Sunday, March 4, 2012

Baby 77

My roots have started growing in and the blue totally ruins the look of my hair.  Not to mention the dye - it's fading and my hair is frizzing up and losing its shine, so I take a quick run into the hair dresser and re-dye my hair as close to the original color as I can get.

It's a bit duller than my natural hair color but it'll grow out.

The kids grow up so quickly.  Toffee ages into a handsome young man.  He's tall, handsome, and smart.

Hadleigh is next.  She grows up into a beautiful teen.  She's still pretty tomboyish and has recently gotten into rugby.  But her second favorite thing to do is paint, which she does in her free time when she's not helping me take care of the kids.

Cyan grows up into a healthy young man and Spring becomes shy and petite young lady.

"Bye bye Skittles!"  I say as I rub around Skittles' face.  She and her mother also exchange good-bye nuzzles and licks.

"Midnight, are you going to miss your daughter?"  Luke comes in and asks.

"Honey, is it just me or does Midnight look... older?"  I ask as I gaze at our aged dog.

Hearing her name, Midnight perks up her ears and looks intently at us.  Her crystal eyes still shine even though the fur around her face and, pretty much her entire body, has lost its shine and gloss and has been replaced with a greying muzzle and pale fur.

"Don't worry girl, you're still as beautiful as you always have been.  We love you very much,"  Luke pats Midnight on the head and she gives him a satisfied look.

Her ears perk up, she whines a bit, and then walks to our master bedroom to lay in her favorite doggy bed.

The twins age up also.  Ash gets my uniquely dyed hair and his father's green eyes.  I was wondering if that hair would show up.  He loves his hair cause then it matches his favorite yellow-red shirt.

Isabella, or Izzi, as we call her, got her father's pink hair and his green eyes.  She's very attached to her brother but also loves to spend time playing with the peg box with her siblings.

The next challenge father is a man recommended to me by my friend, Dawn Turner.  His name is DJ Jackson.  He has the brightest blue hair and handsome dark skin.

Luke and I work on the toddler's skills.  They love fitting the multicolored blocks into the different shapes.  They're the first of my kids to be able to do it for hours on end.

Later, Hadleigh and I start working on new canvases.  I love the feeling of a blank canvas because that means I can start painting whatever I want to.  The new cats catch my eye.  They're posed perfectly too so I begin to paint them.  Hadleigh is inspired to paint abstract.  She's extremely talented and her imagination is endless.

While we paint, the twins, Cyan and Spring, are in their room doing who-knows-what.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


(a couple years earlier)

I was breathing heavily after a strenuous workout.  Sweat was dripping everywhere and the smell of my cologne drifted slowly past my nose.  My phone rang.  Fortunately, it was right next to me.  I picked it up and hit the "home" button.


"Hey!  Simon!  It's Gabby!"

"Oh hey Gabrielle!"

"Wanna hang out tomorrow?  I know the perfect place to go for a run."

"Of course!  Where at?"

"I'll meet you in the front of your house, just across the street.  Six work okay for you?"

"Sure!  Yeah, that sounds awesome."

"Okay, see you tomorrow!"  *click*

Her name was Gabrielle Colburn.  I had met her one day while visiting the public gym.  I had a membership there but it was about to expire so I quickly took advantage of the little time I had left.  She is very athletic and lean.  Her hair is the palest of purples and her eyes are a tinge darker than her hair.

I met her on the top of the hill.  Before this outing, we were friends.  I didn't realize that things would soon change.

"Hey Simon!  Ready?"

"Ha, do I look like I'm ready?"  I jogged as we spoke.  She came up behind me.

"Catch me if you can!!"  She teased. 

I gathered up speed and gradually caught up to her.  But she sprinted on.  I was sad to admit defeat, but soon she started to slow down and I ran right past her.

"Whoa cowboy, slow 'er down,"  she said huskily.

"Wow," I huffed. "You're... really... quick."

"I am, aren't I," she grabbed around my shoulders, taking what little breath I had in me, right out.

"Goodness!"  I said, politely.

