being the great friend, I decided to put even more stress on her by introducing her to some of the new kittens.

[Yes!  I finally got default skin for Calista.  I'm just trying this out to see if I like it or not.]

She's very afraid of cats and I just want to see if spending some time with some kittens will allow her to see that cats are not scary at all.  I call her and she agrees after I bribe her a bit.  She comes over the next day.

Just as she walks in, she immediately freaks out and I look to see why.  Oh gosh, why didn't I think to maybe lock the cats up before exposing Laura to them.  Now she's probably even more afraid.

Quickly, I call Luke who helps me to round the cats up.  We put them in the nursery until only two are left roaming around the house.  I leave out Illusion because he's very calm and the perfect kitten for Laura to meet.  Prism is nowhere to be seen so I just brush the thought of him off.

Of course, right when Laura starts to calm down, she panics again.

I look in the direction of her frantic eyes and there's Prism.  He was probably outside and must have come inside hearing Laura's shrieks.

"Shhh, Laura, it's okay," I console her like a child.  She lays her purple head on my shoulder as I wrap my arms around her.  I grab Prism and just barely manage to put him into the nursery without the other cats escaping or pinching any paws in the door.

"Okay, it's clear Laura."

She nods, silently, still traumatized by the whole ordeal.  This is not going well.

Finally, after a cup of tea and a sliver of pumpkin bread, Laura agrees to meet Illusion with me.  Like I said, Illusion is a very mellow kitten and since he sleeps a lot, he's likely to behave well for someone as jumpy as Laura.  We find him in the music and art room, sleeping on the piano bench.

I walk over to him, leaving Laura waiting by the door, and he jumps off the bench to greet me.  His motor starts running before I even lay a finger on him.

Gently I pick him up and turn towards Laura.

"What's that noise?" She crinkles her brow.

"He's purring.  He loves to be held and petted," I explain.

Her face expresses a mixture of confusion and fear.  "I-I thought cats never really, purred.  At least, I've never really heard a cat purr for a very long time.  It seems as though every cat I've met just hisses at me."  She sighs and waits for me to speak.

"Come here and pet him, he's very friendly," I coax her like a puppy.  She stands there and fiddles with her fingers, picking at her nails.

"Um, okay..." she says slowly.

Tentatively, she walks over to me and reaches her hand out slightly.  She takes a deep breath and reaches even closer.  Almost touching my hand which is petting Illusion.

"You can do it," I whisper.

She closes her eyes and touches Illusion's silky head.  Her face immediately changes from fear to calmness as she continues to pet Illusion gently.

"Oh god, he's not hissing!" She realizes with wonder.

I set Illusion down and Laura lets him sniff her hand.  Then she picks up the little kitten and pets his head.

"You go girl!"  I celebrate and give her a high five.  She smiles and I feel so proud of her.

"I think I'm ready for the big cat," she says.

"Seriously?  Okay!"  I agree.

I bring in Prism since he seemed to have interest in this tall purple creature earlier.  Laura is very enthusiastic.  She holds him and pets him.  Surprisingly, he acts on his very best behavior and nothing goes wrong.

Laura spends all afternoon with the cats.  She even lets all of them climb over her, claws and all.

Before she leaves, she gives a big good-bye hug to Prism.

"Bye bye sweetie pie," she coos before handing him to me.

"Calista, either you're a miracle worker or I'm not as afraid of cats as I thought.  Hehe, personally I think it's the first option but you never know."  We both laugh and she continues.  "Anyway, I want to thank you so much to helping me overcome my fear of cats.  I don't know why I was so afraid of them.  They're sweet as can be and perhaps I can get my own cat now.  I know the kids would love that."

"Laura, you're one of my best friends, I can't help but help you out," I say.  Then we hug, squishing Prism in between us.  He yelps and jumps out of my arms and Laura doesn't even flinch.

"Grumpy guy, isn't he?" We both laugh and then she walks out to her car and drives away, waving as she leaves.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Thanks to Izzi for helping me name Brite and Tapestry and for Amanda for letting me have her sim, Laura Johanson, in my game.  I enjoyed curing her phobia (and I do realize that phobias in real life are not so easily cured).

Also, here's a cat family tree that I made of the kitties in case you were confused.

And lastly, I'd also like to let you guys know that four of the five kittens are going to be put up for adoption.  I've decided that Calista will keep Brite but the other four (Aura, Tapestry, Illusion, and Isis) will be put up for adoption (and if no one adopts them, I'll just have other sims in my game adopt them).  So, shoot me an email or reply in a comment if you would like to have a kitten and I will email you a download link.  Remember, first come first serve.  

Monday, March 19, 2012

Baby 78, 79, and 80: Part 1 of 3

Little Liam bounces into childhood much too quickly for my taste.  Although he did not get his father's beautiful dark skin, he did get his father's brilliant blue hair (with complimentary purple eyebrows) and deep deep ocean blue eyes.

