Friday, April 22, 2011

Baby 37 and 38

"Yeah!  I hope you grow up well little ones!" I shouted as the sparkles flew around Harold and Dawn, babies 35 and 36.  My heart was hoping that maybe one of them would get their dad's cool hair or eyes.

Harold looked nothing like his father.  He had tanned skin, our family's blond hair, and blue eyes.  He kind of looked like a girl with is hair so long but when I tried to trim it he pulled my hand away and shouted the one word he knew, "NO!"

Unfortunately Dawn didn't inherit any of her father's looks either.  But she did get something kind of unique and cool: blond hair.  It wasn't the blond hair that ran in my family but rather a more yellower version of it [random game hair].  I thought it was very cute.  She also got my family's green eyes.

Beaumont, baby 34, as a child.

Sergius, baby 33, as a teen.  I knew he would grow up to be like his father, Sergio Do, and love the bars, dance clubs, and mixology.  He styled his hair to look a bit like his father's wig.

My handsome Simon, baby 32, as a young adult.  He had the most prominent muscles of any of my children despite his lanky frame (Those guns definitely came from his father, not me).  

"Good bye mom!" Simon choked out.  I could hardly speak so I just hugged him tighter.  I had already said good bye to Adrasteia and Callidora and they were itching to move out and start a new life [Remember, they grew up in the last post but they hadn't moved out].

Sergius and I started teaching the twins to walk.  They were a little nervous so it took a while and we didn't teach them for long.  Afterward, we ate a snack of fruit loops and milk.

The next father I had picked out for the challenge was Clarence Rand.  Does that name sound familiar because I have mentioned it before.  His sister, Clara, married Erebus, baby 28.  I went over to his house and right as I walked in he kissed me and we went right into the baby making.  

He hardly said a word except "see you" when I left.  It was kind of... different but in a good way.  He must have taken the rules of the challenge very seriously.  Which is good, that's what they are supposed to do, I just... wasn't used to it.
The nice thing about having twins was that one baby could sleep in one nursery and the other twin in the other nursery.  When I got home from Clarence's house, the twins were exhausted from not taking their nap on time (aww, poor Harold looks like a girl with that pink shirt).  I plopped them into bed and they feel asleep instantly.

While I made a late night dinner for the older kids and I (dim sum) Sergius and Beaumont worked on their homework.

After dinner was chore time.  Sergius was very optimistic.  

"Yippee! Chores!  I call doing the laundry!" he said with as much enthusiasm for he and his brother combined.  

In the background Beaumont had the reaction of a normal child.  "Uuughh," he whined.

Blake Sumner came over again.  He waited outside for quite a while until I finally crawled out of bed and opened the door.  I was very sleep deprived and was in no mood to talk.  

"Is it time for me to be a father yet?" he asked innocently.  

Rudely, I just shut the door on him once I had processed and realized who it was and what he had said.  Then I crawled into bed again and fell fast asleep.

My nephew Terrill Long came home from school with Sergius.  My my, hadn't he gotten taller since I last saw him I thought

Before hanging out with their cousin, I made the boys do their homework.

Finally, they were able to have a little fun.   The teens agreed to play video games and Sergius was reluctant to let Beaumont play with them.

The toddlers learned their skills.

I finally got around to calling a maid to come clean the house.  I figured we had a little bit of extra simoleons and could afford to pay the daily fee for a maid.  Maybe in the future we could hire a butler! 

I made it Sergius's project to teach Harold to talk.  It was hard for Sergius because he didn't really like kids much but after a few days of teaching he grew to like it and a bond was formed between Harold and Sergius.  I was very proud of him for succeeding.

The maid started coming that Monday.  Her name was Kate Pistachio.   She allowed me to observe her to see if I wanted to keep having her come or not.

She cleaned off the counters until they were spotless.

She made the beds so that the sheets were wrinkle-less and straight.

She even picked up the kids' toys.  I knew she would be staying for a long time.  I even gave her an extra tip.

Liam Johnson came over.  He was the spitting image of his father, Kendall Johnson, the guy who broke my heart and my sister's heart.  Of course, I couldn't blame his son for that.  I treated Liam just as I would any other child.

He and Beaumont played blocks together and chatted about the latest video game.