She giggled and quickly slipped off her sweaty tank.  Underneath she had her swimsuit top, a pale, sort of see-through, purple.  It matched her hair.  I stripped off my t-shirt too.

"Oh Simon," she said, coming up against me.

"Whoa cowgirl," I mimicked.

I was taken off guard by her exuberance.  It was then that I realized she had been flirting with me this entire time and I hadn't realized it.  It had been a long time since I had dated.  A long, long time.

"We're friends, right?"  She asked.  Her eyes looking longingly at me and those amazing purple irises caught me in their gaze.

"Of-of course."

"Is it okay if we... take our relationship to a whole new level?"  She stammered.

Simon... don't screw this up, I thought to myself.

"Of-of course," I was a broken recording.

 "You do know what I mean, right?"

"Of-of course," I stuttered.

"Aww, you're cute when you're all shy!"  She gushed.

I took a hold of her hands and looked her in the eye.  "Oh, gosh, there's no way I could ruin this more.  Okay, what I meant to say was that of course I'd love to... date you.  It's just that I'm so surprised that you would want to date someone like me.  I've had a rather interesting past and I just want you know that I won't be offended if you'd like to know and if you break up with me over it, I'm okay-"

"SIMON!  What do you mean?"  She interrupted.

I gave her a puzzled look.

"It's not about your past that I'm looking at, it's you.  I love you and your past would never affect that way I feel about you."

"Really?  Oh gosh, well, sometimes I can be a bit naive."

"Oh just kiss me!"  She leaned in and I met her sweet, purple lips in the middle.  She had a lavender scent and her skin didn't smell at all of sweat.  I'm sure my chest was just reeking of stench but she didn't seem to be stopped by it as her hands moved their way around my back and over my shoulders.

I took her by the hand.

"Let's go back to my place.  I wanna tell you about my past life.  It's rather unique and interesting.  First of all, would it be weird if I told you I'm supposed to be much older than I really am and that I have kids?"

She stopped but smiled and said, "Not at all."

"Good, cause it's a lot worse than that."

(a year and a half later)

Our relationship was going strong.  She knew all about my life with Myra, my life with Alicia, all of my kids, and even my relationship with Calista.  And just as she had said, she didn't mind at all.

One night, I proposed to her.  She was the new love of my life and we cared about each other deeply and passionately.  I loved her unconditionally and she loved my just as well.  She gladly accepted my proposal and even admitted that she had had a dress already picked out for the occasion.  She was quite family oriented, I had learned over the years, and it was good that we already had a baby room as part of the house because she wanted kids and soon.

We took some photos at our house for our wedding invitation.  I promised to let this third marriage live and thrive.  My other two marriages weren't too successfully but this one was bound to be great.  I would make sure of that.  Gabby and her friends were planning the wedding so precariously we hardly ever saw each other.  As I was mailing the invites, I just hoped that Calista would come.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


The mailman arrives and I yell to Luke to get the mail.

"Izzi!  Come back here!  Luke!"  I panic.

"Gottcha!"  I snatch Izzi up and she goes up in a fit of giggles.  Her musical laughter is soothing and keeps me in a good mood.

"Hey, um... Calista, darling.  Look what we got in the mail," Luke hands me a mysteriously large envelope.  Inside is an invitation....

"Simon's getting married?" I gawk.

Luke peers over my shoulder. "Apparently so."

"Well, shall we RSVP?"

"You sure you're up to it?"  He gazed at me with a wear look upon his face.

I push his worrying away.  "Luke, everything's fine, I'm happy for Simon.  Now just call him."  I order.
Luke grumbles and takes out his phone.

"Hi, Simon?  This is Luke Lockhart.  My girlfriend and I would like to RSVP...."

I can't believe it.  Simon is getting married.  And who is the Gabrielle girl anyway?  I set Izzi down in the play room and she immediately half-crawls half-walks over to her brother.  Luke goes in and plays with them while I work on my painting with Hadleigh.  Hadleigh has already finished her painting but agrees to give me tips on how to make it just right.