Ash ages up into a cute boy.  He wears his hair in a Mohawk and is always ready for a party, though he can get quite emotional.

His twin sister, Isabella, on the other hand, is a little bit shy and more serious than her brother.  I hope that the two of them can balance each other out.

Spring is extremely happy to finally be a teen.  She loves to experiment with make-up and develops her own style of dress.  She's convinced her hairdo doesn't look complete without a hat and she's attempting to grow out her bangs.

Cyan aged up into a teen.  He definitely does not have the enthusiasm his sister does but he certainly has the attitude of a teenager.  Fortunately, his mood is good and he often helps the younger kids with their homework.  Hadleigh decides to postpone her birthday celebration until after the wedding.

Right before the wedding, I went into the sperm donor center to get my next batch of genes.  The father, much to my surprise, is Gladstone Kincaid, the husband (yes, I said husband) of Luke's sister.  Don't worry, I called Lindsey (Luke's sister) and she said it was fine and that Gladstone had donated a while ago before they were together.

It's Saturday and finally time for the wedding.  We've spent a majority of the freetime we had during the weekend preparing for the wedding and it's finally here.  The party is small and there aren't many other kids besides my own.

Liam has been deemed, ring bearer, but seeing him walk down the aisle, he bares no ring in his hands.  He's also lacking shoes I notice.  I heart begins to race when Luke gently sets his hand on my bare knee, reminding me that Liam is only going to do part of the job a ring bearer does.  He's just going to enjoy the limelight of walking down the aisle before being returned to us.  The ring, if you were wondering, is with the bride and groom, Gabrielle and Simon.  Relief floods over me like a cool breeze in the desert.

The procession is short, sweet, and simple and soon they are wed.  My eyes tear up a bit and I give myself a pat on the back for making sure to put on waterproof make-up this morning.  Gently, I wipe away the tears of happiness and catch the deep orbs of Liam's eyes, glancing at me as if I'm a lunatic.  I take him and give him a squeeze while Luke wraps around my shoulders.

The three tiered cake is beautiful and symmetrical, just the way I know Simon likes it.  In one of the wedding photos, I catch Spring in midst of counting how many calories she's about to consume (she's recently become obsessed with her food intake but I assure you she doesn't have an eating disorder).


The bride and groom - Gabrielle and Simon Simmons

My sister Alicia (Simon's ex-wife) and her and Simon's sons, Garth and Graham

Simon's son through my challenge, also named Simon (baby 32) and his wife, Cataline

My son Apollo (baby 26) who married Simon's daughter, Ashley, with his first wife, Myra

And last but not least, Luke and I (I decided to spice things up at the photo shoot, seeing as none of the couples had a kissing photo)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Before we left for home, I went up to Simon.

"Congratulation Simon!  I'm so happy for you,"  I smile not needing to say anymore.  We both know that this is a good-bye from the past and most likely for good.  He's moved on now and I'm very proud of him.

"You know it means so much to me that you came.  Thank you," he whispers quietly as we enveloped each other in a warm embrace before I departed and leave him to start his new life with his new wife and hopefully start a family.

It's nearly 11 at night when we arrive home.  The kids trudge on to their rooms leaving Luke and I with some alone time.

All of a sudden, Moonbrow races around the corner into the corridor that leads to the master suite.

"What the?!?!?!"  Luke exclaims, baffled.

"Holy...!"  I say at the same time.  After a few moments of confusion, Luke finally speaks, "Let's go see what he's up to."

When we walk into the bedroom Luke and I are in for a shock.  Luke's jaw drops and I say, "Oh my gosh...."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Dear readers, please skip over this unless you want to read about my whining and rambling.

Sorry for the abrupt ending and cheesy, cliche, obvious, and predictable "cliffhanger."  I haven't posted in so long, I thought, "I might as well post what I have."

Also, just an FYI, Simon's wedding wasn't at all how I wanted it.  I wanted it to be more elaborate but then I thought, "Calista should and will have a better wedding with more detail and it's okay that Simon's wasn't because a) it will make Calista's look better, b) Simon's not THAT important of a character so it's okay if his wedding isn't all that grand, and c) this is sad (I know) but I haven't really experimented with the wedding features that come with the Generations Expansion Pack and this was the first time so I really didn't know what to expect.

Well, this is what I got so... yeah.  Everyone says this but I'm just going to say it again.  I was really, really, busy with school so that's why I haven't really played Sims much or worked on this post.

Anywho, I hope this short little post will suffice until I get the next one out (hopefully soon).

Thanks for reading and for being so patient!


Here's a little picture of Luke "being all sexy" as suggested by Izzi.

What do you think is on his mind??? *raises eyebrows*