Harold was very excited to sleep in a "big boy bed."  I had put in an extra toddler bed in the office in order to make it easier for me.  It was just a cheap little one I had purchased from the 2nd hand store but it did the job.

Sergius continued to teach Harold.  They were now on the shapes lesson.

"This is a SQUARE."  Sergius told Harold slowly.  "Can you say SQUARE?"

"Scare" Harold replied with a look of satisfaction. 

"Good job Harold!"  Sergius praised.

As I was about to start playing dolls with Dawn, the baby decided to come.

I walked into the nursery.  I chose a home birth because the kids were at school and I had no one to watch the little ones.  The pain was getting more intense.

Finally, baby 37 popped out.  A boy.  I named him Clarensis Calvin after his dad.  His dad's name, Clarence, means:
From the Latin title Clarensis which belonged to members of the British royal family. The title ultimately derives from the name of the Clare River in Ireland. As a given name it has been in use since the 19th century.
Clarensis had a bright green skin tone.

Another baby made its way into the world.  Another boy, baby 38, Cornelius Caden.  I guess the watermelon thing didn't work this time around.  Oh well.  Cornelius had a different skin tone from his brother.  His was more of a blue-green.

The two boys together.  I was glad that they both got their father's genetics unlike a lot of my children.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  


Callidora and Adrasteia, babies 31 and 32, were living with Phoenix Vircus's family.  Adrasteia and Phoenix's parents, Christa and Scorpio, were waiting around the table watching something.

A proposal!  Phoenix proposed to Callidora.
Finally, the due date came around.  Callidora gave birth to a healthy, vampire boy named Leviathan.

Callidora and Phoenix tried for another baby and Leviathan's birthday came around.  He had his mother's lovely pale purple skin and purple eyes.  His blond hair came from Christa, his dad's mother.   He was so cute!

He loved to play with his teddy bear.  He couldn't wait to have a new brother or sister (I know he looks all sad and depressed in this photo but rest assured, he is a very happy boy who can't wait for his new sibling!  I just thought it was a good shot!  Also, I know the quote doesn't make much sense but it's still a good quote and it looks good, right?).

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  


I am having trouble with Calista's household so I am going to move her out of her home and delete ALL of my custom content (which is okay because it gives me a fresh new start and then I will be able to document where I find everything).  Here's why I am doing this:

Recently, my game has been crashing to the desktop every time I try to play with Calista's family.  Here's how it goes when I try to play: I wait literally fifteen to twenty minutes for the game to load.  Once it has loaded to the Smith family it crashes before I am even able to do anything.  Trust me, I've tried it for almost a week, multiple times and every time it crashes.  The weird thing is that it has something to do with her household because I can edit town, play with other families, and create-a-sim just fine.  So I've been thinking, maybe I need to move the Smith's out and I will soon with hopes that it will cease crashing.

After I do all that then I have to find a lot of my custom content again.  So I might be a while.  I am so sorry and I hope that my efforts fix the problem.  I will also finish the FAMILY UPDATE on the next post.  Wish me luck!


  1. Loved the post, and the family update! Also, I still think that paparazzi guy is creepy... >.>

    Sorry to hear about your game crashing. :( Trust me, I know how it feels, and it messed up my baby challenge almost. O.o

  2. I loved this post :) The boys are so cute! Congratulations on 38! Getting close to half way! :)

  3. @Destiny - That paparazzi guy is a bit obsessed if you ask me.

    @Catherine - Thanks, I can't wait to make it to the half way mark! :D

  4. Hi Catlover! Here is one of your future fathers as requested! :)

  5. Thanks! I'll download him right away! It'll be a while before you see him.

  6. Ohh! I loved it!! Awesome!!
    BTW, I posted a new post!!

  7. @Jadensmith - Thank you! Your blog is coming together really well too!

    @izzi - I checked out your post and left a comment. It was very good. Your writing it getting better and better! :D

  8. I can't believe I didn't see this post! I LOVED IT. Your pictures are REALLY colorful :)

  9. Sims Fan - Thanks so much for visiting my challenge! I really love yours and I hope you check up on mine once in a while. I'm backed up right now but I am going to use one of your 'babies' as a father for my challenge. (I was thinking Tramon Newbie?)