"Hmmm..." she ponders.  "I think it would look really good by the kitchen.  You know, where the picture of Kiara is."

"You're absolutely right, Hadleigh.  It would look lovely right there.  I'll get your father to help me set it up.  Being pregnant sure has it's advantages," I chuckle.

The next morning I heave my way out of bed and rescue Izzi from her talkative brother.  It's nearly 7 in the morning and Izzi is not an early bird.  I take Ash out of his crib and walk out to the kitchen for his morning meal of oatmeal and cheerios.

To my surprise, the first thing I notice in the kitchen is Luke - next to a new bar.

"Luke!"  I exclaim, nearly dropping Ash.  "Wha-what is this?"

He looks at me like I haven't seen a bar in my life.  Then the realization of my question hits him.  His eyebrows revert into their usual sangfroid composure.  "This is me practicing mixology.  It's a very fine art that-"

At the same time I almost scream "NO!" but Luke catches the drink.

"Someone needs to practice a little bit," I tease.

"Wanna try some?" He asks, holding it out.

When I shake my head he takes a sip and spits it out.

I laugh and walk over to put Ash into his high chair.  Izzi starts to wail in the background and Luke goes and retreives her.  As he's walking away I tell him that I would like some help hanging up the painting and he agrees.

Ash is content with his oatmeal as Luke and I admire his and my handiwork.

"It looks very nice," I say.

"Mmmm," Luke agrees, as he wraps his arms around my pregnant body.  The baby inside kicks and we both laugh.  "Beautiful darling, you did amazing."  We stand there in embrace while Izzi admires the painting too.

She points at the painting, "Kitty!"

Luke and I both laugh at her adorable voice.  "Oh you're so smart!  Those are kitties."

The magical moment is gone when all the older kids wake up with frowns on their face and sleep in their eyes.  Luke and I separate and go back to our daily routine - getting the kids ready for school, cleaning, and taking care of the little kids before Luke goes in for work.  Not to mention, I have to get ready for Simon's wedding.  I plan on not being pregnant when I go to it.  One good thing is that I'll have had the baby by the time the wedding happens so I'll just have to refrain from getting pregnant with the next challenge father.

Over the rest of my pregnancy, I rest a lot.  This time around, the pregnancy has taken a lot of energy out of me, which is more than usual.  The cats and dog cuddle with me.  As most people have mentioned, animals seem to have a sense of new life and they seem to know when to be gentle and when they can be more rowdy.

Recently, Kiara has taken a liking to Moonbrow.  Hopefully Prism doesn't feel abandon by his brother.

One night I'm brushing Midnight and the labor starts.  Soon, a new baby boy is introduced into the world.

His name is Liam Adam and he's baby 77.  I swaddle him in a bright blue blanket and introduce him to his new family.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


We last updated with baby 66 so I'll start with the triplets, babies 67-69.  Of the triplets, Lara was the only one to get married.  She married a very green man named Tom Deardorf.

Together, they had the twins, Lauran and Lauralee.  Lauralee had her grandfather Duncan's bright orangish-red eyes.  Later they had their son, Laurens.

Next, Catherine married Marcus, of course.  They had the quadruplets, Kayven, Katrie, Carr, and Mars.  None of them got their father's purple-yellow hair but Carr had his father's eyes.

I don't know if you remember Catherine's friend Bella.  Well she married Jared Langley.  The had a beautiful little boy named Junior who was the spitting image of his mother from his red hair to his deep blue eyes.

Lastly, Toffee ended up marrying Martha, much to everyone's surprise.  Their first daughter was named Taura.  She got Toffee's blueish-red hair and her mother's pale purple eyes.

The triplets Ryson, Priscilla, and Leisa were born shortly afterward.  Ryson has his mother's hair and eyes.  Priscilla got her grandfather's red-yellow hair and her father's brown eyes.  Leisa got her mother's hair and her grandmother's purple eyes.

* * * *  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Thank you to Megs for suggesting the names Taura, Priscilla, Leisa, Ryson, Liam, and Adam.  It really helped make the naming process much faster and easier.  Also, thank you Dawn Turner for creating DJ Jackson to use as a challenge father.  Also, thanks Dessie Sims/Destiny Rose for creating the sim, Gabrielle Colburn.  I'm so sorry the download didn't for me but thanks for letting me steal the name.

Oh, and if you didn't notice, I put a black border around my pictures (painstaking work -_-) and I'm just trying it out to see if I like it.

Thanks for reading guys!


  1. First off, MIDNIGHT!! What happened? She got so old in the blink of an eye! Poor girl. :(

    Aww,I'm glad to see that Simon found a girl the makes him so happy! Calista almost seems a bit jealous though. *strokes imaginary goatee* This could turn out very, very badly. But lets hope it turns out nicely and everybody lives happily ever after!!

    Lol, I loved Luke testing out his mixology skills. Silly boy, pregnant women can't drink.

    Amazing post! I can't wait to read the next one. :)

    P.S. Lara and Tom. Very clever missy. xD

    1. Haha, I know. Like you with Pinky, I had to make some room. :3

      Lol, me too!!!!! I wasn't on planning on making the wedding bad but now that you've mentioned it maybe I'll start planning something....

      PS: I know right??? I just reek of cleverness. ;)

  2. Aww Midnight is still sooo cute <3 I love doggies, even if they're old <3

    Simon :'( I'm glad that he's happy and that Calista is happy for him, and isn't feeling any jealousy... (i hope?). But I still love Simon's hair...ohmygod I have no idea why... <3

    I am soo cute!! :D Jkay...But Izzi is very cute, and so is Ash <3 I miss Ash...and Cerise... </3

    GREAT update and I'll probably talk to you tomorrow :)

    ~Trufflelegacy AKA Izzi

    1. I LOVE the fact that you love Simon. Omg, you're reactions make me laugh Izzi!!!! :DDDD Oh no, no talking!!!! WAAHH!! D:

  3. Yay for Simon's marriage! I'm so happy for him. :)
    Congrats on your new son. :) Now Dawn's daughter Destiny has a half brother. :)

    ~Dawn Turner

    1. Eep, yay! Thanks for letting me use him Dawnie!

    Your kids are so lovely&cute.
    Nice includance of Simon's point of view, good idea. Congrats to him by the way.
    Great painting(s)
    Awe, Kiara and Monobrow. KITTENS, SIE?
    Oh and as always I enjoyed reading the family update, I knew that Catherine would end up with Marcus, and Toffee with Martha all the kids there are cute and lovely too ^^


    1. Hehe, kittens? *sarcastically* No!!!! Heh heh.... :3

      I'm just so predictable, aren't I?

  5. yay! im so glad your posting again! i completely loved this post!
    awww, midnight.. i hope she doesn't pass away soon..
    ok, i just love spring! she has the most adorable eyes!
    omg, simons getting married, and they're going? i can't wait to see how that plays out.
    great post, and congrats on the new baby.

    1. Yeah, sorry about the big break. School and stuff, ya know?

      I love Spring too! I love her hair and eyes together. The perfect combination!

      Hehe, I'm excited for this wedding too!

  6. I officially want your kitties!
    They look so cool, I'm jealous, mine look really awkward >.>
    All your kids look so cute as well, and grandkids ;')

    1. I'm sure your pets aren't awkward! I just had too much time on my hands. Thanks! I love all those grandkiddies of Calista!

  7. I'mma keep my comment short and simple:

    This post was just so awesome. <3

  8. Holy crap! Great job! I agree with Dessie! Just awesome!

  9. I just wanted to let you know that this blog has inspired me to start my own 100 baby challenge. I haven't started yet but I'm going to soon. I absolutely love this blog. I check daily for new posts. And... My sim just had twins. A boy and a girl. The boys name is Jacob and the girls name is Calista :)

    1. That's awesome! Thank you for your wonderful comment. It just made my night and good luck with the challenge! If you ever write about it, send me a link!